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PowerPoint staðall Háskóla Íslands "Útgáfa" hægra megin.

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2 PowerPoint staðall Háskóla Íslands "Útgáfa" hægra megin

3 "Honnunarstaðal" hægra megin "Honnunarstaðal Háskóla Ísland pdf" p.51

4 Don't Mess with the Faculty of Foreign Languages!

5 PowerPoint Is Evil Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely Edward Tufte:

6 Criticism of PowerPoint 1.Tufte's criticisms according to Wikipedia: 2.It is used to guide and to reassure a presenter, rather than to enlighten the audience; 3.It has unhelpfully simplistic tables and charts, resulting from the low resolution of early computer displays; 4.The outliner causes ideas to be arranged in an unnecessarily deep hierarchy, itself subverted by the need to restate the hierarchy on each slide;

7 Criticism of PowerPoint 4.Enforcement of the audience's linear progression through that hierarchy (whereas with handouts, readers could browse and relate items at their leisure); 5.Poor typography and chart layout, from presenters who are poor designers and who use poorly designed templates and default settings (in particular, difficulty in using scientific notation); scientific notation

8 Criticism of PowerPoint 6.Simplistic thinking, from ideas being squashed into bulleted lists, and stories with beginning, middle, and end being turned into a collection of disparate, loosely disguised points. This may present an image of objectivity and neutrality that people associate with science, technology, and "bullet points".

9 Edward Tufte in Wikipedia: http://anon.nasa- global/CAIB/CAIB_lowres_chapter7.pdf

10 The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within Alas, slideware often reduces the analytical quality of presentations. In particular, the popular PowerPoint templates (ready-made designs) usually weaken verbal and spatial reasoning, and almost always corrupt statistical analysis. What is the problem with PowerPoint? And how can we improve our presentations?

11 From PowerPoint Does Rocket Science: PowerPoint Does Rocket Science: Assessing the Quality and Credibility ofTechincal Reposrts at




15 Some "Real" Tips? werpoint_tips.htm werpoint_tips.htm werpoint_tips2.htm werpoint_tips2.htm

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