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Simple Format Easy to use Internet ready Visit our website at

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1 Simple Format Easy to use Internet ready Visit our website at

2 One of the biggest challenges facing industry today is keeping track of expensive assets deployed around the building, across town, across the country or across the world. Asset Tracker has been designed from the ground up to meet this challenge using a simple web browser and the internet.

3 Features “Tree Structure” of sites and assets easily displaying an asset’s current location. Store Sites and Assets as unique items. Audit logging of every movement of every asset including movement with a parent asset. Search for an item on any keyword or number. Required fields for assets can be added and removed using “Asset Forms” to tailor details for each asset type. Assemble an order using a “shopping cart” to pick items from the tree using a Barcode Scanner.

4 Features Built reporting –Item List Parent asset and all of it’s siblings –Item details List Complete Asset details description –Audit reporting Audit Trail of every move of an asset since it was “created” including a move with a parent asset.

5 Security Username/Password required for database access. SSL Encryption for complete security across the internet “just like the bank”. Server side application is compiled for fast execution speed and security

6 Technologies No “proprietary” Database or client side technologies required. Operating system independent. Bar-Code scanner and RFID scanner capability built in.

7 Program Controls View Details View Audit Trail Print Reports Search for Assets Manipulate Cart Asset Manipulation Controls Personal Settings – EG: Change Password User Account and Asset Form Management

8 New Asset Window Parent - Customize Field names - Add/modify fields - Fields can be “flag” or “Text” or “Date”. - Set as Mandatory (*) - Set Default values

9 Asset Details including Child Items

10 Sample Audit Trail

11 More Information British Columbia Sales Rene Van Montfoort – VP Sales 250.862.7832 Alberta Sales Larry Talarico – 403.650.7169 General Information

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