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Architectural Lighting Proposal for the National Library of Athens.

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1 Architectural Lighting Proposal for the National Library of Athens

2 Made by : Angeliki Boumpopoulou Thomas Berghofer lIse Van den Broeck Horațiu Ciprian Armenean

3 Our design proposal Precedents : First impression: not attractive – Causes: Lack of lighting in the front to emphasis qualities Lack of lighting in the back, lack of safety No illumination of the sides No depth in the windows

4 Our design proposal Concept : Handle all buildings together>not the assignment 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 Lateral Experience, different treatment of sides Masterpiece Lead the way to the garden Garden = place to read daytime Garden = place to relax safely at night

5 Inspiring images








13 Which are the positions of your luminaires and where are they targeted at ? – the position in ground, uplighting – on the wall – on post – targeting different aspects or/and details of the building. – Ledstrips shining down on the handrail of the stairs

14 Luminaries – Entrance We are going to use the lighting fixture of Philips with the family name ColorGraze MX Powercore -Are LED Lights – so energy efficient -Consists of half pieces of cold and half pieces of worm type of LEDs so as giving the ability to the designer to control the color temperature of them and affect in the final color of the building -Different color temperature starting from 2700o C until up to 6500o C -The diffusers inside the luminaries also differs starting from 9, 10, 15, 30 degrees, so as the spread of the beam makes the light fit everywhere for every application -This luminaries have also different dimensions so as to fit in any place

15 Luminaries positions and direction placed in the Entrance

16 Luminaries – Main Columns in the Entrance In front of the 6 columns – in the lower part of them – 48W Led – 10o diffuser – Length L1219

17 Luminaries - Around the statue SIMES ART. S.5125.19 CFL HIT-TC CRI 20W G8,5 1700 lm the beam is directional so as to light the statue in an appropriate way

18 Luminaries direction and position – Entrance

19 Luminaries – Back Columns in the Entrance Downlighting the back of the columns to enlighten the entrance give some width to the entrance 48W Led – 15o diffuser – Length L1219 – so as to linear LED lighting fixtures ideal for surface grazing wall-washing applications offers superior illumination quality dramatic energy savings space-efficient, low-profile aluminum housing flexible mounting options discrete placement within a wide range of compact architectural details

20 Luminaries - Entrance In the upper triangle of the entrance 12W Led – 9° diffuser – Length L305 On one front side of the building only for a better image in the Relux Rendering. Problems of 3D – model no windows in the frond part of the building Column distances No real staires

21 Luminaries - Entrance In the handrail of the stairs we use ledstrips to downlight

22 Dialux from the Frontside


24 Image from the Frontside

25 Luminaries in the backside Less light in the back: used for study used to relax General Illumination – Indirect Lighting – metal halide lamps 70W Architectural Illumination around the trees – Compact Florescent lamps the paths – Compact Florescent lamps

26 Image from the Park

27 General Illumination in the park SIMES - MiniSlot Disk S3982 with lamp metal halide HIT-CRI 70W 6600lm Ambient lighting Indirect Lighting

28 Architectural Illumination in the park Around the trees SIMES ART. S.5189.19 CFL TC-DEL 10W 1600 lm

29 SIMES REEF BOLLARD WITH GRID S.5293-UNV with lamp 26W T4 CFL 1800lm Architectural illumination in the park

30 Signaling for the visitor seats Using led lighting strips

31 Lateral side

32 Lateral side – The side near the Academy

33 – Illuminate Library’s windows better – Work out the park, make it more attractive to the students, athenians, tourists, readers – design a place in this park for those who want to read a book in the middle of a park – Do a better study on the projections – Visualize better the whole concept – We would improve the 3D model Tell us what you would do differently if you had more time?

34 We wish you all nice exams and the help of the ancient Gods to accomplish this work of Sisyfos!

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