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Facts About Canada Population of 34.88 million US and Canada – we have the longest shared border in the world 90% of Canadians live within 160 kilometres.

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3 Facts About Canada Population of 34.88 million US and Canada – we have the longest shared border in the world 90% of Canadians live within 160 kilometres to the U.S. border (American translation: 100 miles). Main business province is Ontario Largest resource province is Alberta Hockey Crazy Country

4 Exports $462.9 billion Resource based economy (oil, water, lumber, fertilizers, natural gas, electricity, aluminum) Canada is the US’s largest supplier of oil at 1,938,000 barrels per day The US is our biggest trade partner China is second Canada`s Economy

5 Export other products –Motor vehicles and parts –Industrial machinery –Aircrafts –Hockey players –Celebrities Canada`s Economy

6 Strength in Canada`s Economy Weren’t affected as much by the recession Didn’t have the economic downturn due to stricter mortgage qualification requirements 10-25% down payment Income qualifications Maximum amortization period (25 years) Flexible terms

7 Canadian Banking Interest rates at historical low of 1% –Where it has been since September 2010 For the 6 th consecutive year, Moody’s ranks Canada’s banking system number one in the world for financial strength

8 Immigration Trends in Canada Over 250,000 immigrants become permanent residents in Canada each year –60% are skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs and their families Every year over 150,000 foreign workers come to Canada Immigration is boosting the housing sector

9 Permanent residents by country Immigration Trends in Canada

10 Chinese population in Canadian regions Immigration Trends in Canada

11 Business in Canada One of the most profitable places in the world for international business and direct foreign investment The best country for business in the G-20 according to Forbes Magazine’s November, 2012 study. 6 th Happiest nation in the world

12 Part of several Trade organizations; –North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) –Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) –World Trade Organization (WTO) Business in Canada

13 Real Estate in Canada A strong Spring housing market has increased Canadian residential investment Average housing price in Canada: $382,373 Dollar volume of home sales up 19% from last year National average sale price up 8.1%

14 Quebec Ontario Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia

15 Business in Quebec Over 900,000 immigrants live in Quebec –24.7% from Asia –22.1% from America Aerospace sector of Canada Home of Cirque du Soleil

16 Business in Quebec: Montreal Population: 1.65 million Average house price: $329,339 Significant sale of condos in downtown Montreal in 2012 –Many presales sell-outs Buyers’ market – slow down this year

17 Luxury Real Estate in Quebec Luxury single family homes start at $3.5 Million in Montreal –Minimum 5000 square feet Strong international influence

18 Business in Ontario Ranked top in global competitiveness, quality of life and innovation Population: 13.51 million Average housing price: $393,9804

19 According to Statistics Canada over 3.5 million immigrants live in Ontario - 41% from Asia -16% from Americas Immigrants in Ontario

20 Business in Ontario - Toronto Population: 2.615 million One of the most multicultural cities in the world Average house price: $513,246 Toronto Region Board of Trade: Canada's largest local chamber of commerce Banking and market center of Canada

21 Luxury single family homes start at $2 Million in Toronto High demand for large 8000 SF luxury homes Real Estate in Ontario Housing sales in Toronto up 16 %

22 Business in Saskatchewan Average house price: $285,147 Population: 1.09 million Strong resource economy for potash and oil Fast growing economy is attracting investment

23 Business in Alberta Strong economy and increasing revenue Canada’s largest producer of oil and gas – 6 th largest in the world World’s second largest exporter and fourth largest producer of natural gas. –In 2012, approx. 86% allocated to U.S. Population will hit 4 million this year

24 Average house price: $379,696 Total of $2.6 Billion in homes sales for July Large amount of wealth in Calgary driving luxury real estate market Luxury Homes start at $2 M Housing sales up 18 % in Calgary and 25 % in Edmonton from last year Real Estate in Alberta

25 Business in BC - Vancouver Average house price: $757,338 Most expensive city in North America Port Metro Vancouver: Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Ranked 1 st for quality of living in North America 40.4% increase in existing home sales in Vancouver

26 Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Market Lulu Lemon founder ($39M) The Mayfair ($22.8M)

27 Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Market Average starting price: $2.8 Million –Ranges from $2M - $4M depending on location –Sought after neighbourhoods: Shaughnessey, Point Grey, Kits, Kerrisdale Market influenced by foreign buyers –40% of SFH market –Chinese purchase secondary or investment properties in Vancouver Surge of buyers from the United States and Iran

28 Business in BC - Richmond 60% Asian population – largest in Canada 47% Chinese population Average price of a detached home in Richmond is $1,004,300 Very low crime rate

29 Business in BC - Whistler Tourism based economy Resort-style living attracting more long- term buyers Luxury real estate $2 M 25% international buyers

30 Canadians Buying in The U.S. According to NAR, Canada and China have been the fastest growing source of international clients for REALTORS  86% of Canadians pay cash and 14% finance 71 % of Canadian buyers purchased properties in Florida, Arizona, and California

31 Canadian Home Buyer Preference

32 Canadians Buying in US

33 What Canadian Buyers are Looking For

34 Conducting Business with Canadians Opportunity to network and establish referrals into Canada Working with agents for clients going to U.S. Network with AREAA Vancouver

35 Conducting Business with Canadians We are very polite and say “sorry” a lot We`re not all aboot igloos and dog sleds!

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