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台灣實證護理照護中心 穆佩芬 教授 國立陽明大學 臨床暨社區護理研究所 台灣實證健康照護中心 (TJBCC) 主任 2012.

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Presentation on theme: "台灣實證護理照護中心 穆佩芬 教授 國立陽明大學 臨床暨社區護理研究所 台灣實證健康照護中心 (TJBCC) 主任 2012."— Presentation transcript:

1 台灣實證護理照護中心 穆佩芬 教授 國立陽明大學 臨床暨社區護理研究所 台灣實證健康照護中心 (TJBCC) 主任 2012

2 National Yang-Ming University Taiwan JBI Collaborating Center DIRECTOR : PROFESSOR. PEI-FAN MU DEPUTY DIRECTOR (S) DR. YU-CHIH CHEN; DR. DAVID HUNG-TSANG YEN. PEI-FAN MU DAVID HUNG-TSANG YEN VGH-YM Taiwan EBN Association Four EBN centers Hospital-University Unit Joanna Briggs Institute Cochrane nursing Care Field

3 Aims The purpose of this center is to advance cutting edge, state- of-the-art evidence-based nursing practice, research, and education within an interdisciplinary context. The goal is to turn research into action. Improve health care and patients outcomes in the clinical setting and community through evidence-based practice, research, and education. The objectives of the center are to: Define nursing roles in establishing an evidence-based practice culture. Furnish a venue for interdisciplinary evidence-based methods and practice. Facilitate transfer of nursing knowledge to nursing and health care practice. Provide education in evidence-based nursing through undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and a continuing education program. Encourage, facilitate, coordinate, and conduct research and interdisciplinary investigations in the field of evidence-based nursing.



6 M ILESTONES (2005-) TJBCC: National Yang-Ming University, Multiple disciplines evidence-based center Undergraduate and Graduate programs Workshops (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) Department of Health, National Yang-Ming University, and Veteran General Hospital: CSR health professionals 12 CSR training courses 2 Train-the-trainer courses Clinical guideline synthesis model ( 臨床指引整合模式 ) 4 Systematic reviews completed on JBI and 4 on going Clinical guidelines Clinical guideline teaching materials Best practice translation

7 開啟了第一頁

8 2008


10 2009

11 (2009-) Cochrane Nursing Care Field (Nursing Care Traditional Chinese Node)

12  Translate 穆佩芬、蔡淑鳳、石曜堂 (2011 翻譯 ) 護理與健康照護 之實證基礎的臨床應用 (Pearson/Evidence-Based Clinical Practice in Nursing and Health Care)  New book 蔡淑鳳、穆佩芬、石曜堂 (2012) 實證護理之理論與實 務:台灣經驗  Cochrane CENTRA : RCT and CCT in Traditional Chinese (10….)  Evidence Transfer Program: Review Summaries (6…)  Evidence Transfer Program: Podcasts (3…)  Submit evidence transfer and evidence utilization articles into International Journal.

13 2009 攜手進入 Cochrane

14 2010


16 2011



19 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 : 14) International Evidence-based nursing conference (National Yang-Ming University, Department of Health, Taiwan Evidence-based Medicine Association, Veteran General Hospital) Joanna Briggs Convention (Annual) University of Adelaide and JBI: PhD students Taiwan Evidence-based Nursing Association (2011)

20 台灣實證護理協會 成立 2011.09.24


22 Research project 1: To explore the current status of evidence based practice in nursing and related factors Research project 2: The components and structure of fundamental nursing of evidence-based nursing in Cochrane Care Nursing Field.(2011-2012) The purpose of this study is to identify and describe the components and structure of fundamental nursing through the conduct of a four-phased, mixed method empirical study of Taiwanese nursing. 1. systematic reviewing 2. a series of ethnographic case studies in clinical settings 3. conduct of a Delphi survey of nursing leaders; senior clinical nurses and nursing students

23 EBN promotion Clinical guidelines development (VGH), EBN courses University & College : EBN courses Medical Institutions or centers & Hospital : Basic and Advanced EBN courses Comprehensive systematic review courses: JBI certificates International conferences National conferences or workshops



26 26  Enlighten Systematic Review TJBCC center  Strengthen CNCF network  Establish EBP network  Put Evidence-Based into Practice and policy  Enhance undergraduate and graduate programs in EBN  EBN knowledge development Future Directions

27 Thanks for your attention !!!

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