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Making Research Actionable: A case study Ushering in a new Era of Audience Development at the NAC Orchestra November 20, 2008.

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1 Making Research Actionable: A case study Ushering in a new Era of Audience Development at the NAC Orchestra November 20, 2008

2 Showcase a whole-of-business approach to data analysis, audience research, strategy development and marketing execution. Insights, decisions, actions Institutional culture change Audience Relevance

3 To be actionable, research must be Timely Relevant to decision Translated into decision-making terms Shared effectively with decision-makers

4 Audience Development Project Business Issue:Need to understand the factors that affect the Orchestra’s subscriber base Purpose:Strategy for rebuilding and sustainably expanding audiences over the next 5 years Mandate:Diagnosis and Prescription Sponsor: CEO Reporting: Managing Director, NAC Orchestra and Director of Marketing

5 Lots of data, but what’s the story? Industry PoV Literature Review Knight Foundation, ASOL, Orchestras Canada, RAND, Experts External PoV NAC customer surveys, Tech-enabled Consumer Power, Psychographic/demographic, Generational Shift, Economic development, Cultural landscape Internal PoV Interviews and groups CEO, Executives, Marketing, Music, Musicians, Customer Service, Foundation

6 Contextualizing internal data with external data Each series had its own dynamics Interviews were invaluable to understanding Family Income (in 2004$) Inflation Avg ticket price (in 2005$) Attendance rate

7 7 Answering critical business questions e.g.: A question of supply? Capacity for Main series has not changed in 12 years – Mid-1990s rebuilding aided by reduction in capacity Revenue has risen until the last 2 years due to price increases The supply question misses the point. – Concert experience – Value for money – Relationship building – Relevance to audiences – Community engagement – Artistic quality

8 Data-driven insights help redefine the issues NACO’s cumulative reach is significant Benchmarked to secondary research sources Few true “new” leads means need to shift marketing and programming approaches toward re-acquisition Re-acquisition requires re-introduction

9 New ways of looking at the business dynamic 9 Pricing Packaging & Schedule Supply & Capacity Learning & Discovery Concert Experience Repertoire & Star Power Audiences & Motivators Community Engagement Marketing Direct On/Off-line Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Reputation Mgmt & Buzz Customer Service

10 Living Strategy Findings used to implement changes for 07/08 season and changes used as strategy test case Goal: increase number of subscribers (by 5.5% overall - with specific sub goals) and maintain 06/07 revenue Subscriber events (segmented) Volunteer engagement New packaging options New pricing strategy Enhance concert experience Toward story-driven marketing Strengthen community presence Monitor and evaluate

11 Increase in subscriptions of over 13% Highest number of subscriptions in 19 seasons Increase in overall revenue Overall campaign targets were met Evaluation of pricing strategy suggests it is working as intended Results for 2007/08

12 LIVING STRATEGY Collaboration, Creativity, Challenge

13 Fire-Aim-Fire Subscription campaign – February to December 2007 Concurrent strategy development process – Organize for success Multi-functional working group, topical sub-working groups, coaching Define audience development as responsibility of entire institution

14 Create Research Framework Audience Research, Testing Customer Data Mining Analysis Targets, Measurement, Evaluation

15 Diversity: Ottawa a “market of niches” A u d i e n c e b e c o m e s d e f i n e d a s “ m a r k e t s ” a n d “ c o m m u n i t i e s ” GLBT: est. 55,000 to 75,000 Diplomatic Corps: est. 6,000 to 8,000 Generational imperative: Seniors ~ 15%, Boomers ~31% 2001 census OttawaGatineauTorontoVancouverMontrealCalgary Population806,096257,5684,647,9551,986,9653,426,350951,395 Immigrants21.8%5.0%45%39%20.4%21.7% Visible minorities 18.0%3.7%36.8%36.9%13.6%17.5% Chinese27,7751,030409,535342,66452,11051,855 Black34,8753,310310,50018,405139,30513,665 15

16 Statistics Canada data on motivators and inhibitors Reasons for Attending Live Performances or Artistic Events - May 2000 (STATSCAN) Total Mention % To be entertained, to relax or enjoy oneself71 Interest in specific events, performers or work23 To learn, to stimulate or challenge oneself 12 To accompany friends or relatives10 Just for something to do 9 To educate/entertain children 5 To see well-known works or performers4 Reasons for NOT Attending Live Performances or Artistic Events - May 2000 Total Mention % Not enough time 40 Not interested/too boring 31 Too expensive 29 Few performances/facilities in my area12 Hard to get to venue/too far 16 Health problems 6 Family responsibilities 5 16

17 Focus Groups enlighten how it’s never just one motivator at work “I prefer to have intellectual and emotional content, but I still enjoy a good time.” (ET) “The single most important thing to me is knowing the music, but a sense of discovery is important, too. I want to be surprised by it. I want to walk in there and learn something new.” (POPS - Senior single ticket buyer/gen pop) “I was tapping my toes the whole time. It was the whole package. The big thing is that it made me laugh. That trumps setting and perfect acting.” (BC Scenes) 17

18 Redefining Competitive Landscape Look to other sectors that appeal to same audience Evolve benefit statements and value propositions Competitors, e.g.: Spas (relax and rejuvenate) Movie Theatre (big action, visual, story) Museums (hands on exploration and discovery) Pro-Sports (tribe) Complementary, e.g.: Other live performing arts venues Music and art supply stores

19 Test and Experiment Focus groups Pops Programming and Marketing 3 rd year for focus groups – and 1 st year to supplement with online survey Continue work on decision-drivers to purchase, post-purchase evaluation (what makes a concert memorable), loyalty drivers Concert experience experiments – Post-concert talk back Survey participants to gain instant feedback Number of participants  regular part of programming promoted in subscription brochure – Post-concert live podcast recording pilot (Principal bassoon, conductor, soloist, audience questions) Survey participants to gain instant feedback  live podcast recording as part of season opening week – special event and 300 to 400 people stay – On stage seating Survey audience  special perk (NACO Week) Online Surveys – Beethoven festival (07/08)  festival concept ideas tested and put on highly successful artistically and sold-out Mozart-Brahms festival to open 08/09

20 Programming and Marketing for 2008/2009 Interim results positive

21 Customer Relationship Management (Process and Software) Marketing drives engagement and manages relationships Customer Can manage own account; buy from NAC direct Online sales (MyNAC) Customer Care Centre delivers on relationship and service promise Business Analyst / Research Director delivers insights Management real time access to business information Articulate Vision: A Customer-Centric Institution 21 Adopted as 5 th pillar in 2008-2013 NAC Strategic Plan

22 Actionable Research Design – Step 1 How will new information aid in decision making? Information in hand, gaps, needs Actions considered Business issues

23 Actionable Research Design – Step 2 Research Research objectives Methodology Implementation/ Logistics Report of findings How will new information aid in decision making? Information in hand, gaps, needs Actions considered Business issues

24 Actionable Research Design – Step 3 What does it mean?  insight Ideally, a creative and collaborative process with decision-makers How will new information aid in decision making? Research findings Information in hand, gaps, needs Actions considered Business issues

25 Seize the Opportunity Researcher Facilitator Strategist Partner Change agent

26 Getting in touch Inga Petri, CMRP Principal Strategic Moves Ottawa, Ontario On the go: 613-558-8433 Wired: 613-237-8433 Join my social (Facebook) or professional networks (LinkedIn)

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