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Robert Thirsk High School Scholarship Information 2014/2015.

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1 Robert Thirsk High School Scholarship Information 2014/2015

2 Where can I find scholarship information?  Most scholarship programs have other criteria in addition to academic excellence  Financial need is often a criterion  Getting involved in extracurricular activities, community service, volunteer work Ask your Parents to inquire about scholarships offered by their employers (i.e. ATA has scholarships for children of teachers) Check on awards and bursaries offered by the post-secondary institution that you plan to attend. This information is readily available on the Internet at university and college websites. Check often. Check the Scholarship Binder (Student Success Centre) It will include new scholarship information!! Check VLC Students apply for most-scholarships in Grade 12. Large entrance awards for post secondary institutions are often processed in the fall. Student Loans, CBE Awards, Government Awards like the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and School based awards are processed in the Spring of the applicant’s grade 12 year. Check these websites to discover many scholarships:

3 Tips for Completing Scholarship Applications Review scholarship application forms for the criteria and information requested. Ask for help if you do not understand what is being asked. BE NEAT, and where possible, type your responses. Organize your application when presenting information. Think of appropriate categories of organization such as academic merit, leadership experience, extra-curricular commitments, personal strengths or financial need. Provide only data that is required for the application. Do not pad your form with extraneous, unrelated detail. Answer questions completely and honestly. Use dynamic and appropriate language that is clear, assertive and succinct. Arrange for final marks to be included if they are needed. Be sure you know when and to whom the completed application form should be returned.

4 Tips for Students Seeking Letters of Recommendation Give the referee all the pertinent information IN WRITING regarding the scholarship for which you are applying. Give the referee a written list of your accomplishments from which s/he may choose to improve the reference. Organize this list according to the criteria required for scholarship application. Indicate whether the referee should address the letter "To Whom It May Concern" or to a specific person. Indicate the exact address and include a stamped and addressed envelope if the referee is to mail the letter directly. DO NOT ASK FOR A REFERENCE TO BE READY THE SAME DAY. Give the referee time to do the job well – at least two weeks if possible!

5 ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD High School Achievement Scholarship Named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship recognizes and rewards exceptional academic achievement in high school and encourages students to pursue postsecondary studies Award Value - Up to $2,500 Eligibility Criteria A student must meet the required average based on five designated courses in at least one grade: Grade 10, 11 or 12. Applicants must: *be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, *be an Alberta resident - the applicant or the applicant’s parent(s) must have resided in Alberta during the qualifying grades, *have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980, *have attained an overall required average in five designated subjects in either Grade 10, 11 and/or 12 as calculated from marks on a valid Alberta Education transcript. If a student meets the required overall average for any of the above Grades, the amount of the scholarship will be calculated accordingly. *be enrolled full-time in a post-secondary or apprenticeship program. *Applications available in spring *Application deadline: May 1

6 GRADE 10 Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects - $300 Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects - $400 GRADE 11 Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects - $500 Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects - $800 GRADE 12 Average of 75.0% to 79.9% in 5 subjects - $700 Average of 80.0% or higher in 5 subjects - $1,300 One of: English 30-1, 30-2 Français 30, 30-2, and At least two of the following: Mathematics 31 Mathematics 30-1, or 30-2 Science 30 Biology 30 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2 a language other than the one used above at the Grade 12 level, and Any two courses with a minimum five credit value at the Grade 12 level (3000, 6000 or 9000 series) including those listed above and combined advanced CTS courses.

7 Education Matters EducationMatters is a charitable trust that funds innovative enhancement programs to help Calgary Board Of Education secondary students excel and enrich their learning experiences. We also manage and support student awards, scholarships and bursaries to help Calgary’s students achieve more. Steps for applying for a student award First, check both Listing of Awards spreadsheets for an overview of all our awards. FOR SYSTEM WIDE AWARDS, check the Terms of Reference for each award to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and to determine if any additional application documents are required. Reference the Award Applicant’s Handbook for tips and suggestions for successful completion of your application. Fill out the correct General Application Form: 2014 General Application #1 – May 1 Deadline 2014 General Application #2 – May 30 Deadline

8 DateSchoolWhere/When September 24SAITRTHS 9:45 – 10:35am September 28Study and Go Abroad Fair BMO at Stampede Grounds 1:00 – 5:00pm Students and parents welcome September 30 U of Alberta (International Students) RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am October 6 University of Lethbridge RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am October 8 University of Alberta RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am October 22 Post-Secondary Fair RTHS –Space 1:00 – 3:00 Students and parents welcome October 27Out of Province Fair William Aberhart HS 7:00 – 8:30pm Students and parents welcome October 29Mount Royal University RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am Post - Secondary Schools – Visits October Room 209

9 Post - Secondary Schools – Visits November Room 209 November 3 University of Victoria RTHS 3:05 pm November 6 Western University RTHS 3:05pm November 12 University of BC RTHS 3:05pm November 19 University of Saskatchewan RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am November 24University of Regina RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am November 25 ACAD RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am November 27University of Calgary RTHS 9:45 – 10:35 am What is ApplyAlberta? ApplyAlberta is an online application and transcript transfer system that anyone can use to apply to undergraduate programs at one or more of Alberta's post-secondary institutions.

10 SchoolOpen HouseApplications start ACADNov 22 and Jan 17October 1 Bow Valley CollegeOctober 18 Lethbridge CollegeOctober 4 SAITOctober 24-25October 15 Univeristy of AlbertaOctober 18October 1 University of CalgaryNovember 1Early admission: October University of LethbridgeOctober 4October 1 Check out some of the Alberta Post Secondary Open Houses….

11 Career Scene Investigation (CSI) Room 209 Tentative schedule DateTopicWhen October 1Foresty 9:45-10:35am October 16RCMP 9:45-10:35am October 28Chiropractor 9:45-10:35am November 12 Careers: Next Generation RAP 9:45-10:35am November 13Insurance 9:45-10:35am November 18Resumes 9:45-10:35am November 20Interviews 9:45-10:35am November 26Veterinarian9:45-10:35am

12 Trades Career Fair October 16 Bowness High School 6:30 – 8:30 pm Great opportunity to learn about the many trades available - talk one to one with trades. Students and parents welcome!

13 The “W” Project Wellness Talks – the first Thursday of each month during Focus October 2, 2014 Room 209 at Focus Topic: What’s With Alcohol? Sharon Cirankewitch, Youth Addictions Services

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