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Metaphor and Metonymy Lecture 7.  She loves Picasso.  Does he own any Shakespeare?  The sax has the flu today.

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1 Metaphor and Metonymy Lecture 7

2  She loves Picasso.  Does he own any Shakespeare?  The sax has the flu today.

3 Source domain  The heart of the problem  To shoulder a responsibility  The head of the department

4  A healthy society  A sick mind  A budding beauty  The fruit of her labor  Exports flourished last year.

5  She constructed a coherent argument.  She produces a book every year.  Spend your time wisely.  I tried to save some energy.  She invested a lot in the relationship.

6  What’s your recipe for success?  He cooked up a story that nobody believed.  A cold reception  A warm welcome  She solved the problem step by step.

7 Target domains  She was deeply moved.  She is hungry for knowledge.  He’s burning to go.  I see your point.  He searched for the memory.

8  The time will come when …  Time flies.  Time goes by fast.  The baby will arrive soon.  His father passed away.

9 Examples  An achievement is like a building, and the process of achieving is like the process of building.  They built up the business over 20 years.  The organization was built on traditional principles.  This web site is still under construction.  They laid the foundations for future success with a carefully balanced range of products.  This was the blueprint for success.  She was the architect of the company’s expansion overseas.

10  Being angry is like being hot or on fire.  She burned with indignation.  He has a fiery temper.  Jack was a hot-tempered young man.  Their parents were having a heated argument/debate about where to go.  They were having a blazing / flaming row.  She often flares up over nothing.

11  It made my blood boil.  I lost my cool  Alison was getting very hot under the collar.

12  Losing your temper is like an explosion.  When she told him, he nearly exploded.  He blew up at her.  Steve couldn’t contain his anger any longer.  It was an explosive situation.  I’m sorry I blew my top.  There was another angry outburst from Chris.  Alex was bursting with anger.  She’ll blow a fuse/  A major row erupted at the meeting.

13  An argument is like a fight or war, with people attacking each other’s opinions and defending their own.  She tried to defend herself against his attacks on her ideas.  She shot down his argument.  That is an indefensible point of view.  I decided to pursue another line of attack..  We had a big fight last night, and I went home early.

14  A conversation or discussion is like a journey, with the speakers going from one place to another.  Let’s go back to what you were saying earlier.  Can we return to the previous point?  I can’t quite see where you’re heading.  The conversation took an unexpected turn/direction.  I’m listening – Go on !

15  When you have some knowledge about something, it is as if you are shining a light on it. Not having knowledge is like being in darkness.  Allow me to shed/throw some light on the matter.  Can you enlighten me as to what your intentions are?  There are a couple of points that I’d like you to clear up.  Her work has greatly illuminated this aspect of the subject.

16  This spotlights/highlights the problems of bilingual children.  He kept us in the dark about his plans.  The book concerns the shadowy world of espionage.  I only have a dim recollection of what happened next.  I haven’t got the foggiest/faintest idea.


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