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Connecting Leaders in Technology and Healthcare October 10 th, 2006 Geneva, Switzerland EuroRec 2006 Expectations from the Process of EHRs Quality Labelling.

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1 Connecting Leaders in Technology and Healthcare October 10 th, 2006 Geneva, Switzerland EuroRec 2006 Expectations from the Process of EHRs Quality Labelling and Certification

2 Dennis Niebergal President & CEO, CLINICARE Corporation Dennis Niebergal President & CEO, CLINICARE Corporation

3 Dennis P Niebergal Secretary, CHITTA Board Vice-Chair, CHITTA Standards & Interoperability (SIC) Committee Share our Experience as a vendor and a CHITTA member

4 MISSION - The mission statement focuses on building a sustainable, responsible industry “CHITTA, the voice of the Canadian Healthcare Information and Communications Technology industry, promotes a cohesive, sustainable and responsible community, that facilitates the transformation of healthcare through the deployment of world-class, innovative solutions within Canada and abroad.” CHITTA mission, updated April 2006 “Companies” - Software, Hardware, Telco, Services, etc CHITTA started 2002

5 ESTABLISHING STRUCTURE – Committees reflect CHITTA’s priorities; while Working Groups facilitate focused work effort CHITTA Board Standards and Interoperability Committee Physician Office Systems (POS) Working Group Privacy in Health Working Group Lab Information Systems Working Group Advocacy Committee Development Committee CHITTA Awards Programme Working Group Industry Catalogue Working Group Conferences and Trade Shows Working Group Alliances Working Group CHITTA/ITAC Integration Committee

6 10 Provinces and 3 Territories

7 CHITTA’s POS Working Group(s) PURPOSE To position CHITTA members to have an industry voice in provincial initiatives; and to encourage national participation in EHR-based activities The Provincial Committees is co-chaired by POS Vendors Has a membership of over 20 POS vendors out of 40 POS Vendors from across Canada. Over 150 CHITTA members. “I am delighted at the establishment of CHITTA. CHITTA allows us to work proactively, with the vendor community on issues of mutual concern. While recognizing that clients and vendors respond to different drivers, CHITTA enables us to work efficiently and constructively with vendors, benefiting from their experience and expertise in developing policy or solutions to system-wide concerns. CHITTA's involvement in the POSP/VCUR process has been instrumental in making the process participative and transparent.” Mary Gibson, Alberta POSP Program Director

8 A case study: POS in Alberta

9 Vendors were actively engaged in Alberta’s next generation approach to POS Reached an agreement to be the official channel for communications for the Alberta POSP/VCUR process; CHITTA members were voting members on the Task Force and Work Groups They played a key role in defining the Report’s requirements and the scheduling of their implementation This phase of CHITTA’s participation was concluded with a joint Information session held in Calgary, May 8 th, 2003 attended by 64 representatives of the vendor and government stakeholders …and heralded the transition of CHITTA’s role to facilitate broad vendor involvement in Alberta’s EHR Rollout strategy

10 The Alberta Collaboration Experience V Vendor Conformance & Usability Requirements Vendors are an equal stakeholder in helping to define the Physician Office System (POS) and Conformance Testing Process. CCHIT – Alberta POS VCUR ?

11 VCUR 2005 overview A Joint Initiative Alberta Health & Wellness – Alberta Medical Association – Alberta’s Regional Health Authorities V Vendor Conformance & Usability Requirements

12 Background  POSP developed VCUR through collaboration with major stakeholders:  physicians  clinic (Medical Group) managers  vendors (through Canadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association “CHITTA”)  regional health authorities  Alberta Provincial Government - Health and Wellness  VCUR 2004  published April 2003  came into force April 1, 2004  first VCUR Product List published first week April, 2004 Page 12

13 The Alberta Collaboration Experience Vendor Conformance & Usability Requirements POSP/VCUR Work Group 1 Technical, Privacy and Security Requirements Jody Bevan, Jonoke Jim Duggan, TELUS V POSP/VCUR Work Group 2 Functionality and Usability Requirements Dennis Niebergal, CLINICARE Vic Toews, RISE HealthWare CHITTA POS Working Group Chair, Dennis Niebergal

14 Vendor Conformance and Usability Requirements (VCUR)  VCUR (conformance tested vendors) List published April 1, 2004 Money only available for Alberta Physicians using VCUR approved vendors. - $651. per Physician per Month  2 nd VCUR (VCUR-2) finalized jointly with CHITTA POS members December, 2005. Conformance tested vendors published April 1 st, 2006 Money only available for Alberta Physicians using VCUR-2 approved vendors

15 The Alberta Collaboration Experience  CHITTA’s role has been extended to include other segments of the Vendor Community:  Vendors serving the Regional Health Authorities  Retail Pharmacy Vendors  To work in with Alberta WellNet and POSP to effect direct vendor participation in  The provincial EHR roll out strategy and its implementation  The setting of messaging standards  The establishment of conformance testing criteria and methodology

16  The primary responsibility of the working group is to work in collaboration and partnership with Alberta WellNet and POSP to facilitate the achievement of the roll-out of the provincial EHR/EMR strategy; specifically  The Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN)  The Provincial Personal Health Identifier (PPHI)  Laboratory test results history and delivery (EDI)  POS EMR functionality and usability (VCUR)  For POS vendors to pass conformance testing, they are required to get certified with Alberta WellNet for System-to-System (S2S) integration with the Provincial EHR/EMR CHITTA’s Alberta EHR Conformance “Testing” Working Group

17  The Working Group is led by two co-chairs, which consist of representatives of CHITTA members whose firms are actively involved in the Alberta marketplace, including, but not limited to:  Physician Office Vendors (POS)  Regional Health Authority Vendors  Retail and RHA Pharmacy Information Systems Vendors  Laboratory Information Systems Vendors  Open communication and information exchange will be maintained in a forthright manner for CHITTA and non-CHITTA vendors.  3 CHITTA member’s employees seconded to WellNet for System-to- System (S2S) Integration  CLINICARE Corporation  RISE Healthware Inc.  Ware Solutions

18 10 Provinces and 3 Territories

19 Related initiatives in other Canadian provinces  Ontario CHITTA Ontario POS working group working together with OntarioMD to jointly develop the next version of Physician Office systems EMR / PMA specifications  BC Physician Office IT (PITO) using Alberta’s VCUR-2 as part of their Standing Offer RFP  Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Health agrees that Alberta Collaboration is a better process and involving the vendors as an equal stakeholder means more chance for success of implementing IT initiatives.

20 BC is leveraging Alberta’s process Requirements Working Group Small group MD Req’s Review PITO Clinical Advisory Team Req’s Review Well-tested EMR requirements source materials (SPEED sub-group ) (MDs, MOAs, nurses) PITO CAT Vendor User Demonstrations PITO SC Approval, RFP Process, & Submission Evaluation Final Scoring & PITO SC Approval PITO Vendor List (gathers existing sources, removes duplicates, addresses gaps, and places in PITO requirements template. (1 MD, 2 analysts) V Vendor Conformance & Usability Requirements

21 Steven Huesing, President CHITTA, the Health Division of ITAC Dave Wattling, Chairman Dennis Niebergal, Secretary OFFICES 5782 – 172 Street2800 Skymark Avenue. Suite 402 Edmonton, AB, T6M 1B4Mississauga, ON L4W 5A6 780.489.4574905.602.8345

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