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Follow the ABCGA April is Safe Digging Month. Follow the ABCGA.

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1 Follow the ABCGA April is Safe Digging Month

2 Follow the ABCGA

3 Check out the new app “DIG INFO AB” Available Now!

4 Follow the ABCGA Background Under both the rural and urban land of Alberta lies an extensive infrastructure of pipes and cables Today’s society depends heavily on the safe operation of all buried facilities, which are estimated to span more than 1,500,000 km in Alberta, including 400,000 km of high pressure pipelines

5 Follow the ABCGA Background These many facilities include: communications electrical infrastructure gas distribution water sewer storm drainage transmission pipelines oil and gas production lines

6 Follow the ABCGA What can you do? As a contractor, homeowner, or landowner, you can save time and money while keeping yourself, your community and your province safe by following a few simple rules:

7 Follow the ABCGA Click Before You Dig Failure to Click Before You Dig is the most frequent cause of damage to infrastructureClick Whatever the project may be, plan ahead and utilize the free service offered by Alberta One-Call Do your Part: Dig with C.A.R.E.

8 Follow the ABCGA Planting a tree, putting up a fence, or installing a mailbox? 1.Visit or the new app at “DIG INFO AB” at least 2 working days before you plan to disturb the 2.Alberta One-Call will notify buried facility operators who will then send a representative to mark their facilities 3.You can safely dig!

9 Follow the ABCGA Key Messages: Plan Ahead Contact Alberta One-Call at least two working days prior to any ground disturbance Allow time for buried facilities to be located Respect the locate marks Follow facility owner instructions to hand expose any conflicting buried facilities before using mechanical excavation equipment near them Report any damage caused or found to the facility owner DIG WITH C.A.R.E.!

10 Follow the ABCGA Benefits of Clicking/Tap over Calling Before You Dig Available 24 hours No waiting on hold You can include a map of the exact location of where you need the locates In Case of Emergency or if you do not have access to a computer you can call 1-800-242-3447

11 Check out the nationwide portal 1.Click on any province 2.Book your locate

12 Follow the ABCGA As April is the traditional start-up of the annual digging season the ABCGA declares: Remember: We are all responsible for preventing damage to Alberta infrastructure all of the time. April is Safe Digging Month Please dig with C.A.R.E!

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