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Marketing Campaign Report April 19, 2011 MSU Billings.

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1 Marketing Campaign Report April 19, 2011 MSU Billings

2 Objectives 1.Increase awareness of purpose and plan for new library. 2.Increase perceived benefits of a great city library. 3.Increase positive associations with new library-create personal ownership. 4.Reduce perceived roadblocks to funding the new library. 5.Shift probable supporters to sure supporters. 6.Create a well-targeted and effective campaign to achieve success in a November 2011 bond referendum. ($13 million)

3 Strengths Library History – Strong background, established in 1901 by the city’s founding family Highly motivated and dedicated advocates Matching funds secured ($2 million) 80% prefer downtown location Community oriented Appeals to all demographics Well funded media budget

4 Weaknesses Limited historical data for trend analysis Technology within the library is outdated and has limited availability Building is not up to code and is not ADA compliant Current facility is difficult to maintain and has inadequate meeting spaces Does not stand out as a transformative part of our infrastructure or add to our community vitality

5 Threats Lack of education regarding the potential benefits of new facility Stigma associated with the failure of the previous bond initiative Economic hardship and the fear of additional taxes Opponents within community

6 Opportunities County elections office expects between 25,000-28,000 voters this fall Victory = 51% of votes or 12,5000—14,000 votes Likely voters are between the ages of 36-65 with children under 18 Supporters are 32.3% of the market. The Probable Supporters can be divided into Just for Fun, Kid Driven, Library as Office, Greater Good, and Look to Librarians. The Super Supporters are 7% and need to get out the vote

7 Opportunities The rest are either barriers or non-voters. Largest reason voters previously opposed – 43% no need – 38% raised taxes – Swing voters under 35 and over 66 48% undecided would change to likely voters if educated Voters in Zones Likely voters in zones 4 & 5 (11,600) Swing voters in zones 2 & 3 (9,500) Unlikely voters in zone 1 (3,900)

8 City Wards 4000 3000 4000

9 Secondary research Swing voters become likely voters as a result of increased education regarding : Building does not meet codes -- 91% Not ADA compliant –94% Current cost of maintenance vs. cost of new building ---82% Community vitality – 58% Likely voters Move brand identity from informational qualities to transformational qualities Part of the Future A Necessity Equality and Democracy Motivated through demonstration of ROI and necessary infrastructure for our community

10 Results of Formative Focus Group of Swing Voters Perceive threat of no new library and a new tax is low Perceived efficacy is low People believe they and the community won’t suffer from the absence of the library or from a new tax People believe they won’t take advantage of the solution People believe the solution won’t solve the problem

11 MEANS END CHAIN AttributePhysicalPsychoValues Big, Beautiful, LEED Building Hold Events, add to infrastructure Part of culture, town center, focus on community Universalism: beauty of the city, critical thinking of community Technologically Advanced, trained staff, change is consistent Accessible, Equitable, Responsive, Enlighten, Entertain Relevant, valued, establish good habits of lifelong learning Benevolence: the welfare of society, enhancement of one’s friends and family Safe, Secure, Well- maintained Safety, convenience, trust that plan was well conceived Warmth, partner in community, bridges the digital divide Security: Stability of Society and public funding: synergy & savings Economical Plan bringing new opportunities Funding is in place and well planned Not much money from me and growth for the future

12 Conceptual Advertising Strategy ElementsBenefitsHookDriving Force L Lowers cost overall, cost to each taxpayer, technically and economically (LEED) advanced, gathering center that is safe Beautiful new building that makes the city proud People, Foundation, Community Future of Billings

13 PERCEPTUAL MAP Voting for the Library Future Transformation Advanced Technology Adds Beauty and Sacred Stature Equality Necessary for Community Cost oriented =Need Education Return on Investment of Infrastructure Good use of Public Funds No Need=Need Education N ot Raising Taxes Not Voting for the Library Settling for status quo Internet and Individual Clicks vs. Bricks

14 BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT Voting for the new library supports a fiscally responsible plan to fund a technically and economically advanced beautiful new facility that will bring exciting opportunities to Billings.

15 CREATIVE BRIEF As the idea of a new library as a solution is low and the threat of a new tax for the library is low, therefore the message must include information portraying: – Straight forward and factual material Include actual costs and building rendering The technical advancements and economic savings The needed use for the community – But Also : – Include core values and pride for the community – Include an inspirational tone, including beauty, stature, history and harmony of community events – Don’t get too warm and fuzzy

16 Media Rationale Primary Source of Information for City Issues Billings Gazette 53.5% TV Ads 27% 54.5% KTVQ News 31.1% KULR News Radio 6.3% Swing voters watch more TV news than Likely voters. Radio listening in general: 60% listen 1 to 4 hours a day with 24% on country, and 16% talk radio and 16% public radio. People who listen to radio are more likely to think new taxes are the reason not to vote for a new library. Republicans are more likely to think new taxes are the reason not to vote for a new library.

17 MEDIA SCHEDULE Media Schedule May June July August September October NovemberCost Public Relations $ - Website $ 1,000 Facebook Page $ 2,000 Mailings (11,500) $ 18,000 Buttons and Stickers $ 1,000 Speakers Handouts $ 1,500 Outdoor $ 2,500 KULR 8 Ads $ 8,000 KTVQ Ads $ 9,000 Billings Gazette Ads $ 12,000 Outdoor Yard Signs $ 2,000 Community Events Banners $ 1,000 Door to Door (Printing) $ 5,000 Cost Per Month $17,000 $4,000 $12,000 $13,000 $3,000 $ 63,000 Production/Research Costs $17,000 Total Cost $ 80,000

18 Mailing Lists: We have by precinct, zip code, geographically, with mailing labels. Registered Voter Ward list and recommend decisions based on either get out the vote or educate the swing. Look to Hilltop for input. Website and Facebook – Keep up to date with renderings of the building and how to get yard signs, etc. – Suggest ongoing manager to promote and invite new members, need to grow Facebook grow from 670 to 2000. $1.64 per click to promote to the Billings age 18- 35 Other Social Media – Suggest contest to increase interest. “Ad Lib” Advertising for the Library, create your best idea to promote the new library and send it in to win a Cash Prize sponsored by one of our great Friends. Door to Door – Ward 1 is 11,750 with 40 volunteers a total of 294 homes per volunteer, – 50 houses per hour means 6 hours per volunteer. – If each volunteer could do 3 hours a week, Ward 1 could all be done in 2 weeks.

19 Draft Creative Four Newspaper Ads – $3 a month Buys You… – Lift Off On Line – Broken Down and Scary Lookin’ – If we only had a heart – Three TV ADS – Testimonials – Historic Documentary – Children’s Future

20 Headline Body of Each Message Comparative Evaluation Favorite Messages - $ 3 a Month buys you… (Newspaper/Billboard) - Documentary (Historic) TV PSA - Know to grow (Slogan) Least Favorite Messages - Lift Off On Line (Newspaper) - Testimonial TV PSA - Wish for Wisdom

21 “Vague - for how long?” “It appeals to a contemporary group” “Make it all positive” “It would make me more likely to use the library” It needs to be more: positive familiar concrete (e.g., NO empty stuff, put kids’ chips & a gallon of gas, and use lingo: bucks) “I would read it to find out more” $3 a month buys you…

22 “I wouldn’t really go there just to use a computer” “It’s value, but it shouldn’t be the first thing” “Technology is not selling point, it should be a given.” It needs to: appeal to us (not businesses) be simple priortize community (e.g., Technology is not the priority value to people over 40) Lift Off Online. “It’s too focused on the young”

23 “It’s kinda negative, I’d like to hear something more positive ” “What about worn out? Better than broken down” “Money going out, out the roof – pouring money in but it’s flying out” It needs to: present clear purpose give details (why & what) be positive (e.g., give clear bullets, what, why, etc.) Broken Down and Scary Lookin’

24 “I don’t get the connection between the grandfather and the heart. Put them in front of the library, but that’s still stretch ” “Does that mean we don’t have one now?” “No heart with grandfather, it’s like a commercial” It needs to: be positive be specific give answers, not ask questions (e.g., What about Billings, not every city?) Every City Has a Heart

25 “We don’t care about what the business woman says. We care about what the people say who are going to go there” “This isn’t conversational, but it’s scripted” It needs to be made with real people and scene. (e.g., Swing voters are middle income, hard working, with kids. Keep that in mind) “Use public entities, don’t use businesses because you’re giving away advertising”

26 “I like the concept a lot. It’s really honest, clear, right on. ” “It has all things I see happening that I want to have happen” “To show what we do have and what we need, that’s helpful.” “This is the best piece I’ve seen.” It needs to have more realistic visuals (e.g., The visual has the power; image and seeing how our town has grown, automatically encompasses the core values)

27 “These are good aspirations, but they may not be swing voter aspiration.” “Make it more real, what do your kids really want to be?” “It mad it sounds like a children’s space, not a community space” It needs to be more positive and real, as well as local and relevant (e.g., Make a connection with the library)

28 “Why do we need more than books?” (A Bridge Beyond Books) “Appeals to my head and my heart” (Know to grow) “Wisdom is great word, but should use it some where else” (Wish for Wisdom) Slogan needs to motivate people to feel vibrancy and get involved with it. (e.g., ‘Know to Grow’ makes me want to know more / grow our community, grow our knowledge, grow our technological ability)

29 `` $3 a month buys you… Documentary (The history) TV PSA $$$ is shown to be well spent $3/m seems do-able for most people Response Efficacy Self-Efficacy `` Documentary (The history) TV PSA $$$ seems well spent in relation to our history Reminding people that they used a library & it was nice memory Response Efficacy Self-Efficacy

30 SIMPLE CLEAR POSITIVE A community center A source of community vibrancy A center of community life People value the library as..

31 SLOGAN Vote for the new library… Know to Grow

32 Vote for the new library A New Chapter for Billings

33 $3 a month buys you.. Cup of coffee, a gallon of gas Or a new library. ( A gallon of gas, an plastic coffee cup and the new library drawing) Our new library will cost each of us about $3* a month for 4 years. The return on this investment will more than a few minutes, it will last a lifetime. *$13 million bond estimated to cost a $200,000 home owner $40 per year in taxes for 4 years. Know to Grow Go to www:// Facebook: Parmly Library (Picture of Building)(Map of New Downtown)(LEED symbol) Vote for the New Library November 8,2011

34 Fix the Leak. (cartoon building of current library with a faucet leaking money out) We will have to spend $12 to $15 million to fix the current library. We can build a brand new library for $13 million. Let’s not pour any more money down the drain. Know to Grow Go to www:// Facebook: Parmly Library (Picture of Building)(Map of New Downtown)(LEED symbol) Vote for the New Library November 8,2011

35 A Great City Needs a Great Library. (Collage of photos of orchestra playing, people in the museum, people outside Alberta Bair Theatre, students on campus, and kids at story time in the library…., with a symbolic shadow of a heart around it) Downtown Billings features a wonderful symphony, theatre, museum and an accredited university. But we are missing one thing... a great library. Because a great library is more than a building, it’s the heart of a community. Know to Grow Go to www:// Facebook: Parmly Library (Picture of Building)(Map of New Downtown)(LEED symbol) Vote for the New Library November 8,2011

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