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Hispanic Heritage Foundation www. Celebrates and promotes Hispanic pride, culture and accomplishment through comprehensive programs.

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1 Hispanic Heritage Foundation www. Celebrates and promotes Hispanic pride, culture and accomplishment through comprehensive programs which educate, enlighten and inspire

2 Update on Hispanic Population Nearly 40 million documented Hispanics now account for 13 percent of the total population in the United States Since 2002, Hispanics are the largest minority in America Approximately one in eight Americans is Hispanic The United States is the fourth largest Hispanic country in the world behind Mexico, Colombia and Spain The median age for Hispanics in the United States is 26 years old compared to 38 for whites and 31 for African Americans More than 35 percent of the Hispanic population is less than 18 years of age According to TIME/LIFE’s Hispanic Opinion Tracker study, nearly 90 percent of all Hispanics identify with being a Hispanic as much as or more than as an American

3 Not Just Doing Good—Doing Good Business Support of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation will position sponsors as industry leaders with the largest minority in the United States Studies have shown Hispanics to be the most brand loyal Hispanic Business Magazine estimates Hispanic buying power to have nearly reached $600 billion mid-way through 2003 The Center for Economic Growth predicts the buying power for Latinos in the United States is to increase by 315 percent between 1990 and 2007, three times the rate of mainstream Hispanics have larger families, more multiple earners per household than average and more full-time employed than average therefore present a desirable consumer base According to Hispanic Business Magazine, by 2007, the projecting buying power will be $926 billion

4 18 years ago, the Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation was created in the form of a small White House ceremony commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month and has grown to be the most prestigious Hispanic honor and event in America, celebrating Hispanic pride, culture and accomplishment The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, Federal ID# 52-18182555 The Awards ceremony includes a Kennedy Center stage production in tribute of Honorees featuring the hottest Latin performers and is taped and aired as TV specials on NBC and Telemundo stations Brief History of Hispanic Heritage Awards and the Foundation

5 The Ceremony is co-hosted by 33 national Hispanic organizations including NCLR, LULAC, NALEO, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, MALDEF, and US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce The 2004 Hispanic Heritage Awards were a tremendous success and highlighted the top current and future Latino leaders through the Youth Award to an in-house audience of 1,000 business and community leaders and elected officials at the Kennedy Center The Foundation continues to honor the outstanding contributions of Hispanic Americans and promotes them as role models

6 Honorees are recognized for their contributions to America in five categories and serve notice that no dream is beyond reach with ganas, vision and hard work. Educators, community activists, engineers, elected officials, doctors and other Latino leaders stand alongside cultural superstars. Past Honorees include:  Singers Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin  Legends Celia Cruz and Oscar de la Renta  Actors Anthony Quinn and Rita Moreno  Educators Judith Baca and Jaime Escalante  Leaders Antonia Pantoja and Henry Cisneros  Writers Isabel Allende and Julia Alvarez  Doctors Antonia Novello and Pedro Greer  Athletes Sammy Sosa and Derek Parra  Activists Raul Yzaguirre and Dolores Huerta  and even an Astronaut, Dr. Ellen Ochoa

7 Events Surrounding the Ceremony Welcome Reception: Festive and informal event serves as a greeting to the Honorees, performers and presenters, HHAF Board of Directors and high-level sponsors. The event, which takes place the evening before the Ceremony, kicks off the Hispanic Heritage Awards festivities and features traditional fare served with a live Latin band. Honorees Reception and Dinner: Exclusive black-tie dinner, which takes place at the Kennedy Center, is held in tribute of the 2005 Hispanic Heritage Awards Honorees and features Hispanic leaders, celebrities, the HHAF Board, high-level sponsors and elected officials. Live music softly plays in the background as sponsors host tables and enjoy a culinary delight. The Honorees Reception, which features mariachis, and Dinner serve as a warm-up to the Ceremony and stage production. After Party: Fun feista for 1,000 invitees takes place at the Kennedy Center, which immediately follows the Ceremony and keeps the energy going until 1 a.m.

8 Hispanic Heritage Awards PR Results Print coverage Circulation reached 16 million (Burrelle’s News Service) with stories in: USA Today, New York Daily News, The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Arizona Republic, Philadelphia Daily News, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Newsday, People Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Women’s Wear Daily, Hispanic Business, Hispanic Magazine, La Opinion, La Prensa, El Nuevo Herald and Al Dia. TV and Radio Coverage Television broadcast coverage reached a viewership of 88 million (Video Monitoring Service) and included outlets such as: Univisión, Telemundo, NBC, CNN, CNN en Español, PBS and Access Hollywood among others Radio coverage, often sighted as the number one way to reach Latino audiences, reached a total of more than 47 million people internationally, through more than 8,000 radio outlets (based on the Radio USA survey from Arbitron Company) Online Coverage A sampling of online hits reached a total of nearly 21 million unique viewers (based on Bacon’s Media Database and individual research) on Internet sites that included online versions of: Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Arizona Republic and San Jose Mercury News Print Advertising Ads reached a circulation total of nearly 4.5 million readers through publications such as, People en Español, Hispanic Magazine, Poder, Christina La Revista, Vanidades, Urban Latino, Latina Style, and Catalina

9 Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awards Eight years ago, as an extension of the Hispanic Heritage Awards, the Foundation launched the Youth Awards program to identify and prepare next generation of Hispanic role models and leaders by providing educational support and celebrating their achievements in the classroom and community

10 In 1998, the Youth Awards honored five students with a total of five thousand dollars in educational grants; since then, 578 students have received a total of $1.6 million in grants The Youth Awards started with five cities; since then the program has expanded to 12 regions (i.e. a student from Wisconsin won the Chicago Award and a student from North Carolina won in Washington, DC) In 2004 alone, 168 students received $500,000 in grants The National Youth Awardees have an event in Miami and are featured during the HHA Ceremony in Washington and on TV programs Youth Awards Growth

11 Regional Youth Awards Regional awards are currently available in 12 regions—Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose/Bay Area, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Miami, New York and Washington, DC Students must be of Hispanic descent and seniors in high school Awardees are selected based on academic standing, community service, category focus and an essay about importance of heritage Gold and Silver Medallions ($3,000 and $2,000 educational grants respectively) are presented by sponsors at regional ceremonies to the regional awardees (in 2004, 168 students were honored) Regional Ceremonies, held at top universities and colleges (Stanford, U Penn, Rice), are attended by students, parents, elected officials, and top business and community leaders 2004 categories were: Academic Excellence, Community Service, Film & Entertainment, Healthcare, Journalism, Mathematics & Engineering and Sports (new categories can be added by new sponsors) Current and past awardees are set forth as leaders and role models to their peers; the Youth Awards is a leadership program

12 National Youth Awards In 2004, the 168 Regional awardees were narrowed down to seven National Awardees, one per category, who received an additional $5,000 grant, laptop and were flown, with families, to a National Youth Award presentation and Hispanic Heritage Awards in Washington, DC These young leaders are now attending the top colleges and university and welcome the responsibility of being a role model and inspiration

13 Youth Award Process & Timeline December: On-line applications and 200,000 hard-copy applications, posters and brochures (with sponsor logos), are distributed in high schools, public libraries, YMCAs and 4,000 Subway restaurants in 12 regions Public Relations campaign is rolled out (outreach includes Spanish and mainstream print and broadcast, TV and radio PSAs, radio media tours, newsletters, et al) featuring celebrities, HHF spokespeople, sponsors and former Youth Awardees Early February: Applications are collected and distributed to selection committees, which are comprised of three community leaders per category per region (this is a great opportunity for sponsors to gain positive exposure with opinion leaders on national and regional level) Mid-March: Regional Awardees are selected and announced via PR campaign

14 Youth Award Process & Timeline April and May: Regional Award Ceremonies are coordinated Early June: National Youth Awardees are selected Late June: National Youth Award Presentation takes place with celebrities (National Awardees receive trip to site of ceremony, additional $5,000 educational grant and laptop computer) September: Hispanic Heritage Awards (National Awardees receive a trip to DC where sponsors introduce and present award to student onstage) Late September or October: National Awardees are featured on NBC and Telemundo TV programs with name of sponsor under their name and category

15 Youth Awards PR Results Print coverage Circulation reached nearly nine million (Burrelle’s News Service) with stories in: San Jose Mercury News, Arizona Republic, San Diego Union Tribune, Newsday, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Daily News, New York Daily News, Orange County Register, San Francisco Chronicle, Hispanic Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, Diario de Las Americas, People en Español, Hoy, and La Opinion TV and Radio Coverage Television broadcast coverage reached a viewership of more than 12.2 million (Video Monitoring Service) and included outlets such as: Univisión (national and local), Telemundo (national and local), NBC in New York, Washington DC, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, ABC in Philadelphia, and independent network shows and regional cable outlets such as LATV Live in Los Angeles and News 12 in New York. Segments on syndicated shows such as Latin Lifestyles and Hispanics Today. Radio coverage, often sighted as the number one way to reach Latino audiences, reached a total of more than 7 million people internationally, through nearly 800 radio outlets (based on the Radio USA survey from Arbitron Company) Online Coverage A sampling of online hits reached a total of nearly 6,000,000 unique viewers (based on Bacon’s Media Database and individual research) on Internet sites that included online versions of: Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Arizona Republic and San Jose Mercury News Public Service Campaign Public Service Announcements were shown on television and radio stations across the country including highly-rated programs such as the Today Show and featured spokespeople such as Gloria Estefan, Carlos Ponce, Jon Secada and Shalim as well as TV personalities Judy Reyes from the NBC hit show Scrubs, sports announcer Andres Cantor, and New York Times bestselling author Alisa Valdes Rodriguez Two sixty-second audio news releases (ANRs) were also distributed to help promote the Youth Awards Application Drive to more than 5,500 local radio stations

16 Testimonial from Youth Award Recipient “Without this grant, it would be impossible for me to finance my college education at MIT. I praise God there are organizations such as this one and sponsors willing to put their trust in an upcoming generation. I will probably not be able to repay the monetary sum but this grant will be repaid one-hundred fold through what I give back to the community and the impact I will have on society and on Latinos in college and entering the workforce. Again, I thank you Hispanic Heritage Foundation for giving me the opportunity. I promise you will be pleased with the outcome of this seed you have planted with me; the harvest may not come for several years, but it will be worthwhile.” Sincerely, Jesse Lopez, San Diego Regional Youth Award Recipient

17 Where We Are Going HHF’s focus is to not only recognize Latino leaders but to put them in a position to lead through year-round comprehensive programs:   Youth Awards Speakers’ Bureau— former Youth Awardees visit schools, community centers, and talk to young Latinos about what can be accomplished   College Guide—a free, bi-lingual, dynamic step-by-step college guide will help students and their families realize that higher education is a possibility (currently in development)   Educational Website— to educate and provide resources (currently in development)   Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT)— new initiative to funnel past Youth Awardees into America’s workforce

18 LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track) The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Hispanic College Fund have partnered in an effort to systematically develop productive and sustainable relationships between top emerging Hispanic professionals and America’s workforce

19 The Need for LOFT Hispanics make up only 5.7 % of the ‘management workforce,’ which is less than half of parity—lowest of any race or ethnicity More than two-thirds of the overall workforce growth in the next 15 years will be Latino however, less than one percent of that growth will be in management The Hispanic workforce, by 2020, will nearly double the growth of Asians, African Americans and whites combined Hispanics graduate from college at 1/3 the rate as non-Hispanic whites and from high school at the rate of 62% compared to 90%; LOFT provide sponsors with top-performers from top-universities who have beat the odds and are excelling LOFT focuses on building relationships between candidates and sponsors, not list serves and cattle-call job fairs

20 LOFT Candidate Breakdown

21 Features of LOFT Relationship Coordinator will visit Sponsors’ headquarters to gain better understanding of corporate culture to best present opportunity of company to Candidates Subscription to LOFT newsletter, which will be distributed to Sponsors and Candidates and feature Candidates, Sponsors and success stories LOFT Coordinator will build meaningful relationships between 2,000 former Youth Awardees and Hispanic College Fund scholarship recipients and Sponsors LOFT Coordinator will prepare Candidates for interview process LOFT will develop specially-tailored guide for Candidates of Sponsor- headquarter community centers, places of worship, Latino-friendly neighborhoods, Latin themed area-restaurants, dance clubs, et al, in an effort to help Candidate assimilate and increase retention Sponsors will work directly with Relationship Coordinator to approach Candidates based on specific features, such as location, bilingual abilities, alma mater and focus of education, interests

22 Another focus of the Foundation is to educate students, families and the general public about Hispanic culture and its contributions to the America and the world

23 Website Features Vibrant virtual tours of Spain and Latin American countries, including pop-up quiz to test user knowledge Inspirational quotations by Hispanics leaders History of countries including time-line of contributions by Latinos Recipes, folkloric tales, different dialects and vernaculars, statistics, ancestry and indigenous background, and downloads of music Bios of former Youth Awardees and testimonial messages to provide inspiration to other Latino youth Parent’s and teacher’s guides to help educate youngsters Completely bi-lingual The site will also compile a database of users to register users and create communities for everything from announcements to surveys. A portal for all things Hispanic heritage

24 Hispanic Heritage Foundation Sponsors Benefits A partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and support of their programs will position sponsors as leaders in their industry Sponsors will gain strategic and meaningful relationship with the ever-growing Hispanic community on a national and regional level Sponsors will garner valuable public relations visibility through the Foundation’s high-profile programs and relationships Sponsors will have access to the Foundation’s influential partner organizations on a national and grass roots level Sponsors have choice of sponsorship levels ranging from year-round support of Foundation (presence for in all programs) to specific programs and even advertising opportunities on NBC TV special Note: Please see the attached document for a detailed listing of benefits per sponsorship level

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