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Mastwood Solutions Group Ltd. Workplace Information Gateway Safety and Employee Management Solution.

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1 Mastwood Solutions Group Ltd. Workplace Information Gateway Safety and Employee Management Solution

2 Mastwood - Overview Mastwood was founded in 1998 Provide technology solutions to solve business challenges Principles have over 60 years of business and technology experience Competitive advantage is business knowledge combined with extensive solution development experience Mastwood delivers innovative technology solutions that provides business value.

3 Some of Mastwood’s Satisfied Customers Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) Grade inspection system Tempus MicrosystemsWeb design assistance and product code review Hampton AffiliatesSafety Management System West Fraser Timbre Co Ltd.Safety Management System

4 Mastwood Solutions Group - Tenets Integrate/pull information from source systems to eliminate entry where possible Enter information one-time and use it throughout the system Provide solutions that are easy to use and require little or no training Be flexible and affordable to ensure that the solution exceeds the requirement of our customers and provides business value. Build solutions that can be maintained by the customer which saves customers money and increases ownership Help solve business challenges working with our customers

5 Safety Information Management (SIM) Safety Incident Enter Incident with key information Perform Risk Rating Investigate if required Meeting Minutes Record meeting minutes online Track attendees by crew and specific employee Auto-Drive actions based on meeting Drive meetings based on common topics or themes Search minutes for keywords Safety Tours & Site Inspections Define and manage inspections Adjust inspections based on organizational focus Auto Drive Actions Employee Training & Competency (ETAC) Internal Job Posting Post for internal job Record employee job bids Record employees declined and was successful Job Training Requirements Define job training requirements Which employees are competent for which jobs Identify employees that require training before filling position Crew scheduling and availability Setup and copy crews and schedules Vacation & other time-off mgmt Employee Management Observations Grievances and Discipline management Workplace Information Gateway – Solution Overview Common WEB User Interface and Reports Electronic Communication } Email notification and escalation system Common Action Management System NOTE: Linkage available to existing payroll system that will help complete the employee file with absenteeism and other key information.

6 Benefits Improved safety performance due to better reporting and analysis Improved employee training – trained at the right time Potential reduction in WCB premiums Supervisors have complete employee picture available anytime Improved accuracy and less errors in safety and training information Company can easily demonstrate due diligence if required Supervisors can see how others have dealt with similar issues – drives consistency and standard best practices Employees can be held accountable with consistent, accurate and timely information

7 Call for information or a demo! Mastwood Solutions Group Ltd. Phone: (403) 805-5103 or (780) 933-6608 Email:

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