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Inclusive Workplaces With Equal Opportunity.  One of the six charter members of the Canadian Federation of Business & Professional Women formed in 1930.

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1 Inclusive Workplaces With Equal Opportunity

2  One of the six charter members of the Canadian Federation of Business & Professional Women formed in 1930.  The original Calgary Club (Current Events) was formed in 1927 by Nellie McClung.  The International Federation of Clubs are established in 88 countries and holds Consultative 1 status at the United Nations.  Our members have lobbied for women’s rights at all levels.

3  To improve economic, political, employment and social conditions of women.  To encourage participation of women in government and stimulate interest in government affairs.  To work for high standard of service in business and the professions, industry and public life.  To assist women and girls to acquire education and training.

4  Scholarships ◦ Locally ◦ Globally  Mentorship ◦ Nomination for Best Practices Award at the Institute of Canadian Citizenship  Monthly dinner meetings to provide ◦ Professional & Personal Development ◦ Leadership Skills ◦ Advocacy and Awareness on women’s issues

5  Women & Politics Political landscape in Alberta  International Day of the Girl Young Women of Power Conference  Elimination of Violence against Women Blanket Drive for CWES  Calgary as Cultural Capital of Canada Female artists and artisans in December  Reaching our full potential & International Women’s Day Annual Candle lighting  Drives for business clothing and books  Adopt a Family program during the Holiday season

6  Today women in Canada on average are required to work an additional 2 ½ months into the next year to earn the same income that men earn doing the same job working just the regular 12 months of the preceding year.  March 18th, 2012 was proclaimed “Equal Pay Day” by the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women.  The Mayor of Selkirk Manitoba issued a proclamation in 2012!

7  Today marks the end of the 420 days that Canadian women must work to earn the same wage that their male counterparts earn in just 365 days.  In Canada, in 2008, women who worked full- time, full-year earned $0.71 for every $1.00 earned by men working the same period, resulting in a “wage gap” of 29 cents, which was wider for older women, for disabled women and for women of colour.

8  Despite Equal Pay and Pay Equity legislation income equity is not a reality in Canada, with women in the workforce still earning only a percentage of what their male counterparts earn – on average, less than 80%. Statscan Women's Economic Wellbeing 2011

9  Alberta (Attorney General) v. Gares (1976)  Walsh v. Mobil Oil Canada (2008)  Public Service Alliance Canada v. Canada Post Corporation (2011)  Canada v. Walden (2010)

10  Women’s lower pay results in lower: ◦ Pension Payouts ◦ Sick benefits ◦ Merit Payouts ◦ Insurance Payouts We know that today more households are headed by single women and that women live longer than men. The gender wage gap is and will continue to lead women to poverty in their retirement.

11  Women now make up almost 50% of our labour force. They play a vital role in the employment and growth of our city. Employers benefit from women’s skills and talents which in turn has an impact on our economic and social development.

12  Women represent over 50% of graduates from post secondary educational institutions. Women’s skills and competencies need to be valued especially in occupations that women predominate. Closing the gender wage gap will not only increase productivity and competitiveness, it will also attract the best and talented workers which is great for our economy.

13  There is numerous credible research and business reports that continue to build the business case for why women mean business for the 21st Century. Closing the gender wage gap will not only benefit employers and workers but will make the economy more profitable.

14  We are trending toward an extremely competitive job market in the context of a shrinking talent pool, which further suggests that the time is now to utilize all societal and economic assets and to leverage the untapped brain trust of over 50% of our workforce

15  Corporations and communities who take steps today to ensure that they are an equal opportunity employer of choice can gain valuable recognition by discerning consumers for their attention to gender equity in their workplace and business practices.  Employers need to look closely at their hiring and promotion practices as well as their employment standards and practices to actively narrow the wage gap.

16  BPW Calgary wants to encourage dialogue to raise awareness on the issue of EQUAL PAY.  To draw attention to the wage gap that exists and narrow it every year.  To educate the public on the legislation that already exists on Equal Pay and the recent cases that have ruled in favour of women who were not receiving equal pay.  To make “wages” a more acceptable subject of discussion.

17  Canada already promotes a culture where the equal treatment of women and men is not just the right thing to do – it is also good for business and the economy.  We know that the full participation of women in our enterprises and in the larger community makes sound business sense now and in the future.  That a broad concept of sustainability and corporate responsibility that embraces women’s empowerment is a key goal that will benefit us all (families, communities, and the economy).

18  Allow us to acknowledge the gap  Help us to start the conversation  Improve the support we provide to the stakeholders – employers & employees  Encourage us to explore our hiring policies  Make it possible to think about our compensation & promotion packages  Narrow the gender wage gap

19  Nov 2012 - Request for a Proclamation  Mar 2013 - Equal Pay Day Educational Campaign at Olympic Plaza  Nov 2013 - Equal Pay Day Resolution to BPW Canada  Mar 2014 – Here we are in a boardroom!  July 2014 – Convention – Vote on Resolution and onwards to the PMO




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