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The Mystic Eye Vision of the beyond. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

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1 The Mystic Eye Vision of the beyond

2 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

3 Book Review Group - 15 Mr.Vijay Singh (Group Coordinator) Ms.Reena Nagar Ms.Vanashree Hullannavavar Sri Chaphekar Prasad Arvind Sri Amit Kumar Sri Mahendir Varma RA Dr Aditya Manohar Saole Sri Satish G. Sri B. L. Meena Pratiyush kumar Sri Gudimella V.P. Pavan Kumar

4 Contents  Realm of the Mystic  Beings of the Beyond  The Eternal Form

5 Purpose The broad purpose of the book is to enlighten the reader about Sadhguru, his life and greatest work so far. In chapter 1, he addresses questions relating to karma, acquiring siddhis and the nature of the occult. Chapter 2 deals with disembodied bodies, their nature and behaviour.

6 Chapter 3 deals with Sadhguru’s greatest creation, the “Dhyanalinga”. The process of its creation and its purpose are discussed in detail.

7 Main Idea!!!

8 Our Opinion As the back cover says, “this book is for the thirsty”. The people who have a keen interest in occult and other above mentioned topics will find this book very interesting. This book will possibly attract them to Sadhguru and his philosophy and may even create devoted disciples. Whether this book is written with that purpose is open for debate.

9 Strengths Explained in form of conversation “Rational” explanation of abstract concepts Simple language is used for most part of the book. His own experiences and anecdotes make it interesting.

10 Weaknesses Some concepts get repeated through questions. The explanation of some concepts and processes is still difficult to understand. At some places, the narrative gets monotonous.

11 Evaluation The compilation of the book in question and answers form will arouse interest in any common man. For example “when an enlightened person opts for rebirth, is he born enlightened?” or “Do disembodied beings remain in sphere of the earth? Are they affected by its pull?” The quality of questions show that the disciples have really a keen interest in knowing about this topics.

12 This certainly is a strength of the book. The childlike curiosity of the questions makes the reader even more curious for the answer. Sometimes, Sadhguru responds with amazing conviction that you are almost sucked into his reply, even though you might be a non-believer.

13 For example, when asked whether everybody enters a disembodied state, he replies,” Yes, everybody. Depending on how much karma is left, the time span may vary. If there is no appropriate womb, that’s when it falls back into animal nature and regresses back to work out all those desires.”

14 In one sentence, he has not only authoritatively said that disembodied beings exist and rebirth is a real thing, but also explained the “logic” behind rebirth ! At one point, he candidly admits that although he offers clarity and conviction, what he explains is illogical.

15 Although the book has these strengths sometimes the replies seem too complicated for a lay man to understand. This is especially true in the third chapter. For example: “It (the energy) is being locked with pranic substance, which is where the huge probem is with our own bodies. The pranic substance has to be used and it does not have any tenacity unless there is karmic substance to it.”

16 Recommendation To be read only if you have an inclination towards spirituality. Even sceptics can try a hand at this. Non-believers, STAY AWAY.

17 Conclusion Small book covering a wide subject matter. What is spoken may sound unreal, but is spoken with absolute conviction gained by experience. The overall contribution of the book is to enlighten the reader about Sadhguru’s work and his experiences regarding the occult, in a cordial manner.

18 Thank You

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