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MapGuide Training All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

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1 MapGuide Training All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

2 Agenda How MapGuide works Layout Navigation and Selection Functions Layers Tools Help New Maps Others

3 How does it work??? All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

4 How it works MapGuide Server Shapefiles PostGIS Database ACES Lineworks ACES Polygons Surface Development MapServer Photos JobTrax Database Well Jobs Field Corrections Sent to Field Internet Web

5 How it works


7 We have 3 maps: MapGuide MapGuide Saskatchewan MapGuide – Free Site Find the link on the Intranet Webpage NEW

8 Layout All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

9 Layout Layer panel Toolbar Taskbar Task panel Properties Panel

10 Do you want more space?

11 Navigation and Selection Functions All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

12 Navigation Functions Coordinate System: Alberta Maps  10TM Nad 83 Saskatchewan  CSRS UTM zone 13N Scales: 11 scales 1:2,000 to 1:9,000,000 Information at the bottom of the page Change the scale at the bottom of the page

13 Navigation Functions Zoom Slider Move it!!!! Previous View & Next View Zoom In & Out Zoom Selection Use it!!!! Initial View Zoom Rectangle Pan Zoom to Twp, Rge, Mer Zoom to a point Zoom to a scale

14 Selection Functions SelectSelect PolygonSelect Radius Select WithinClear Selection

15 Layers All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

16 Layers Layer panel change with scale Turn On Turn Off Expand and Collapse to see layers Selectable Tooltip

17 Layers Information about layers Data about Data – Last Update (Source) – Published Data – Unpublished Data Layer list (Scale) More about Layers – Contours Coverage – ERCB Wells SH status Call me or Shahid! New Style!!

18 Important Layers Raster (1-25,000) acesraster_colour acesraster_mono Coverage Colour Raster Coverage Monochrome Raster Coverage  Name, Acquisition Date If a photo is not there, call me or Shahid!

19 Important Layers Lidar Coverage ACES Polygons NTS Sheets Index Contours Disposition Mapping Wildlife Sensitivity Hydrology – Index – IHS

20 Tools All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

21 Search Functions Benchmark Search – Example describe ERCB Pipeline Search Job Search – Use % Zoom to Disposition

22 Search Functions Query Features Property Filter Spatial Filter Property & Spatial Filter Query Everything!!!!

23 Simple Tools Measure Distance – View options Buffer Drawing – Please delete the Markup after use NEW Use them together!!!

24 Important Tool Coordinate conversion Coordinate Conversion Reference Information Draw a point Clear point Help Now it works in Saskatchewan! NEW

25 Important Tool Print Page For a more professional print – Titleblock (Date, Scale, Coordinates, Logo) – Notes Use the printer Create a Pdf NEW

26 Important Tool Custom Report Well Reports Pipeline Report Benchmark Reports  Benchmark Report for the MapGuide – Free Site NEW

27 Important Tool Point Query Create a point with coordinates Create a report – NTS Sheet – Population for Urban Center Boundaries – Distance within closest Airfields Surface Development Facilities

28 Important Tool Surface Development Create a point or select a job Create a radius Zoom to a scale Load a map Print the map – 8½/11 Landscape

29 Surface Development Surface Development Map Emphasis on road Default Map

30 Other Tools Load Map Benchmark Map – ASCM Urban – ASCM Urban (with labels) Default Map NEW

31 Help All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

32 Help In the Task Panel. Different version for MapGuide – Free Site. NEW

33 Help Information about: Tools Layout Layers Scales Projections Support  Wishlist NEW

34 New Maps All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

35 Saskatchewan Projection: CSRS UTM Nad83 zone 13 Difference: Less tools Less layers Different layers

36 Free Data Good for client! Spot Images User: Free Password: Free

37 Other All-Can Engineering & Surveys (1976) Ltd.

38 Why does it not work? MapGuide Server Shapefiles PostGIS Database ACES Lineworks ACES Polygons Surface Development MapServer Photos JobTrax Database Well Jobs Field Corrections Sent to Field Internet Web

39 Why does it not work? Updates – Disposition Mapping Beginning of the month – IHS Data Middle of the month Test Instability, Microsoft, Phases of the moon…

40 If it doesn’t work Use the Refresh button Close the Browser Call myself or Shahid

41 More Coming!!! Spot Satellite Imagery for Saskatchewan Help in Saskatchewan Data about Data in Saskatchewan Link to MapGuide - Free Site on our Website Wishlist

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