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Whiteness AFAM/WMST 2020 Valdosta State University.

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1 Whiteness AFAM/WMST 2020 Valdosta State University

2 Introduction To define Whiteness, to describe the dominant culture, and to enlighten others about how it affects society. Presented by: Laura Snell Anita Reynolds Keith Richardson Jermell Terry Dysha’ Weems

3 What is Whiteness? Accepting the privileges of being “white” Toni Morrison states, “whiteness is presented as something neutral, the blending of all colors that somehow transcends and contains them.”

4 Topics of Discussion “White Men in the United States” “Honky Blues” “The Bill of Rights for Black Men: Walking While Black”

5 The White Dominant Culture White, straight men have functioned as the norm for studies about men,in general, in the United States White men were fit to be self-governing, while darker-skinned peoples needed help to be governed—the so-called “white man’s burden” What can be done to eliminate these ideas? White men can think about their concerns as white men’s issues, as opposed to “men’s issues” in general White men need to question whiteness itself

6 The “WASP” society “White men rationalize their privileges under segregation, they imagined themselves as transcending their particular self-interests and speaking for society as a whole…(Hedges)” Why do women and men of color and other descent have to prove that their ideas are not self centered while white men translate their self centered thoughts to more objective sounding ideas.

7 Privileges of Whiteness They make the laws Example: Congress is made up of They break the laws Example: Florida election ballots They use these laws to keep the upper hand in society Example: Bush tax cut that would only benefit the already rich white population, but when you hear him address the matter he covers up this with a sugar coated version that makes it seem like everyone benefit

8 Real Life Example Bryonn Bain “The Bill of Rights for Black Men: Walking While Black” Takes place on a nice night in New York during the month of April

9 What does this mean? Whiteness is just as dominant as any other culture, even though it is just being studied. Whiteness has always been present, but it has been accepted for many years as the NORM. Whiteness represents power that is not always deserved.

10 Next Steps More culturally diverse groups on campus More classes that teach diversity Promote interest in other diversities Have a “Culture” day that includes the white culture, as well, as others Make at least one ethnicity class a requirement Do not ignore problems by settling for the “NORM”

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