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Cave Exploration And Technology By A. Ballantyne.

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1 Cave Exploration And Technology By A. Ballantyne

2 Important Caves Mammoth cave is the longest cave in the USA, with 640 Km of tunnels and passageways. Castlegaurd Cave is the longest in Canada at 20,357 Meters, it is located in Alberta. There are many caves in Canada, with most being found in BC, Alberta and Ontario

3 Exploring Caves Caves have a number of challenges associated with exploring them, everything from strange temperatures to hard-to-traverse rock formations. To explore caves, hobbyists and scientists use protective clothing, helmets, special boots and climbing equipment. People explore caves for a number of reasons, some caves may contain important geological information.

4 Underwater Caves Some caves form underwater and have special challenges associated with exploring them. Explorers must take their own oxygen with them and they must avoid the strong currents that flow through the cave.

5 Single Rope Technique The single rope technique (SRT) was developed in the 1930’s. SRT is a way of traversing vertical caves using a single rope. It was first used in 1934.

6 Responsible Caving The rules of caving (which are widely practiced) are: -Take nothing but pictures -Leave nothing but footprints -Kill nothing but time

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