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Informed Planning Near Pipelines Brought to you by a Community Technical Assistance Grant from the.

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1 Informed Planning Near Pipelines Brought to you by a Community Technical Assistance Grant from the U.S. Dept of Transportation

2 Informed Planning Near Transmission Pipelines Carl Weimer Executive Director Pipeline Safety Trust & Member Whatcom County Council

3 Planning Near Transmission Pipelines Most pipelines were put in rural areas

4 But now growth is encroaching on many pipelines

5 This creates an increased risk that communities should consider when planning

6 How much risk is there? The chance of a pipeline failing in any one specific place is extremely small, so the risk is very very small But if a pipeline does fail the consequences can be catastrophic Each pipeline has different risks, and should be considered separately

7 Significant Pipeline Incidents Washington State 1999 - 2009 NameDateCountyCause Property Damage Gallons Spilled Gallons Recovered NORTHWEST PIPELINE2/26/1999SKAMANIABODY OF PIPE$4,970,414 OLYMPIC PIPE LINE6/10/1999WHATCOMOTHER$55,917,1602299509828 OLYMPIC PIPE LINE8/29/1999KINGOTHER$372,78133601764 TIDEWATER, INC7/21/2000FRANKLINCORROSION$974,400378000 TRANS MOUNTAIN PIPE LINE10/26/2000WHATCOMINCORRECT OPERATION$389,7602709026376 NORTHWEST PIPELINE4/16/2002COWLITZBODY OF PIPE$198,809 NORTHWEST PIPELINE5/1/2003PIERCEBODY OF PIPE$116,795 NORTHWEST PIPELINE5/29/2003SKAMANIAJOINT$208,127 NORTHWEST PIPELINE12/13/2003LEWISBODY OF PIPE$138,082 OLYMPIC PIPE LINE5/23/2004KINGMATERIAL / WELD FAILURES$693,8271890840 NORTHWEST PIPELINE5/24/2006LINCOLNBODY OF PIPE$159,216 EXXONMOBIL PIPELINE CO11/3/2008SPOKANEINCORRECT OPERATION$580,1703570588 NORTHWEST PIPELINE1/8/2009SNOHOMISHOTHER$128,035 Totals =$64,847,57630366039396

8 The main pipelines through the state include: The Olympic Pipe Line William’s – Northwest Pipeline TransCanada's GTN System ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Chevron Pipe Line Kinder Morgan - Trans Mountain pipeline In addition there are 11 smaller transmission pipelines operated in the state that range in length from 1 to 36 miles

9 Trans Mountain Route Crude oil pipeline from Alberta to Cherry Point and Anacortes refineries. 16-20 inch diameter 7.5 million gallons/day Operated by Kinder Morgan

10 Consequences of spills from crude oil pipelines Potential large liability to local government, businesses, property owners

11 Damage to property and expensive clean up

12 Environmental damage and drinking water contamination

13 Williams Northwest Pipeline is a 3900 mile bi- directional pipeline bringing about 1.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from Alberta and Colorado/Utah The pipeline varies from 24-36 inches in diameter

14 TransCanada’s Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) system is 612 miles long in the United States with 309 miles in Washington State. It system typically transports 2.9 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day

15 Consequences of natural gas pipeline failures Explosions & Fires Pipeline point of failure

16 Pressure Impacts

17 Olympic Pipeline Liquid products pipeline (jet fuel, gasoline, diesel) from Whatcom/Skagit refineries to SeaTac and Portland. Moves about 13 million gallons/day 16 inch diameter Operated by BP, Majority Owner Enbridge

18 The Chevron Pipeline is 157 miles long in Washington state and transports gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel

19 Conoco Phillips “Yellowstone” Pipeline is 129 miles long in Washington State and carries gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel

20 Consequences of liquid product pipeline failures Explosions and Fires

21 Soil & Groundwater Contamination

22 National Pipeline Mapping System Way for the public and local government to know about pipelines near by Pipeline GIS Layers are available: or WUTC at (360) 664-1219

23 Two ways to protect communities Protect the pipelines from damage so they stay safe Protect people near pipelines in case something happens

24 Consultation Zone A local government may determine the appropriate width of the consultation zone based on its own research and discussions with pipeline operators and other local government agencies.

25 Different types of development near pipelines

26 Stormwater detention pond with failing slope Expensive fix that could have been avoided with early communication

27 Multiple layers of bad planning

28 Pipeline right-of-ways and green space

29 Early Consultation can be a Win, Win, Win

30 Allowing space for repairs

31 Small things can make a big difference

32 The Bottom Line - Better planning can help ensure safe fuel transport and avoid tragedies

33 Please Join With 1155 North State Street, Suite 609 Bellingham, WA 98225 360-543-5686

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