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2 Kunphen Office at Mcleod Ganj.

3 Introduction KUNPHEN - Literally means “Universal Benevolence” Kunphen is the first and only Tibetan non-government organization (NGO) that provides programs focusing on treatment and care for alcohol and drug abuse. The center provides assistance in human resource development and HIV/AIDS support by promoting education and awareness campaigns in Tibetan communities. The center is based in Dharamshala, North India and is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

4 Historical Background Kunphen is a non-profit organization that came into existence in 2000 with the support and encouragement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During the past eight years the center has helped over 100 Tibetans by providing necessary funds and support to send drug users to rehabilitation centers in order to free them from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We have also been creating HIV/AIDS awareness in Tibetan societies in exile through HIV awareness sessions, posters, pamphlets and other educational means.


6 Kunphen’s Aims Enlighten our society to the existence of unspoken issues that may be sensitive and neglected Provide help to people who are affected by these difficult issues while bringing hope and a warm smile

7 Objectives Raise awareness of issues utilizing public arenas including both electronic and non electronic media Impart correct social attitude towards people who are effected by social issues Educate our teenagers towards a responsible outlook towards difficult choices they may face in their life Create social re-integration programs for people who are effect by issue through rehabilitation, counseling, vocational training, and employment guidance

8 Include: Awareness, Education and Counseling Treatment and Rehabilitation After-care; Social re-integration Vocational training and career skills development Aid in seeking employment for clients Condom distribution

9 A number of cases do exist within our society About 14 HIV positive cases were reported in Dharamshala in 2005 Number of people infected is increase every year Time is running OUT if we don’t work together NOW

10 Drugs have been a pressing issue in our society since the hippie revolution begin in the west Beginning in the late 90’s, many young promising Tibetans indulged in drugs which eventually led to a negative impact on society including a high morality rate In early 2ooo’s the average drug user age group moved down towards early teenagers Our society never look at this issue as decease but rather their were judgmental causing them to be out casted and thrown out of their homes resulting in the reverse effect back on society At Kunphen, we are helping by taking a look through their eyes and trying to help them to come out of it Kunphen has already helped 106 clients to date

11 You and I can make a change! YES! WE CAN

12 How You Can Help Kunphen!!! If you believe that hands raised in support of other sentient beings are nobler than hands raised in prayers, please support us in helping those who are in need by: Providing financial assistance to the center for specific projects Sponsoring expenses of the rehabilitation program Sharing your expertise in counseling and guiding addicts Providing volunteer service to the center (minimum period of two months) Donating necessary materials required by the center Your generous support can change lives and bring smiles to the faces of both those who went astray in the maze of life as well as to their families.

13 Kunphen staff analyzing the effects of different drugs to an participant during an outreach program

14 One of the welfare officer winding up a outreach program

15 During awareness talk at Varanasi (THS) and Sahra College


17 How to Support Kunphen Contact the center directly Send donation through bank account: Kunphen State Bank of India Account #: 10219816574 Swift code: SBININBB 277 Branch Mcleod Ganj (4250) Dharamsala (H.P) 176219 E-mail id, An office receipt will be sent as soon as we get your support Visit or

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