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NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Pharmacy. Public Health Office (IPA-SF-MSB)

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1 NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Pharmacy. Public Health Office (IPA-SF-MSB)

2 Campaigns Conducted: Rural health development program Blood sugar level check up and diabetes awareness Blood donation campaigns Promotion of Pharmacy (Rally) Visit to TATA Memorial hospital (Cancer awareness) Visit to Leprosy care centre and Leprosy awareness Health and Hygiene awareness

3 Campaigns Conducted: Generic Drug awareness HIV awareness (Rally) Misuse of antibiotics (Survey) Eye check up and awareness Seminar on Dental care


5 Venue: NCRD’s SIP The camp was organized in association with the Brahmakumaris foundation. 250 people from in an around the college campus registered for the same. Also, the participants were explained the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and staying diabetes free Date: 24 th August,2013 Timing: 11am-3pm

6 Rural Health Development Program

7 The program consisted of two main campaigns: Rural health survey Personal hygiene and promotion of pharmacy

8 Rural Health Survey and Distribution of Medicines Venue: Shree Ramvardayani Clinic, Chiplun Date: 25 th August,2013 Activity: The main objective of the survey was to have access to rural people’s knowledge about medicines. Survey was done by means of an interview with the owner of the clinic, Dr. Dhananjay Walekar regarding the rural practice of medicine and the problems associated in implementing healthcare facilities in the rural areas.

9 Rural Health Survey and Distribution of Medicines Also, medicines like common antibiotics, ointments and nutritional supplements and cough syrups etc. were donated to a local school there in the village. The medicines are to be used by the village during an annual health check up program organized by the Zillah parishad

10 Personal hygiene and Promotion of Pharmacy as a career Venue: Kendriya Vidyalaya Shala no. 1,Kadavli Date: 24 th August,2013 Time: 7:30 am Activity: Personal Hygiene One to one interaction with children of age under 14 educating them the importance of personal hygiene. Use of A/V aids to explain the ill effects of not maintaining hygiene.

11 Personal hygiene and Promotion of Pharmacy as a career Promotion of Pharmacy Profession Students were enlighten about different career options one can explore. Also, they were briefed about what is pharmacy profession and its scope the target audience was high school graduating students.


13 Blood Donation Campaigns SIP managed to collect 550 blood units at the following venues NCRD’s SIP (101 units) Dadar, Mulund and Thane stations (247 units) Vashi and Nerul stations (202 units) Timings: 10am to 8pm


15 Promotion of Pharmacy Profession(Rally) Venue: NCRD’s SIP to Nerul station Date: 25 th September The rally was organized for the cause of spreading awareness regarding the pharmacy profession The students and professors took active part in the rally in a disciplined manner.


17 Venue: NCRD’s SIP to Nerul station DATE : 17 th Decmeber,2013 The rally was organized in collaboration with MSACS Pamphlets were used to make the people aware of the cause. People responded in large numbers and even joined us for the same. Anti HIV Rally

18 Visit to leprosy care centre and awareness Venue: Kustharog Nivaran Samiti, Shantivan Ashram,Panvel Date: 31 st October, 2013 The visit involved an awareness session regarding the disease by the doctors therein. The students got a chance to get acquainted with the life of a leprosy patient.


20 Visit to Old Age Home Venue: Ramkrishna Niketan Ashram,Panvel

21 Personal Health and Hygiene Promotion

22 Venue: Shantivan Ashram, Nere Date: 31 st October, 2013 Activity: The students from SIP interacted with the underprivileged girls at the ashram schools in Shantivan ashram, Nere where they educated the girls about personal hygiene and adolescence.

23 Cancer Awareness


25 Venue: Nerul and Seawoods Date: 8 th November, 2013 A survey was conducted consisting of a Y/N type questionnaire for general public as well as pharmacists regarding generic drugs The survey helped in clearing all myths related to generics


27 Venue : Seawoods and Nerul Station Date: 6 th January,2014 The survey was carried out on general population. Also we interacted with local pharmacists regarding the same. The regarding misuse of antibiotics revealed that there is an apparent need to educate more people regarding what an antibiotic is and how is it to be used.


29 Eye Check up and Awareness Venue: NCRD’s SIP Date: 7 th January, 2014 In collaboration with vasan eye care SIP conducted an eye care awareness and check up program. The program consisted of shorts insights from the doctors from vasan eye care and then an eye check up camp.

30 Dental Care (Seminar) 9th January,2013


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