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EPrints 3 and Enlighten Demonstration William J Nixon.

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1 EPrints 3 and Enlighten Demonstration William J Nixon

2 EPrints [and Enlighten] About EPrints Demonstration and Key Features 1.Searching and Browsing 2.Depositing and Managing Papers 3.Administering the System Different Roles 1.User 2.Editor 3.Administrator Further Information

3 About EPrints EPrints is developed at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK. Open source software and freely available First released in 2001, EPrints 3 launched in 2007 –Current version 3.1.1 Perl and Linux (Windows) OAI and Dublin Core 269 known archives are running EPrints worldwide. Total records in known archives: 519952 Active User Community –EPrints Wiki –EPTech-Mailing List

4 EPrints Website

5 Introducing EP3

6 EPrints Demo Server

7 Enlighten Home Page

8 Advanced Search

9 Advanced Search (More)

10 Sheep Search

11 Ekaterinburg Search

12 RSS Saved Search

13 Export file types

14 Reference Manager export

15 Saved Settings

16 ePrints Record

17 Preview Example

18 Full Text Paper

19 Ek in Full Text

20 Browse Home Page

21 Browse by Year

22 Browse by Year – Item Type

23 Browse by Faculty

24 Browse by Journal

25 User Registration

26 Login

27 Manage Deposits

28 Manage Deposits - Help

29 Importing an Item

30 View Item - Details

31 View Item - Summary

32 View Item - Actions

33 View Item - Edits

34 Edit – Item Type

35 Edit – Details

36 Edit – Details Look-up

37 Edit – Journal Look-up

38 Edit – Subject

39 Edit – Upload

40 Edit – Deposit Item

41 Actions - Export

42 Actions – History

43 Review

44 Admin

45 Admin – View Configuration

46 Admin – View config files

47 Logout

48 Other Features – Request Paper Request Paper Option to have a request paper button for material without full text which will enable users to ask for it Currently not implemented at Glasgow Alternate Languages Supported Mutliple languages can be configured in EPrints e.g. English and French

49 Extending EPrints – Plug-ins EPrints 3 uses plug-ins to extend its functionality Many of these are written by the user community, for example: –CoverPDF which add’s a PDF coversheet on demand –SNEEP – Social Networking extensions and tags

50 Further Information EPrints Software EPrints Demo Server EPrints Wiki and Downloads Enlighten

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