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Scott Clements, President & CEO FMAA Brief to NavCanada Oil Patch Group November, 2011.

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1 Scott Clements, President & CEO FMAA Brief to NavCanada Oil Patch Group November, 2011

2 We are responsible stewards of our airports, achieving superior performance in the conduct of safe, secure, effective and efficient operations. Our airport businesses contribute significantly to the economy of both the Region and the Province. Going Forward Together

3 We are Canada’s Premier Regional Airport, connecting the World to the People, Resources and Opportunities in the Wood Buffalo Region Going Forward Together

4 Board of Directors Peter Wallis - At Large – (ExDir Van Horne Institute) Interim Chair Mario Kulas – Oil Sands Development Group – (Shell – Mgr Scotford Plant) Sheldon Schroeder – Oil Sands Development Group – (VP CNRL) Jeff Fitzner – FM Chamber of Commerce – (CEO CASMAN Construction) Mildred Ralph – FM Chamber of Commerce – (SNC Lavalin, O&M Logistic Inc) Allan Kallal - RMWB –– (CFO RMWB Public School Board) Roy Williams – RMWB – (Stantec) Bernd Wehmeyer - RMWB – (Suncor – Manager Firebag Aerodrome) Ken Balkwill – CUPE – (Retired CUPE Executive/LAPP Board) Cheryl Alexander - At Large – (Consultant/Businesslady) Going Forward Together

5 Board Committee Structure Governance Committee (Standing) Peter Wallis – Chair Cheryl Alexander Ken Balkwill Finance and Audit Committee (Standing) Jeff Fitzner – Chair Mildred Ralph Allan Kallal Capital Project Committee (Special) Sheldon Shroeder – Chair Bernd Wehmeyer Mario Kulas

6 Governance Principles Act as a Governance Board Sole fiduciary responsibility to the Authority Operate within defined Board Mandate Committees do the detail work and considerations Board Meetings well planned and prepared with major issues brought through committee recommendations High expectations of Board Members (energy, participation, attendance, decorum, conflict of interest) Focus on assisting Management to achieve Business Plan Objectives Enjoy the honour and experience

7 Planning Cycle Phase I: Preparation - Input Phase II: Planning Phase III: Approval Phase IV: Communication Phase V: Ongoing Measurement July Aug-Oct November December Quarterly We are through Year One And almost done Year Two Going Forward Together

8 Key Success Drivers 1. To Optimize the Customer Experience Strategic Goals ---> Annual Corporate Objectives 2. To Lead a High Performing Airport Team Strategic Goals ---> Annual Corporate Objectives 3. To Achieve Sustainable and Profitable Growth Strategic Goals ---> Annual Corporate Objectives 4. To Foster Effective Stakeholder Relationships Strategic Goals ---> Annual Corporate Objectives Going Forward Together

9 Management Team President & CEO – Scott Clements COO – Sally Warford CFO – Ter Hamer Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary – Ron Odynski (Ogilvie LLP) Business Development – Jim Meyer (LeighFisher) Project Management – Bruce Ferguson (Stantec) Engineering – Brad Pryde (PSMI) Architects – Steve McFarlane (MGB) Real Estate Management – Ken Williamson (Colliers) Auditors – Deloitte’s Bankers – RBC Long Term Lenders – Alberta Capital Finance Authority Bond Ratings – Standard & Poors Civil Works Contractor – EConstruction ATB Contractor – Ledcor Construction Going Forward Together

10 May 13, 2011



13 2011 First Eight Months over 2010 % Change in E/D Passengers

14 Growth Projection 2010 We assume the medium scenario in our Plan Going Forward Together We assume the Medium Line = 2.5% Annual

15 Going Forward Together

16 Air Service Developments Working with Air Canada and Westjet Westjet Toronto Daily Service (Seasonal in 2011) Air Canada upgrading Toronto Service Considerations for Vancouver and International Working with Regional partners to improve services Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Fort Chipewyan, Lethbridge Saskatoon, Regina, LaRonge Kelowna, Cranbrook Building the case for international services Las Vegas, Mexico, Denver (United Airlines) Case for AIR CARGO

17 Terminal Improvements Parking – 182 news stalls Safety in the walking/parking area Food and Beverage – Subway and Delaney’s Counters – fully leased Advertising/Information Airport Team Visibility/Information Cleanliness/Disease Mitigation Security Area – Expanded hold room/customs Offices – New Administration Building Improvements to building utilities, appearance Going Forward Together

18 Airport Development Plan

19 East Boundary Road West Boundary Road


21 Major Capital Project The right plan for the future Plan approved and in implementation Funding in place from ACFA albeit large debt Two Major Contracts awarded under budget Minimal taxation Public funding grant of $25M thus far Renewed Real Estate Policy/Opportunities International Airport Potential

22 Current Terminal 2250 powered parking stalls Access Road Planned Hotel Taxi/Bus Waiting Area Aircraft Ramp Area New Terminal New Parallel Taxiway

23 Challenges and Issues World economic challenges/uncertainty Change in provincial leadership Organization Development - Board and Management Federal Taxation Issue Refinancing Opportunity Alberta Oilsands Inc (AOS) International Airport Status Air Cargo Opportunities Real Estate Opportunities Manage Fort Chip Airport Regional Air Transportation Study Provincial and Federal Funding Support The Airport Team (FlyFortMac) Union Negotiations in 2012

24 Summary – Things are going well Transition from Commission to Authority is complete Robust Strategic Plan in place YMM Passenger Traffic up – Leads the nation Significantly ahead of budget Strong Projections for Oil Sands Growth in Investment Project financing in place (ACFA) - $198M @ 4.718% over 30 years – BBB Credit Rating (S&P) Both major contracts underway with full approved scope and overall under budget – Contingencies and Escalation allocations in tact – Project ahead of schedule Municipal taxation bylaw in place and very favourable Municipal Grant of $25M approved to assist in civil works Potential for material grant assistance from Province and Feds - CRISP New Real Estate policies now in place and being implemented Airlines onside - Good potential for international service in the near term (United) Strong community support - Our Shared Bold Vision in tact and progressing well BUT............

25 Big Challenge on $$$$$$$$$

26 Proposal for Alberta Transportation Help FMAA and RMWB with the Roads West Boundary Road East Boundary Road Connections to Hwy 69 Connection to Airport Road Some improvements to roads on airport Requesting $15M in grants for the work above Could be done in phases Could be part of CRISP Phase One

27 Proposal for Alberta Infrastructure Help FMAA and RMWB with Sewage and Crown Land Fund the Airport portion of the Trunk Sewage Line Fund the Airport portion of the Water Lines Fund the Acquisition of the Crown Land for Second Runway Some infrastructure improvements on airport Requesting $20M in grants for the items above Could be done in phases Could be part of CRISP Phase One

28 Proposal for Federal Government Join the GOA, RMWB to support the special case for funding FMAA and supporting its dramatic growth Include FMAA as a designated Airport Authority under the Airport Transfer Miscellaneous Matters Act Assist FMAA to achieve international status with the facilitation of full time CBSA services Fund the extension of the main runway to 9000 feet (as was done for Prince George) Contribute to Civil Works required for the airport expansion Requesting $25M for the items above

29 Nav Canada Issues Relocated Receiver Site Relocated Weather Station Construction Coordination ILS Replacement – No back course? Space Reservation for long term in Airport Master Plan Air Transportation Study for the Region Team FlyfortMac

30 Questions

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