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2 Presented by Group 2 1Mediterasanti Anindita114080011 2Arif Pratama114080012 3Pandu Pebriatmoko114080014 4Nesya Noritasari114080017 5Vibra Cikal Fajar114080018 6Ilham Aditya114080045 7M. Haritz114080047 8Pratama Putra114080053 9Fendy Wibisono114081011 10Affan Setiawan114081017 11Melfita Andayani114081021 12Herera Fridayanti114081023 13Dwicahyo Sudibyo114081027

3 OWNER OF GREENAPPLE Personal Data Full Name:Asdianur Hadi Nick Name:Didi Place, Date of Birth:Samarinda, 24 July 1984 E-mail Address: Address : Komplek Griya Bandung Asri I Blok K No. 17 Bojongsoang Bandung West Java Indonesia Religion:Moslem Sex:Male Marital Status:Married

4 OWNER OF GREENAPPLE Educational Backgrounds 2002- March 2007 : S.T. (Sarjana Teknik) in Electronics Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom Bandung with Grade Point Average 2,84 out of 4,00 1999 - 2002: Senior high school in SMUN 1 Balikpapan 1996 - 1999: Junior high school in SLTPN 1 Balikpapan 1990 - 1996: Elementary school in SDN Muhammadiyah 2 Samarinda

5 OWNER OF GREENAPPLE Work and Business Experiences 2007 – present :Owner and Director of CV. Green Apple 2006-2007 :Owner Wedding and Catering Business 2005 : On the Job Training (Kerja Praktek) in Access Lab STT Telkom Bandung 2004 : Field Work (Gladi) in Telkom Cianjur West Java

6 OWNER OF GREENAPPLE Organizational Experiences 2008 - present : Secretary of Dewan Kemakmuran Mesjid Syamsul 'Ulum STT Telkom 2008 - present : Finance of LSM KOMPPI 2006 - 2007 : Staff of Majelis Musyawarah in SKI (Sentra Kegiatan Islam) STT Telkom 2005 - 2007 : Head of Biro Pembinaan Komisariat KAMMI Daerah Bandung 2004 - 2005 :Head of KAMMI Komisariat STT Telkom

7 Mr Didi … doesn’t like to go to campus is prefer to choose books bazaar than going to campus isn’t interested in being an IT technician

8 EXPERIENCES … Started at 2006 by Selling food in Gasibu, Bandung Handling catering & wedding business (bankrupt) Handling books bazaar

9 EXPERIENCES… Started with no funds ( Rp 0.00) Tempted to try another business (unfocussed) Had conflict with investor Had less profit Had trouble to find transportation in handling transaction Had trouble to negotiate with newbie investors

10 EXPERIENCES… First profit : Rp 600,000.00

11 Choosing to be an entrepreneur Business is hobby Being entrepreneur is more promising than any other job

12 What does he think about risk? Belief is very important to start a business Motivation and inspiration can invite bravery to face risk Business needs patient Profit is not the only one goal, but strategy to make everything’s fine is essentially needed

13 Why does he choose warnet business? To implement some knowledge gotten from ITTelkom

14 GREENAPPLE Warnet Inspired by Apple.Inc Inspired by Steve Job (owner of Apple) Green is favorite color There’re 4 branches of Greenapple around ITTelkom

15 FINANCIAL STRATEGIES… Cooperate with investors to get funds by some agreements Use share profit system with investors Sell unneeded warnet’s equipments Utilize warnet space to sell food

16 Getting success… Everybody must have a life principle. “ do anything sincerely” “Buy and sell” is the most profitable job in the world. FOCUS

17 Entrepreneurship… can’t be bequeathed but taught is self practicing is very complicated

18 You have to do everything with your heart, don’t make it as burden Just focus Have a dream


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