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Your notes should contain: 1. The word with page number 2. Part of Speech 3. Definition 4. Sentence.

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2 Your notes should contain: 1. The word with page number 2. Part of Speech 3. Definition 4. Sentence

3  To lessen the intensity of; eased; relieved  Kyra’s fear of the dark was assuaged by a night light in her room.

4  A formal decision, formal opinion (as by an authority figure) or judgment  His parents’ dictum on the value of hard work had been instilled in Lee for years.

5  Disinclined to talk; silent  Cole’s taciturn uncle rarely spoke about his wartime experiences or anything else for that matter.

6  A low-ranking city official with minor duties  The town beadle made her rounds downtown checking to make sure storefronts were locked.

7  Without permission; unlawfully or illegally  Fully aware of the “No U-Turn” sign, Claire illicitly made a U-turn hoping she would not be seen.

8  To persist in spite of difficulty  Despite a sprained ankle, Cheyenne chose to persevere to get to the finish line.

9  Argumentative; belligerent  Some reality TV shows intentionally create situations where contestants become contentious.

10  Small in stature or size (referring to a person)  The diminutive David defeated the giant Goliath.

11  A variety of yellowish-green grapes usually found in the Southern U.S. (muscadine grapes)  Chilled scuppernongs on a hot afternoon are really delicious.

12  Kindness  Donating blood is an act of benevolence.

13  Calmly; tranquilly  After rehearsing several times, Simon gave his speech very placidly in front of the class.

14  Not conspicuous; not noticeable or prominent  Good detectives learn to be inconspicuous when needed.

15  A verbal denunciation with harsh, insulting language.  The angry football player was ejected from the field after his loud philippic to the referee.

16  Offense; To take offense or displeasure in something.  After hearing, “Oh, I already have one of these” during the birthday party, the guest took umbrage and decided to leave.

17  A preliminary survey or mission to gain information  Agent 007James Bond was sent on a reconnaissance mission to determine whether the North Koreans were planning a takeover of Thailand.

18  To form or move in waves; fluctuate  The flock of geese began to undulate through the sky due to the southerly winds.

19  Ill-natured; quarrelsome  Really tired children tend to have a reputation for being somewhat cantankerous.

20  Natural inclinations; tendencies  Casey has great natural propensities in both music and math.

21 Chapters 12-31 Your notes should contain: 1. The word with page number 2. Part of Speech 3. Definition 4. Sentence

22  a soft, brown, lumpy gum resin having an unpleasant odor once used for medicinal purposes but sometimes used for cooking.  The barber rubbed a foul-smelling cream of asafoetida onto the man’s head to help heal his scalp.

23  An engraved image (part of the intaglio printing process where the image is engraved on to a copper cylinder).  Delia looked closely at the rotogravure of the burning of Atlanta in her textbook.

24  A child secretly exchanged for another.  In the movie the Changeling, a mother feels her own child has been replaced with another that is not her own.

25  A lack of foresight; a narrow view  The contractor’s myopic planning usually resulted in poorly constructed houses.

26  Of an impressive age  The venerable man at the Senior Citizens’ center told us fascinating stories about living through the Great Depression.

27  Very concise; to the point  The text message Rachel received from her mother was very succinct-- “call me”.

28  Impressive; inspiring wonder  The Statue of Liberty is quite a formidable sculpture.

29  To make clear; to explain; to enlighten  Maria brought in a diagram to elucidate how a lightbulb works for her science class.

30  Native to an area or occurring naturally in an environment  The indigenous people frequently had to fight outsiders for control of their lands.

31  Caustic, biting, or especially bitter in feeling, language, or manner.  The couple’s break up was extremely` acrimonious.

32  Using both hands with equal ease.  After Jenny broke her “writing hand” she soon discovered her ambidextrous talents and used her other hand with ease.

33  A combination of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.  The chiffarobe was constructed out of oak.

34  To intimidate with an overbearing manner or through words; to bully  The judge ordered the attorney to cease his browbeating of the witness.

35  To strike out, obliterate, or mark for deletion.  The court records of the juvenile defendant were expunged.

36  To clear of charges; to find NOT guilty.  O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in his criminal trial during the 1990s.

37  The capacity for belief; believability  Because she had lied previously, Meg’s credibility was on very shaky ground with her mother.

38  Done by stealth; sly or sneaky  Tyler stole a furtive glance over at Kim, afraid she would see the affection in his eyes.

39  Unshakeable or insistent especially in maintaining in a position or an opinion; inflexible.  Jill’s parents were adamant that she give her best effort in school.

40  Strongly emotional; impassioned  The climber’s vehement pleas for help were finally heard.

41  Compulsion by threat; intimidation  Under duress during interrogation, the embezzler confessed to his crime.

42  Restrained; bound  The defendant’s hands were pinioned in shackles during the trial.

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