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BMGT 245 – Customer Service Coaching KYSOS –Chapter 2 Coaching Skills.

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1 BMGT 245 – Customer Service Coaching KYSOS –Chapter 2 Coaching Skills

2 5 Skills Gathering Data –Performance Data –Customer Satisfaction Data –Customer Contact Data –Personal Observation Data

3 Guidelines –Separate gathering & using –Use multiple data sources –Verify –More than one data sample

4 Provide Feedback Most important coaching tool Inform, enlighten, suggest improvement Two ways to deliver feedback –Display & interpersonally –Discussion

5 Display Feedback Quantitative Group or individual performance data Measures outcomes Benchmarks are clearly visible

6 Six principles –Given in relation to specific goals –Managed by frontline employees –Immediate –Goes to the right people –Further disseminated in aggregate form –Display graphically

7 Troubleshooting your system –Is it used for the wrong purposes? –Is it irrelevant to those receiving it? –Is it timely? –Is there something that those who receive it can do about it? –Is the info difficult to collect and record?

8 Interpersonal Feedback Face-to-Face What’s expected - specifically

9 Questioning Ask/listen Use open-ended questions Partners vs adversaries 10 questions –What can I do to help? –What has to be done? –Can you explain how that might work?

10 –How do you feel about that? –Can you say more about that? –How are you looking at that; what’s your point of view here? –What are some reasons that may not have worked as well as you had hoped? –What can you (we) change to make this work better? –What outcome were you looking for? –What are you getting at there?

11 Listening Helps –What is your purpose for asking a question? What will you do with the info? –Include info on your goal or concern –Listen to the response –Reframe the problem –Propose action

12 Informing and Instructing Assess Demonstrate Practice Perform Rule of Thumb

13 Provide Positive Reinforcement High-Profile Low-Profile Lasting value

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