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Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures March 2015.

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1 Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures March 2015

2 AITF Story  Crown Corporation of the Provincial Government.  Formed January 1 st, 2010, when the Alberta Research Council, Alberta Ingenuity, iCORE, and NanoAlberta all came together.  Roots of AITF go back nearly 90 years.

3 Alberta Innovates  Sector focus where Alberta has a competitive advantage  Energy: oil sands, oil and gas, pipelines, tight oil & fracking  Carbon Conversion, Capture and Storage  Environmental Monitoring and Management  Industrial Sensors  Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  Sustainable Resources: agriculture and forestry  Health Research and Technologies  A provincially-funded cohesive, accessible research and innovation system  World-class research to support Alberta priorities  Coordinates and supports investments required to solve major industry challenges

4 What’s AITF?  90+ years of operational experience.  520 world-class scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians and business experts (nearly 100 employees have Ph.D.s).  1 million square feet of research space.  1,000+ industry clients annually.  $75 million generated by fee for service work annually.

5 What does AITF do?  Collaborates with technical industries to find solutions, develop products and move technologies to market.  Builds upon platform technologies to enhance the technical capacity within Alberta's high-tech companies (including nanotechnology, information communications technologies, and genomics).  Facilitates access to key partners that help support commercialization and grow new ventures.  Invests in and attracts research and entrepreneurial talent to support these priorities.

6 Operating Model Discovery/ Innovation Market Adoption Economic and Social Benefits to Alberta Basic Research Contribute to Innovation System Design Applied Research > Commercialization> In partnership with IAE, Campus AB, AI Corps, Regional Innovation Networks, etc. Platform Technologies DesignCoordinateMonitorImplement Sustainable Prosperity Grand Challenges Identify PrioritiesExecute Sector Strategies Monitor & Validate Outcomes Resource & Fund Sector Strategies

7 Grand Challenges and Platforms Nanotechnology ICTICTOmicsOmics Grand Challenge Opportunities Platform Research Support Platform Strategies

8 Regional Innovation Networks  Regional Innovation Network  Collaboration of local agencies interested in economic development through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.  Focused on:  Stimulating innovation and technology development  Technology, business, investor and training services  Networking opportunities for SMEs

9 Regional Innovation Networks Existing Networks  Grande Prairie  Edmonton  Red Deer  Calgary  Medicine Hat  Lethbridge

10 AITF Research Locations Edmonton Edmonton (C-FER Technologies) Devon Vegreville Edmonton (IST at Pylypow) Edmonton (C-FER Technologies)

11 Centres for Research and Commercialization AITF supports four centres that foster technology development and advance product commercialization.  Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products (ACAMP) Micro and nanotechnology products  Alberta Glycomics Centre - Carbohydrate-based medical therapeutics  Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning (AICML) Sophisticated data analysis  TECTERRA - Geomatics technologies  TRTECH - Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

12 Commercialization Program Regional Innovation Networks / Technology Development Advisors M icro Voucher TRL2-TRL4 0-10K for SMEs (paid to service provider, applicant must contribute 25%) Technologies in the early developmental phases E.g. Market or IP assessments, business plan development, material purchase Voucher TRL3-TRL6 10-100K for SMEs (paid to service provider, applicant must contribute 25%) Technologies in mid to late developmental stages E.g. Design, engineering, prototype development, product testing, patents Industry Associates 55K Annual Stipend and 7K Research allowance (2 year funding) Addresses the growing need for research personnel in Alberta industry Increases research and business expertise in Alberta-based companies Product Demonstration TRL7-TRL8 100-300K for SMEs (paid to service provider or applicant, the applicant must contribute 25%) Technologies in advanced stage of development E.g. Prototype demonstration, technology optimization, regulatory approval

13 Commercialization Program Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)

14 Micro-Voucher & Voucher  Assistance for the small or early stage company/entrepreneur, to get their ideas and products to market faster.  Open call for applications.  75/25 split between AITF and SME on the project cost.  On-line application

15 Micro-Voucher & Voucher  Micro-Voucher  Early stage support – (TRL2-TRL4)  AITF contribution  Market Assessments, Business Plan Development, IP Assessments, etc.  Service provider or project partner required

16 Micro-Voucher & Voucher Voucher  Mid to late stage support - (TRL3-TRL6)  AITF contribution  Design, engineering, prototype development, product testing, patent development, market assessments, etc.  Service provider or Project partner alignment

17 Product Demonstration Program  Late stage technology development - (TRL7-TRL8)  $100K - $300K  50/50 split between AITF and SME on the project cost.  Designed to showcase technology in an operational environment and may include prototype development for demonstration, applications for regulatory approval and certifications, etc.

18 Industry Commercialization Associates  Business and Management personnel  Recruit professionals for stronger commercialization effort  $55K + $7K for travel and market intelligence  SME min. contribution is $15K  2 year maximum

19 Industry r&D Associates  Research and Development personnel  Masters and PhD grads  $55K + $7K research allowance  SME contribution is $15K min.  2 year maximum

20 connectica

21 Thank You Contact information Matthew Cornall (BA. Hons) Technology Development Advisor Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN) Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) 403.342.3475 (office) 587.876.3490 (cell)

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