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Jessamine Goes Green “How We Have Impacted Our Community!”

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1 Jessamine Goes Green “How We Have Impacted Our Community!”

2 Members Levi Fairchild Angel Fowler Joshua Grigsby Daniel Hardy Andy Hitch Jake Terry

3 Mission Statement Enlighten- To bring “Going Green” to attention.. Educate- To teach about it. Encourage- To be there, and support. To Excute – To get the job done!

4 A Step In The Right Direction

5 Our Objective Inform Many People About Community Transition (by going GREEN)

6 Connecting with Communities Mayor Russ Meyer- Nicholasville Creative Care-Wilmore Duane McCuddy-Parks & Recreation Mike Cassidy-Solid Waste Division Neal Cassity-Executive Judge Lynn Albanese-Independent Recycler David Lafferty-Storm Water Drains Bluegrass Pride-Kentucky Organization Officer Cravens/Fish & Wildlife-Kentucky Roy Honican-Blue Grass Energy Millard & Boo Blakey- WreckCreations & 100% Energy Efficient Home Pam Whitaker-L.F.U.C.G. Bobby Clark- Clark Publishing

7 How We Impacted Our Community Bethel Christian Church- The six members Enlightened the church about energy consumption. We Educated them with an electric consumption guide, a 4-H checklist, office checklist, and worked with Bluegrass Energy to do an energy audit. We Encouraged them to reduce electric use, and recycle with our suggestion sheet. We Executed by training the “Green Leader” to make sure changes are continued.


9 How We Impacted Our Community Lake Mingo Park- Duane McCuddy, Head of Parks and Recreation, wanted us to Enlighten him. We Educated him by giving him a green building guide for the new shelter house. The team Encouraged him with our own outdoor checklist. We Executed by doing the Lake Mingo clean- up.


11 How We Impacted Our Community Storm Water Drainage System- David Lafferty was Enlightened when he saw us in the Jessamine Journal. He Educated the team about dumping in Storm Drains and how it affects the wildlife. We Encouraged him when we told him we would place some storm drain stickers on for him. The team Executed in two days, placing almost one thousand stickers on the drains.

12 Placing Storm Drain Stickers

13 Advocating to the Communities 1.The World Wide Web (Internet)- Our own Website (wiki)-Jessamine Goes Green Linked to Jessamine co. schools Facebook Group-Jessamine Goes Green over 150 members



16 Advocating to the Communities 2.News and Newsletters- The Jessamine Journal- Jessamine Goes Green The Jessamine Chamber of Commerce- Introduction to the Businesses

17 Continuing After We Are Finished The team is very interested in keeping the Jessamine Goes Green team as a volunteer group for use by other people as a support system. We already have a list of growing resources that would come in handy for any individual that would contact us. We are also trying to set up a group with the Jessamine County Public Library for more support.

18 Continuing Our Impact

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