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United Way of Calgary & Area Annual Outcome Report Calgary Domestic Violence Collective.

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1 United Way of Calgary & Area Annual Outcome Report Calgary Domestic Violence Collective

2 CDVC has Influenced Public Attitudes The CDVC achieves our goal of a coordinated and collaborative response to domestic violence through the activities of our committees and coordinated communications. In the last fiscal year CDVC has executed the following communications initiatives with an aim to influence public attitudes: – Convened and enhanced the membership of a CDVC Communications Committee: YWCA of Calgary, Brenda Strafford Centre, Connect Family & Sexual Abuse Network, Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society, HomeFront, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, Calgary Police Service, Distress Centre, Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assault, and Alberta Health Services – Coordinated and integrated external communication mediums including: website, e-news, Facebook and Twitter – Hosted a collaborative event on November 1 st, 2012 to launch Family Violence Prevention Month in Calgary – Distributed 10 Collective press releases resulting in 26 instances of media relations

3 CDVC has Strengthened Networks of Services One of the CDVC’s purposes is to ensure a collaborative and coordinated community response to domestic violence in Calgary and Area. To this end, CDVC has executed the following initiatives with an aim to coordinating services and enhancing collaboration amongst our network of over 50 collective partners: – Coordinating the activities of and administratively supporting both the Sub- Committees of the CDVC and the Executive Committee of the CDVC – Developed a Coordinated Media Response Manual to convey CDVC key messages externally and promote the continuum of services available – Developed and executed a capacity building program for the domestic violence sector and allied sectors – Representing the CDVC and the network of services at various collaborative tables including: CACHH, Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, The United Way- led healthy relationships curriculum initiative, the Calgary Action Committee on Housing and Homelessness and Safer Calgary

4 CDVC has Informed Public Policy CDVC is a collective resource for best practices information, emerging research and trends and innovation for decision makers in Alberta. – Submitting and following up on recommendations to the Provincial Government on a plan to end domestic violence in Alberta – Mobilizing the domestic violence sector to provide input into the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative and making plans with CPRI to host a phase two consultation with the domestic violence community – Hosting a Social Policy Framework community consultation and reporting recommendation to the Province – Informing the Minister of Health on a domestic violence screening policy in Alberta Health Services that is collaborative and coordinated across the entire health continuum

5 CDVC has build Capacity in the Non- Profit Sector We achieve our capacity building objective by ensuring the following: the capacity building community is informed about current and emerging training needs and uses this information to guide the development and provision of training; quality training in domestic and sexual violence is available to the community; training for professionals and paraprofessionals is accessible, timely, responsive and relevant; and the capacity building community collaborates to develop and provide training. – Communicate existing training and capacity building opportunities in domestic and sexual violence that are available in the community via CDVC e-news, website and committee meetings – Surveyed the sexual and domestic violence sector for capacity, interest and momentum within the community for Brown Bag Lunch topic areas via a request for proposals – Coordinated and organized a Brown Bag Lunch and Learn program to build the capacity of professionals and allied professionals around domestic and sexual violence – Supported knowledge translation of emerging research and initiatives

6 Collaborative Initiatives Highlighting collaborations developed in the last year: – Communications Committee, New Members: Alberta Health Services Calgary Police Service Distress Centre Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assault Human Services, Government of Alberta

7 Collaborative Initiatives New Initiative: Ethno-Culturally Diverse Communities Committee AIDS Calgary Calgary & Area, Child & Family Services Calgary Catholic Immigration Services Calgary Chinese Community Services Association (CCCSA) Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association Calgary Police Service, Diversity Resources Unit Calgary Police Service, Domestic Conflict Unit Centre for Newcomers Chinese Community Response to Family Violence Ethno Cultural Communities Calgary Heart of the North East HomeFront Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary Immigrant Services Calgary Islamic Association of Canadian Women Jewish Family Services Calgary Kerby Rotary Shelter North of McKnight Resident Committee Renfrew Educational Services United Way of Calgary & Area YWCA of Calgary

8 CDVC Outputs Number of unique individuals served: 192 Number of contacts served: 19,843 Number of volunteers: 141 Number of volunteer hours: 6,572 The outputs mentioned demonstrate the CDVC’s collective impact. By working together, through facilitation by the CDVC, the domestic violence sector in Calgary is able to achieve our desired outcomes.

9 CDVC Outcomes OutcomeShort/mid/long term % meeting indicator 2 Policy/position papers Midterm100% Collaborative Communications Plan Long termN/A Outcome #1: 4 policy and position papers specifically targetted to government bodies to address issue of domestic violence

10 CDVC Outcomes IndicatorMeasurement Tool% meeting indicator 70% or more of collaborative members report the monthly newsletter and e- mails are useful CDVC Communications Engagement Survey 93%/71% At least two major media outlets respond to all press releases Administrative monitoring91% At least five different collaborative members were represented as CDVC spokespeople in media responses Administrative monitoring100% Coordinated media response manualAdministrative monitoring100% 70% or more of collaborative partners forward CDVC communications to coworkers CDVC Communications Engagement Survey 71% Outcome #2: Collaborative Communications Plan

11 CDVC Outcomes IndicatorMeasurement Tool% meeting indicator 70% or more of collaborative members feel CDVC meetings accomplish what is necessary for collaboration CDVC Collaboration Survey 81% 70% or more of collaborative members feel tasks are well coordinated CDVC Collaboration Survey 88% 70% or more of collaborative members feel they can achieve their goals towards a vision of ending DV better working together than alone CDVC Collaboration Survey 80% 70% or more of collaborative members feel that participation in collaboration does not hinder organizational autonomy CDVC Collaboration Survey 100% 70% or more of collaborative partners feel it is worthwhile to stay in the collaboration rather than leave CDVC Collaboration Survey 87% Outcome #3: Collaborative Plan to End Domestic Violence

12 CDVC Outcomes IndicatorMeasurement Tool% meeting indicator 70% of participant feel BBLs enhance their capacity as DV professionals/Paraprofessionals CDVC BBL Evaluation and Feedback form 83% 70% of participants feel that their knowledge of the BBL subject matter has increased as a result of attending CDVC BBL Evaluation and Feedback form 88% 70% of participants feel that they will use the knowledge gained from BBLs in their professional practice CDVC BBL Evaluation and Feedback form 75% 70% of participants identify what they learned at CDVC BBLs as best practices information CDVC BBL Evaluation and Feedback form 83% Outcome #4: Collaborative best practice training available around the issue of domestic and sexual violence

13 Onward Streamline Collaboration evaluation tool Develop a Coordinated Communications Plan that is strategic and proactive 2 policy and position papers in 2013 Increase collaboration Trial and Error Much success!

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