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LibraryLinkNJ 1 On Your Mark. Get Set. Start Planning! New Jersey State Library LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative Spring, 2011.

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1 LibraryLinkNJ 1 On Your Mark. Get Set. Start Planning! New Jersey State Library LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative Spring, 2011

2 LibraryLinkNJ What do you want to learn today?

3 LibraryLinkNJ Agenda

4 New Jersey Library Cooperative Why plan? Understanding your community How to implement the planning process Roles and responsibilities Planning tools Qualities of a sound plan Implementation and follow-up Measuring success You will learn…

5 New Jersey Library Cooperative Reality Check Going is good. Getting where you want to go is even better. If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else. -Yogi Berra

6 New Jersey Library Cooperative Puts customers front and center Values ideas as much as process Cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit Attracts customers with diverse needs Has forward-thinking leadership Imagine a library that…

7 New Jersey Library Cooperative Is a destination of choice Understands what people cannot do for themselves Drives economic development Has a “place at the table” Leads in technology “Owns” 21st Century Literacies Imagine a library that…

8 New Jersey Library Cooperative Demographic shifts Customer expectations and preferences Funding Pressure to merge/consolidate Facilities Technology Publishing Diversity/age/ethnic/economic/educational Library landscape is changing…

9 New Jersey Library Cooperative Libraries can’t keep doing what they have always done and expect to survive Can’t hold a pat hand If it ain't broke, break it, then fix it. Otherwise you may be destined to address tomorrow's problems with yesterday's solutions. -Clark Crouch

10 New Jersey Library Cooperative Required Quality of well-managed organization Volatile ever-changing environment Proactive rather than reactive Why plan? By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. -Benjamin Franklin

11 New Jersey Library Cooperative Conversations about library Clarify priorities Customer focus Benchmarks for success Why plan? It amazes me that most people spend more time planning next summer's vacation than they do planning the rest of their lives. -Patricia Fripp

12 New Jersey Library Cooperative Protects against unexpected political mandates and budget reductions Extra Dimension in NJ

13 New Jersey Library Cooperative Library is forced to ask tough questions – What are we doing? – Why? – For whom? – Is it what they want/need? – How well? – Is it sustainable? – What should we do in the future? Most importantly…

14 New Jersey Library Cooperative Assess economic impact Participate in community building Align with local planning objectives Solve community problems Showcase leadership Strut your stuff Be creative Planning is an opportunity to…

15 New Jersey Library Cooperative Planning for Results Balanced Scorecard “What If?” Scenarios Blue Ocean Strategy Best features of multiple models Many Planning Models Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. -Tom Landry

16 New Jersey Library Cooperative 1.Organization and delegation 2.Information gathering 3.Information analysis 4.Strategizing and prioritizing 5.Plan drafting, editing, approval 6.Plan distribution and promotion Six Basic Phases

17 New Jersey Library Cooperative Educate trustees Help formulate process Work with planning team/committee Help conduct the research Provide examples of successful plans Help set objectives, goals and priorities Collaborate to draft plan Suggest action items to achieve goals Manage library to support plan Organization and Delegation: What is the role of Directors?

18 New Jersey Library Cooperative Establish process/how will work get done Select vendor if appropriate Fund planning initiative Serve on committee/team Support community assessment/assess results Determine objectives and priorities Collaborate with director to draft plan Solicit support for new plan Regularly evaluate progress Organization and Delegation: What is the role of Trustees?

19 New Jersey Library Cooperative Many Boards spend time doing the wrong things The ABCs Organization and Delegation: Core Responsibility of Every Trustee

20 New Jersey Library Cooperative C level responsibilities – Clean up yesterday’s problems – Micromanage B level responsibilities – Manage today / make short term decisions A level responsibilities – Secure necessary funds – Hire/fire director – Construction decisions – Set strategic direction Organization and Delegation: ABC Management

21 New Jersey Library Cooperative Trustees understand process Roles clearly defined No hidden agendas Research-based Board receptive to change Resources to accomplish work Expeditious There’s the will to implement Organization and Delegation: Planning works when…

22 New Jersey Library Cooperative What time period should a plan cover? Who should be on the planning team? Who are the plan’s “audiences”? What research will you need? How many goals should you have? Will your library’s plan include – technology plan? – facilities plan? – marketing plan? Do you need outside help? Organization and Delegation: Before you start, decide… 22

23 New Jersey Library Cooperative PEST analysis (Political, Environmental, Societal, Technical) Environmental scan / trends analysis SWOT analysis Benchmarking Boston Matrix (Prioritizing tool) Visioning Lifestyle analysis / psychographics / geo-mapping Information Gathering

24 New Jersey Library Cooperative _______ __ _____ ________ ____ ________ _______ __ _____ ________ ____ ________ SWOT: NJ Public Libraries

25 New Jersey Library Cooperative SWOT: Your Library

26 New Jersey Library Cooperative How does library measure up against peers? LJ Index of Public Library Service Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings (HAPLR) Public Library Data Service (PLDS) Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Statistics for NJ public libraries Information Gathering: Benchmarking

27 New Jersey Library Cooperative Determine list of peer libraries/state or national based on – Size of population – Budget – Circulation – Number of outlets – Other demographics/unemployment, poverty etc. To Benchmark…

28 New Jersey Library Cooperative Obtain data from one or more rating services PLDS 2009 data – Staffing/productivity – Funding – Circulation – Size of collection – Amount spent per capita – Number of computers – Program attendance/number of programs – Gate count – Hours of operation To Benchmark

29 New Jersey Library Cooperative Favorable hours, staffing, staff productivity, program attendance, gate count statistics Near bottom in size of collection, circulation, amount spent per capita, number of computers, funding Case Study: San Antonio Public Library

30 New Jersey Library Cooperative








38 Remember: Both favorable and unfavorable results may be useful to you Benchmarking There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other. -Douglas Everett

39 New Jersey Library Cooperative National reports and studies Trends Local planning documents Economic development studies Library reports/statistics School district reports/data Information Gathering: Secondary Resources

40 New Jersey Library Cooperative Population/current and projected Age Gender Ethnicity Income Educational attainment 2010 Census

41 New Jersey Library Cooperative The library’s “insiders” – Staff – Trustees – Friends – Volunteers – Donors – Loyal users The library’s “outer circles” – Political officials – Community leaders – Nonusers Information Gathering: Listen to Your Community 41

42 New Jersey Library Cooperative Qualitative Focus groups Town meetings One-on-one executive interviews Information Gathering: Primary Research Quantitative Online surveys Telephone surveys Benchmarking with peer libraries Lifestyle geomapping 42

43 New Jersey Library Cooperative Whom does the library serve? What are they like? What kind of work do they do? What kind of family life do they have? How do they behave as consumers? What organizations do they belong to? How do they spend their free time? What do they value? What are their priorities? Information Gathering: Community Lifestyles

44 New Jersey Library Cooperative Community focal point? Education improvement? Family destination? Senior services? A cultural center? More access to employment opportunities? Access to technology? Access to popular culture (dvds, novels, etc.)? More civic engagement? Information resources? Services for teens? Information Gathering: What does your community need?

45 New Jersey Library Cooperative Imagine “Anytown, NJ” Suburban community Population 9900 Dominant groups – Gray power – Pools and patios Geomapping lifestyles

46 New Jersey Library Cooperative Large retired older population Aging baby boomers Well-educated Homeowners without children Affluent Stable community Downsizers Who are they?

47 New Jersey Library Cooperative Basic Literacy? Business and career? Community commons? Community referral network? Consumer information? Cultural awareness? What might Anytown need?

48 New Jersey Library Cooperative Current topics and titles? Formal learning support? General information? Government information? Information literacy? What might Anytown need?

49 New Jersey Library Cooperative Lifelong learning? Local history/genealogy? Family place? Information literacy? Technology? Healthcare information? What might Anytown need?

50 New Jersey Library Cooperative Board and staff development Advocacy Financial management Funding diversification Facilities planning Technology planning Collection development Program development Plans may include goals/strategies for… 50

51 New Jersey Library Cooperative Customer service Adult and children’s services Cultural diversity Outreach to underserved populations Partnerships and collaboration Branding, marketing and public relations Administration and management Organizational health Plans may include goals/strategies for… 51

52 New Jersey Library Cooperative The library lacks visibility/lacks clout. – What’s the strategic response? A surprising number of people in the community own their own businesses. – What’s the strategic response? Community leaders indicate revitalization is top priority. – What’s the strategic response? Translate what you learn from primary research… 52

53 New Jersey Library Cooperative A majority of the library’s staff is within two years of retirement. – What’s the strategic response? Only one trustee has prior experience serving on a board? – What’s the strategic response? The library has a great local history and genealogy collection. – What’s the strategic response? Translate what you learn from the SWOT 53

54 New Jersey Library Cooperative The Library will be a valued contributor to economic development in our community. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

55 New Jersey Library Cooperative The Library will diversify its funding base. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

56 New Jersey Library Cooperative The Library will be recognized as a leading contributor to academic achievement. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

57 New Jersey Library Cooperative The Library will advocate effectively for sustained funding. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

58 New Jersey Library Cooperative Board membership will become highly valued. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

59 New Jersey Library Cooperative The Library will effectively brand and market its services. - Sample goal with strategies and work plans

60 New Jersey Library Cooperative If there are many directions to go… Prioritize with a version of the Boston Matrix…

61 New Jersey Library Cooperative Apply the “library litmus test”: Satisfy identified community needs? Work smart” concept? Is library best organization to provide the service? Market and brand the library? Practical and actionable? “Best use” of resources? If there are many directions to go…

62 New Jersey Library Cooperative Address multiple goals? Provide favorable return on investment? Create opportunities for partnerships? Align the library with education/lifelong learning? Position the library as central to community life? The Library Litmus Test cont.

63 New Jersey Library Cooperative State-of-the library overview Environmental scan of – National and local trends – Demographics – Social, economic, political, and other issues Review of research Assemble the Plan 63

64 New Jersey Library Cooperative SWOT analysis of library’s performance Goals with prioritized strategies to achieve goals Timeline Measure of success Associated budget, staffing, and facilities issues and costs Assemble the Plan 64

65 New Jersey Library Cooperative Building for the Future: Ten Strategies for Enhanced Library Services From Good to Great! A great Community Deserves a Great Library Building Bridges. Sowing Seeds. The Community Speaks: The Library Answers Building on Success The Every Town Library…the Next Chapter Build the plan around a theme

66 New Jersey Library Cooperative Promote the plan! Internal review comes first Drumbeat for unveiling to elected officicals A Leadership Breakfast? Hold a press conference; issue press releases Powerpoint for civic group presentations Post on website Summarize initiatives on a business card to give out wherever, whenever

67 New Jersey Library Cooperative Realistic To the point Jargon-free Easy to read Compelling Responds to the community needs and preferences A Good Plan Is Every action is either strong or weak, and when every action is strong we are successful. -Wallace D. Wattles

68 New Jersey Library Cooperative Take too long Not a team effort No external input No allowance for time it requires Not vetted No plan for doing anything with it Unrealistic Why plans are unsuccessful

69 New Jersey Library Cooperative Addresses both customers and non-customers, Has staff support, Gets funded, Is promoted, Is implemented! A successful plan… It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. -Eleanor Roosevelt

70 New Jersey Library Cooperative Core Values are what the library stands for and believes in. Vision is what the library would look like in the future at its best. Mission is the promise the library makes to the community regarding what it will do now and how in general terms it keeps the promise Core Values, Mission and Vision

71 New Jersey Library Cooperative Pique interest/convey uniqueness Pithy/current/active voice/ Generate conversation Short/to the point/2-3 points Inspire, not dampen, enthusiasm Easy to read/say Memorable Focused on “Who is served what” Wins hearts and minds Effective Mission Statements

72 New Jersey Library Cooperative From the business sector The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warm, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. Sample Mission and Vision Statements Strategic planning is worthless—unless there is first a strategic vision. -John Naisbitt

73 New Jersey Library Cooperative “A basic municipal service, Anytown Public Library provides current information, formal educational support, independent learning opportunities and life enrichment materials to a highly diverse public in a warm and welcoming atmosphere through a highly trained team of individuals committed to quality service. Library Mission Statement

74 New Jersey Library Cooperative “Anytown Public Library enriches lives with resources and opportunities for life long learning and enjoyment. Our expert staff is here to help you with your information needs.” Library Mission Statement Revised

75 New Jersey Library Cooperative “ The constant vision of Anytown Public Library is to provide the community with superior library services, to serve as the cultural and intellectual crossroads of our community, and to be a leader among public libraries in a changing world.” Library Vision Statement

76 New Jersey Library Cooperative “Enhance. Enrich. Educate. Entertain. Enlighten.” Library Vision Revised

77 New Jersey Library Cooperative What are your next steps?

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