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Theological Training for the C21st The Revd Dr Graham Tomlin.

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1 Theological Training for the C21st The Revd Dr Graham Tomlin

2 A Brief History of Theological Training The Age of Expansion (C1 st – 5 th ) Local Churches and Visiting Teachers The Age of Settlement (C6 th – 13 th ) Monasteries and Cathedrals The Age of Confidence (C13 th -17 th ) Christian Universities The Age of Reason (C18 th- 19 th )Theology Faculties in ‘Secular’ Universities The Age of Doubt (C19th)Theological Seminaries An Age of Mission? – (C21 st )?????

3 ORATIO “Firstly you should know that the Holy Scriptures constitute a book which turns the wisdom of all other books into foolishness.. Therefore you should straightaway despair of your reason and understanding.. Kneel down and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that he through his dear Son may give you his Holy Spirit who will enlighten you, lead you and give you understanding.”

4 MEDITATIO “...reading and re-reading with diligent attention and reflection, so that you may see what the Holy Spirit means... Take care that you do not grow weary or think that you have done enough when you have read, heard, and spoken them once or twice, and that you then have complete understanding. You will never be a particularly good theologian if you do that, for you will be like untimely fruit which falls to the ground before it is half ripe ”

5 TENTATIO “I myself, if you will permit me (mere mouse- droppings to be mingled with pepper) am deeply indebted to my papists, that through the devil’s raging, they have beaten, oppressed and distressed me so much. That is to say, they have made a fairly good theologian of me, which I would not have become otherwise.” “Let no-one think himself a theologian if he has read, understood and taught these things... It is living, or rather dying and being damned that makes a theologian, not understanding, reading and speculating.”

6 CONVERSATIO THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS "a person wanting to stay within the community while reinterpreting its fundamental documents and beliefs in ways which are unacceptable to the main body, and persisting therein when asked to correct himself.“ LOCAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES 1 Timothy 3.15: "God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth."

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