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Summary: Canto 1 Chapter 6 Conversation Between Nārada and Vyāsadeva.

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1 Summary: Canto 1 Chapter 6 Conversation Between Nārada and Vyāsadeva

2 SB 1.2.4 nārāyaṇaḿ namaskṛtya naraḿ caiva narottamam devīḿ sarasvatīḿ vyāsaḿ tato jayam udīrayet Before reciting this Srimad Bhagavatam, which is the very means of conquest, one should offer respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead, Narayana, unto Nara-Narayana Rsi, the supermost human being, unto mother Sarasvati, the goddess of learning, and unto Srila Vyasadeva, the author.

3 SB 1.2.18 naṣṭa-prāyeṣv abhadreṣu nityaḿ bhāgavata-sevayā bhagavaty uttama-śloke bhaktir bhavati naiṣṭhikī By regular attendance in classes on the Bhagavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact.

4 High level sections 1.6.1-19 : Vyāsadeva’s inquiries into Nārada’s Life 20-27 : The Lord Instructs Nārada, and Nārada follows these Instructions until his death 28-38 : Nārada’s full perfection

5 1.6.1-19: Vyāsadeva’s inquiries into Nārada’s Life 1- 4 : Vyāsadeva’s further inquiries 5-10 : Departure of Nārada muni’s mother  Following Nārada's footsteps  Desire to inquire/sad-dharma-pṛcchā  Son of an ordinary maid servant to Spiritual body  Spiritual Consciousness  Wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master  Reversals in Life

6 1.6.1-19: Vyāsadeva’s inquiries into Nārada’s Life 15-19: Lord’s appearance before Nārada muni  Authoritative sources  Trained intelligence 11-14 : Traveling mendicant/parivrājakācārya  History of the universe repeats itself  Waste of time  Impetus in spiritual life  Gain faith in God/Enlighten inhabitants  Facilitate detachment

7 1.6.20-27: Lord Instructs Nārada 20-22 : Lord instructs Nārada  Perceiving the Lord – only by causeless mercy  Special gift for Närada – not possible in probationary stage of regulative devotional service  Plane of transcendence – to get personal touch with SPG  Närada - Preaching instead of going to forest  Best transcendental environment – Temple  Law of satiation  Hankering for Krishna = Hankering for His service  Hankering Material  Entanglement Krishna’s Service  Liberation

8 ServiceIntelligence Giving up the material world Become a liberated associate of the Lord 23 -24 : Result of the hankering/service to the Lord BG 10.10BG 8.5BG 18.65 Do we lose Devotional service? Devotional service never goes in vain. God's service is never vanquished, but increases till fully matured. 1.6.20-27: Lord Instructs Nārada

9 1.6.20-27: Nārada following Lord's instructions 25-27 : Nārada following Lord's instructions  Lord can be seen and heard by persistent chanting of the transcendental sound  Devotee’s life in a nutshell Seriously chanting the HolyName No desire for material gain Humble and non-envious Single desire: to go back to Godhead Distribute the message for others' welfare  Fully absorbed in thoughts of Krishna clearance of material dirts or hankerings

10 1.6.28-38: Nārada’s full perfection 28 : Nārada Muni getting spiritual body 29-32 : Nārada Muni’s transcendental nature  Transcendental body – invested with eternity, freedom from material modes and reactions of fruitive activities  Devotee’s body, material  transcendence  Only the devotee is exempt from such reactions  Lord and His devotees belong to the same category of transcendence  Transcendental body has no distinction of body and soul  Liberated spaceman - travel everywhere unrestricted  Prime authority for transcendental devotional service of the Lord  Vina is identical with Lord Krishna and Nārada

11 1.6.28-38: Nārada’s full perfection 33-35 : Narada Muni’s instructions  Spiritual television - pure devotee can experience the presence of the Lord at every moment  Natural psychology - reflections of the same psychology in the Absolute Lord  Not for personal benefit - glorification of the Lord  Symptom of a living being – cannot remain silent  Change of subject matter – full satisfaction  Foremost procedure to attain self-realization

12 1.6.28-38: Nārada’s full perfection 36-38 : Conclusion  Result of hearing: detachment from worldliness and attachment to Krsna.  Results of devotional life revealed - Srimad- Bhagavatam  Complete freedom of life  Illusory energy of the Lord is so strong - hog  Nārada Muni’s mission - enlighten the miserable inhabitants and get them back home, back to Godhead.

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