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1 Training Our Future Workforce

2 Introduction to Our Program Insert Teacher Name Insert Program of study you teach Insert Intended class or program that needs funding

3 Program Description Location: Insert school name, city, state Learners: 14- to 17-year-old students Primary Focus: train and develop welding career skills Purpose of Funding: Purchase welding simulator and/or welding guidance system and curriculum materials Amount Requested: Insert amount desired: $ Number of Students Reached: Insert number (To determine, multiple class size x number of sections x semesters x 4-year expectancy of simulators. For example, 30 students x 2 sections x 2 semesters x 4 years = 480 students)

4 Program Objectives Program Overview: Assist in create qualified welders in less time Increase welding understanding and knowledge quicker Be more effective in creating welders Increase the number of welders able to achieve passable welds Reduce the concerns of classroom management Decrease distractions by keeping welders focused on improving skills Use cost effective welding training tools Quality training tools designed for educational budgets and skills gap needs Decrease high school drop-out rates With more course interest students have greater involvement

5 WELDING TRENDS = SKILLS GAP 2013 & BEYOND Agriculture Equipment Highway Infrastructure Rail Transportation Energy Production Petro-Chemical Industry Five Welding Growth Areas: The Industry Facts: Fabrication & Construction industries need 450,000 welders to fulfill demand Welders are retiring at twice the pace of new welders coming into the field, the average welder today is in his/her mid to upper-50’s and nearing retirement. According to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers found that 81% of manufacturers polled report they can’t find the skilled workers.

6 Changing Perceptions

7 d Now is the time to Change the Discussion

8 Today’s Learner Motivated by doing - Today’s millennial generation do not trust what you say. - Today’s millennial generation has the ability to find out the answer on their own Want immediate feedback - 70 percent of teens (aged 13-17) own smartphones - 79 percent of young adults (aged 18-24) own smartphones. 21 st Century Interaction - 83% of 12- to 17-year-olds have at least one social networking site, and 84% own one or more personal media devices (data from 2005).

9 The Solution: 21 st Century Welding Training

10 The Solution: A experiential learning technology to improving the lives of students and assisting in career skills for future work. Experience to train welders in a virtual environment Progress to a live welding guidance Commence with unaided live welding

11 RealCareer Welding Solutions The 21 st Century Welding Training Method Virtual Reality Guided Reality Reality Real Welding Guidance System Virtual Reality Welding Simulation

12 Simulators create more welders in less time 65% increase in qualified participants 28% Less Time 1.Stone, R., Watts, K., Zhong, P., & Wei, C. (2011). Physical and cognitive effects of virtual reality integrated training. Human Factors, 53(5), 558-587. Retrieved from cognitive-effects-virtual-reality integrated-traininghttp://connection.ebscohost

13 Better, Faster, Engaged Learning Game-like interface engages students Immediate feedback on skills and weld quality Repetitive play improves muscle memory learning Excellent distance learning aid: Students can practice remotely or onsite for assessments periodically

14 Hardware + Software + Curriculum Technique guidance and assessment Customizable WPS and assignments Local install / no licenses Recording of student’s weld COST: $4,900.00/unit

15 …And with less cost “welding simulation has decreased our consumable and welding costs by about for our program.” 70% George Karr, Welding and Technology Instructor Hollenstein Career &Technology Center, Fort Worth, TX

16 Angle Sensor (Work & Travel Angles) Speed Sensor In-Helmet Display Guidance

17 Real time corrective feedback Feedback comes from nine default WPS’s with customization available Guidance on proper technique – –Work Angle – –Travel Angle – –Speed COST: $6,500.00/unit

18 Guidance based on WPS guideWELD™ LIVE Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) included:

19 What can you do?

20 By partnering together, we can address the problem Technology for the 21 st century learner Community educators and trainers will enlighten students Educators need funding to procure materials Program guideWELD VR guideWELD LIVE Goal Train more effective welders more efficiently Create more interest in welding field Result Alleviate skills gap in welding industry Invest in our youth

21 Realityworks Company information

22 A little about Realityworks DISTRIBUTION INTO EDUCATION   67% of school districts in the U.S.   89 countries worldwide   31,000 institutions   6,000,000 students served through the use of our products EDUCATION PARTNER   Association for Career and Technical Education Board   Industry Workforce Needs Council   80+ education trade shows (local, state, national) EDUCATIONAL FOCUS   Hardware, software, & curriculum development Experiential Learning Technology 22

23 www.realityworks.comQuestions?

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