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Devon Multi Modal Transportation Study Final Report.

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1 Devon Multi Modal Transportation Study Final Report

2 2 Focus on Changes from the Draft Report 1.Stakeholder and Community Consultation 2.Playground and School Zones 3.Speed Limits 4.Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities 5.Crosswalks 6.Parking 7.Major Intersection Operations Presentation Outline

3 3  Open House (April 16), 25 People  Online Survey (April/May), 66 Forms  Individual Stakeholder Meetings 1.RCMP 2.Peace Officers 3.Fire Department 4.Devon Chamber of Commerce 5.Riverview School 6.Devon Christian School 7.Holy Spirit Catholic School 8.Robina Baker School 9.John Maland School 10.Handicap Person (Bill Bates) 11.Parks and Rec. Board 12.Cycling Events Organizers 13.Photo Enforcement Stakeholder Consultation The public open house was held on April 16, 2013 in the Dan Claypool Room

4 4 Stakeholder Consultation What We Heard - Highlights  Speed Concerns  Saskatchewan Avenue to RV Park  Michigan Street to Birchwood  Trail Connectivity and Trail Lighting  Lack of Westside Connectivity  Lack of Trail Lighting  Intersections Concerns  Superior Street and St. Lawrence – Traffic Congestion  HWY 60/St. Lawrence, Athabasca and Miquelon – Traffic Congestion  Miquelon Avenue and Michigan Street – Traffic Control  Athabasca Avenue and Michigan Street – Sightlines  Miquelon Avenue and Commercial Access – Traffic Congestion  Miquelon Avenue and Erie Street – Traffic Congestion & Crosswalk  Parking Concerns  Lack of Short Term Parking  Parked Cars on Superior Street  Handicap Parking Stall Widths  Bus Parking at Riverview School

5 5 Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Gil Penalosa  “Devon is good now, harder to make it great”  Pedestrians must be the priority  Need good quality for safety and for dignity  Think of an 8 year old and an 80 year old that care about. Streets must be safe for both.  Speeds – “Twenty is plenty (mph)”  The right to mobility is for all, not just people with money and with driver licences  Children streets – ½ day per week street is for kids  Need to build a network – link nicest and meaningful places

6 6 Playground and School Zones  Location A – River Drive  Playground Zone is Warranted – Based on Modified Threshold  Maintain Playground Zone Recommendation Continuity of Playground Zone For Consistency  Location B – John Maland  Playground Zone is Warranted Recommendation No Change . Location C – Robina Baker  Playground Zone and School Zone Warranted  School Zone More Suitable  Area is Community Services Oriented Recommendation Possible add tab to start at 7:30 AM or 24 hour 30 km/h zone. Town should check legality.  Location D – Riverview Middle School  School Zone is Warranted Recommendation No Change Playground ZoneSchool Zone 30 km/h – 8:30 AM to 1 Hour After Sunset 30 km/h – Times Posted, 7:30 – 4:30 in Devon

7 7 Playground and School Zones  Location E – Erie Street  Playground Zone is Warranted  Missing Crosswalk Signs Recommendation No Change  Location F – Holy Spirit (Playground)  Playground Zone is Warranted Recommendation No Change . Location G – Holy Spirit (School)  School Zone is Warranted Recommendation Extend School Zone to “F” Playground ZoneSchool Zone 30 km/h – 8:30 AM to 1 Hour After Sunset 30 km/h – Times Posted, 7:30 – 4:30 in Devon

8 8 Speed Limits Overall  Haven Avenue  Subject to Speed Complaints  Existing Playground Zone Recommendation Monitor to confirm the need for traffic calming improvements. (Enforcement, Photo Radar)  Michigan Street  Only Street Posted at 60 km/h  Speed Limit is Consistent With Function – No need to change  Perception vs. Reality  Photo Enforcement Results To Come Recommendation Speed Indicator Sign (2 – 3 weeks per year)  Saskatchewan Avenue  Golf Course/RV Park Road  Non-Local Traffic  Observed Speeding (Assumed)  Speeding Issue Confirmed By Enforcement Recommendation Speed Indicator Sign Through Summer Months and Long Weekends 

9 9 Speed Limits Reduced Speed Limits Recommendation Consider reduced speed limits in residential areas vs. commuter roadways  12 Month Pilot Project  Public Consultation – Confirm Community “Buy In”  Before and After Observations  Qualitative or Quantitative Measurements  Evaluation  Draft Policy  Small Area, Less Effort  Pilot Area #1 – Birchwood  Short Road Segments  50 km/h Travel Speed Unlikely  Highest Level of Compliance Anticipated . Pilot Area #2 – Ravine  Longer Road Segments  50 km/h More Likely  Lower Level of Compliance Anticipated  Ravine Drive – Similar Segments To Others in Devon.

10 10 Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Crossing Priority Inconsistent Crossing Control Option 1: Give Priority to Trail Users Option 2: Give Priority to Road Users Recommendation Give Priority to Trail Users

11 11 Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Westside Trail Connectivity Recommended Concept North Section (Athabaska to St. Lawrence  Superior Street Alignment Option #1: Use existing asphalt on Superior Option #2: Build on boulevard Middle Section(St. Lawrence to Miquelon)  Huron Street Alignment Option #1: Use existing asphalt on Huron Option #2: Build on boulevard/berm South Section (Miquelon to Industrial Area)  Huron Street Alignment Option #1: Build on Berm Illumination Recommendation: Install illumination on Michigan Street, Birchwood Drive to Miquelon Drive

12 12 Crosswalks  Overall  Generally Signed and Marked (Zebra) Across Main Road  Consistent With Guideline in the Pedestrian Crossing Control Manual  Vehicular Traffic Volume is Low, Signed/Marked Meets Guidelines  Erie Street and Miquelon Avenue  Highest Pedestrian Crossing Point Counted Recommendation Special Crosswalk, Overhead Flashing Lights and Signs Budget 75k  Other Considerations  John Maland School (Michigan Street and Athabasca Avenue)  Hedge on Southeast Corner Recommendation Increase No Parking to 30 m  Riverview School (Peace River Drive and Athabasca Avenue)  Crosswalk Sandwiched in Bus Parking Lane Recommendation Install Curb Extensions  Robina Baker School (Erie Street and St. Lawrence)  Parked Cars Impede Sightlines Recommendation Increase No Parking to 30 m

13 13 Crosswalks – Solar Powered  Benefits  No need for AC power  No power charges  Installation time is lowered vs powered  No power disruptions (When AC down)  Disbenefits  Solar panes require cleaning on a regular basis. Frequency dependent on weather conditions  Batteries require frequent testing  Tree trimming required to minimize shading  Possible theft  Suitable Locations Increases pedestrians crossing visibility, as needed  Brazeau Drive and Athabaska Avenue  St. Lawrence Avenue and Erie Street  Mid Block Crossings: Erie Street (North of Pipestone, Playground) Michigan Street (North of Holy Spirit School)  Use where sight lines need improvement but special crosswalk not warranted  Need more detailed study to determine need and equipment details

14 14 Downtown Parking Insert Here  Methodology  Completed Friday, May 17, 10 AM – 8 PM  Record Last 3 Digits, Every 30 Minutes  208 Total Parking Stalls  Define: Turnover, Occupancy and Duration  Busiest Area - Observations  Busiest Area = NE Portion of Athabasca  Busiest Usage = Higher Occupancy, Shorter Stays  Conclusions  Respect for Un-written Rules  Recommendations #1 Short Term: Trial 15 Minute Parking Stalls #2 Short Term: Possible Aldritt Parking Lot - Agreement #2 Long Term: Consider Back-In Angle Parking w/Bike Lanes #3 Long Term: Consider Pedestrian Free Area Busiest Area

15 15 Downtown Parking – Handicap Parking  Observations  Number of Stalls Exceed Minimum  12 Available, 5 Needed Based on Guide  All But 2 Stalls Used At Some Point  Distribution in Downtown is good  Most Stalls Non-Standard (Alberta Building Code)  Issue: Access Aisle Either Non-Existent or Narrow  Conclusions  Royal Bank Needs One More Handicap Stall  Recommendations #1 Add A Second Handicap Stall at Royal Bank #2 Bring Handicap Stalls to Standard

16 16 Other Parking  John Maland School Recommendation Convert from parallel parking to angle parking. Adds 12 stalls.  Truck Parking on Superior Street Recommendation Increase no parking areas between driveways to enhance visibility. Possibility to increase parking in the long term.  Holy Spirit Catholic School Recommendation Permit an access to for the School to increase circulation.

17 17 Major Intersection Operations Issues (Existing, Short and Medium Term)  Superior Street and St. Lawrence Recommendations: #1 Create a second westbound turning lane at Highway 60 #2 Remove obstruction in southbound right turn lane #3 Reconstruct southbound right turn curb to accommodate truck turning movements.  Athabaska Avenue and Highway 60 Recommendations #1 Install traffic signals #2 Install a southbound bypass lane for trucks.  Michigan Street and Miquelon Avenue Recommendations #1 Install four-way stop  Miquelon Avenue and Highway 60 Recommendation #1 Install second westbound turning lane  Miquelon Avenue and Commercial Driveway Recommendation Install traffic signal with 80% build out of site

18 18 Recommendation Plan Traffic Calming Features to reduce volumes through residential collectors. Options Vary:  Roundabouts, Mini-roundabouts, Raised Intersection  Michigan Street and St. Lawrence/Miquelon Avenue  Curb Extensions/Speed Humps on Michigan and Erie  St. Lawrence to Miquelon Recommendation Work with AT for Additional Highway Access at Athabasca Avenue to reduce internal congestion Highway 60/19 Realignment Long Term Impact

19 19  Several cycling events in Devon  Minor to Major Events  Recommendations  Continue the cycling events as this aligns with the Town’s branding “Bike Town Alberta”  Possible for using Superior Street as a cycling route with the installation of a multi use path Cycling Events

20 20 Questions

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