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2 NO COLLEGE MEANT FOR IDIOTS COLLEGE  An institution where students study after there school is over. (Ref: The Webster’s Dictionary)  Institution for higher learning. (Ref: The Little Oxford Dictionary)  A place of professional study. (Ref: The Gala’s Dynamic Dictionary) IDIOT  A Foolish Person. (Ref: The Gala’s Dynamic Dictionary)  A person too deficient in mind. (Ref: The Little Oxford Dictionary)  A person not capable of rational conduct. (Ref: The Webster’s Dictionary) One listens to his heart and chase his dreams. For this if he works as opposed to the worldly norms or in a different manner, he is an idiot.

3 LIVE LIFE KING SIZE Live life as if there is no tomorrow. Life is the beautiful thing that happens only to living beings. Don’t die many times before death.

4 PHOBIA OF NEW PLACES Never fear of entering into new places. Once you fear, you lose everything. Fear is the greatest enemy of self confidence.

5 WINE AND FRIENDSHIP… Both wine and friendship grow stronger with time. As older…… so stronger.

6 LIFE IS A RACE……LAGE RAHO Run faster in the race of life or else you will be crushed by others. Win the race or vanish. No one remembers the second person. All remembers the first one. In this race ain’t we lagging behind the basic essence of education???? Education is for learning and not merely for getting good marks, money making, U.S. visa, etc. One must be competent enough to win the race but one must also enjoy the race and never forget his aim of running.

7 ZOOBI DOOBI….. “LOVE”….. This four lettered word is used many times at many places that it has lost its significance. But in this movie love is treated as a sacred feeling not bound by time, space or any other boundaries. Humour requires presence of mind. Handle humour with care. Love is a beautiful feeling where you see only the one whom you love.

8 E XAM ORIENTED STUDIES Our education system has become exam oriented. Due to a lot of burden on students they cram the books of their syllabus. Engineering colleges today teach their students to "GET ONLY MARKS" rather motivating the students to research, and innovate in their field. The students have been molded right from their childhood with this on their head "Perform or Perish". Such a thought will no way help in one's betterment, instead abet them only to get marks and not to get the real essence of education.

9 WHY CRAMMING?????? Are we studying to become parrots or wise men? By cramming one can get marks but no knowledge. What will we call ourselves after getting degree?????? Well trained OR Well educated?????? Its your choice. =

10 CHASE EXCELLENCE SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW Education should be a means to gain knowledge and chase excellence and not a pursuit of success. Once excellence is achieved, success will have to follow.

11 HOW TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE? In our society education has not been pursued to enlighten one's inner self but merely to fetch degree to earn bread and butter for the life. If hardly any one comes up with the idea of dreaming, he is bitterly and seriously challenged by the society. But suppose that same person is given a chance to put his thoughts into practice, really he can bring a positive change, because that very work shall include in it the interest, desire, motivation and keenness, thus the sum of all these qualities will lead to EXCELLENCE.

12 IDENTIFY YOUR PASSION Every cloud has a silver lining. One must identify his passion and work to achieve excellence. When your hobby becomes your passion and passion becomes your profession, you will be able to lead up to excellence in life. Satisfaction, pleasure, joy, love and fame will be the outcome of following passion. ?

13 THINK DIFFERNTLY On the very first lecture, Rancho asks the head fountain pen and ball pen don't work in space so why didn't astronauts use a pencil in space. Lacs of dollars could have been saved. The arguments put forth by Rancho like 'Chase excellence not success and 'Yeh College Hai Pressure cooker nahin' are something that would have crossed through the mind of many youth for whom their professional colleges are 'pressure cookers' rather than the places of learning and attaining excellence. “Salt water is a good conductor of electricity” – This is taught in class 8 Physics. Everyone learns but only Rancho applied. Winners don’t do different things. Rather they do things differently. (Ref: Khera Shiv, “You Can Win”)

14 IMPORTANCE OF ONE WORD IN COMMUNICATION Communication is the basic essence of mankind by which one person interacts with the other. If communication dies, everything dies. Each word has impact and value in communication. One word if used wrongly or emphasized wrongly or paused at a wrong place in communication then its consequences could be horrible. This is well demonstrated in the silencer’s speech.

15 INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP Veeru Sahast Buddhe or Virus, the dean of the institute in 3 idiots shows a very typical leadership in the movie. It is well said that.”Leaders are made not born.” Virus has his own principles, values and ideology and he leads the institute accordingly. He believes that he has lead his institution from sixth place to the first place. This is an example of current institutional leadership.

16 DON’T BE A ROLLING STONE “Madiralay jaane ko ghar se chalta hai peenewala, Kis path par jaoon asmanjas mein hai wo bhola bhala, Alag alag path batlate sab, Alag alag path batlate sab, Par main ye batlata hoon, Raah pakad tu ek chala chal, Pa jayega Madhushala.” (Harivanshrai Bachchan) A rolling stone gathers no moss. Listen to all but act at your will.

17 PRESENCE OF MIND Presence of mind is required in each and every walk of life. It is the only thing which proves your talent. Rancho proves this by saving the life of Pia’s sister and the child by using vaccum pump. Life Is Emotion Management Not Intelligence Optimization. Memory and regular study have definite value and it always helps you in leading a life. With artificial intelligence, you can survive and win but you cannot prove yourself genius. Therefore, in this process genius dies in you.

18 CRITICS Many of the movie reviewers say that 3 idiots misguides our youth and evokes a feeling of disgust towards the present education system. But that is not the case. On the contrary, it talks about the most important part of human pursuit: Self Actualisation. It only provides a message to the youth to take a lead and fill up the missing gaps in present day education system. It gives a message – “Learn for a cause and not for applause.”

19 CRITICS….. This movie is compulsory viewing for anyone under 30 with a dream (that’s about 70 per cent of a billion) because when our Prime Minister referred to the potential of our young population, he said (quoting Victor Hugo), “You cannot stop an idea whose time has come”. The time for young India to think for themselves has come. This movie is not challenging the system of education, it is saying if you’ve ever had a dream and a passion, follow it because your instincts teach you more than any text book can. Don’t be a machine, be an idiot. Being an idiot, I think this is much bigger than just a film, it’s a cultural phenomenon.

20 A AL IZ WELL …..IT WORKS Ye jo dil hai na bada darpok hai Isko bevakuf banake rakho Life main kitni bhi badi problem ho isko bolo “Aal Izz Well…” Isse problem solve ho na ho Lekin usko jhelne ki himmat aa jati hai

21 CHATUR CHAMATKARI OR BABA RANCHOD DAS Attitude and Aptitude makes oneself Chatur Chamatkari or Baba Ranchod Das. Choice is yours. OROR



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