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Suits Associates International. A study to determine the feasibility of opium production in Southern Alberta, for pharmaceutical use.

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1 Suits Associates International


3 A study to determine the feasibility of opium production in Southern Alberta, for pharmaceutical use.

4 Agenda Literature Review Research Question Hypothesis Research Objectives Research Methods Strategy and Philosophy Setting and Sample Data Collection Research Ethics Issues Incentives Time Scale and Resources What Lies Ahead…?

5 Background: Literature Sources Deductive Approach to Research Secondary Literature Sources: Magazines and News Reports Business Week Alberta Venture CBC

6 Market for Medicinal Poppies $7.4 of poppy-related pharmaceutical products imported last year Canada imports $100 Million in opium annually For use in pharmaceutical drugs, ex. morphine and codeine Canada is the largest per capita consumer of codeine in the world

7 Dollars and Sense Poppies will pay more than any other crop Up to $6000/hectare Compared to $2000/hectare for Wheat API Labs Inc. $40 million pharmaceutical plant near Lethbridge 150 new jobs $300 million injected annually into the local economy

8 Political Issues: International International Law: Twenty countries allowed to grow opium poppies  Canada: All parts of the poppy are illegal, except for the seeds  Only G8 country that can claim this

9 Political Issues: Infrastructure Bob Tarlick: “We don’t want bikers running this” Afghanistan: 92% of world opium supply Warlords, corruption and illegal drugs Canada: Has the infrastructure Steven Harper’s $64 million stance Biggest hurdle: Health Canada

10 Political Issues…? Largely disappear if there are no illegal uses for these poppies Peter Facchini Scientist and acclaimed U of C professor Working on genetically modified poppies No illegal implications Still useful for medicinal purposes

11 Research Question: Research Question: Will public opinion and legalities permanently hinder bringing poppies to Southern Alberta? Hypothesis: Hypothesis: Huge financial gains, a strong infrastructure and genetically modified plants will make poppy-growing a reality.

12 Research Objectives 1. Determine support or opposition at various political levels 2. Determine public opinion 3. Determine the progress of scientific advances relating to this topic

13 Research Strategy Compile Primary Data for Canada Mixed-Method Approach Mixed-Method Approach Quantitative Telephone Survey Qualitative Personal Interviews

14 Research Philosophy Functional Positivism Functional Positivism Independent third-party research firm Problem-orientated approach Seeking rational solutions through operational recommendations 5P’s Principle 5P’s Principle Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

15 Methodology Quantitative: Telephone Survey Random and Representative Knowledge Gaps Objective CATI Software Variable Testing

16 Methodology Data Collection Test, Re-Test, Re-view Survey execution Demographics Researcher Experience Cross-sectional Sample Size 95% Confidence Level, 4.0% Sampling Error Contact 1,250 phone numbers

17 How far-reaching are the impacts? Greatest impact closest to production region Influential power of this region Regional Considerations

18 Qualitative: Personal Interviews Stakeholder Analysis - SWOT Avoid duplication Exploratory Research Officials & Influential Persons Provincial Legislators, Local Government, University Professors, Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Stakeholder Groups Methodology

19 Data Collection Effectiveness depends on QUALITY of questions asked! Utilize public opinion survey data to formulate more questions Full disclosure Convenience of interviewee Digital recording Transcribing service

20 Sample Provincial Legislators Ed Stelmach Dave Hancock Rick Casson Local Legislators Bob Tarlek Alderpersons Municipal Authorities

21 Sample University Professors Dr. Peter Fachinni Dr. Danny Le Roy Law Enforcement RCMP D.A.R.E. Other Stakeholders Glen Metzler Carol Harrington

22 Leading questions, Attempts made to persuade participants, Misreporting of information, Not disclosing your identity, Manipulation during interviews Ethical Issues

23 Ethical Practices Research-Board Approval Will never be deceived Confidentiality is assured Data used properly Interviews and survey questions are not stressful

24 Ethical Practices Personal Interviews The interviewees In the public eye Consent form Participant Rights

25 Financial Inducements 5 Calgary Flames ticket packages 2 tickets, Accommodation, $100 certificate

26 Activity JanuaryJanuary FebuaruyFebuaruy MarchMarch Apr ilApr il MayMay JuneJune JulyJuly AugustAugust Week number123456789 10101 1212 1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 1818 1919 2020 21212 2323 2424 2525 2626 2727 2828 2929 3030 3131 32323 3434 3535 1 Holiday 2 Read additional literature 3 Stakeholder analisis 4 Finalise objectives 5 Draft literature review 6 Confirm research methods 7 Draft research methods 8 Review telephone survey 9 Run piolet test for survey 10 Revise survey if needed 11 Administer telephone survey 12 Enter data into computer 13 Analise the data 14 Contact interview participants 15 Review intervew questions 16 Pilot test and revise questions 17 Conduct intervies 18 Enter data into computer 19 Analise data 20 Draft findings chapter 21 Read new opium developments 22 Complete remaining chapters 23 Make last minute changes 24 Print and bind report 25 Submit feasibility report

27 Total ranging from $65,000 to $100,000 Preparation, Testing, Analysis Telephone Interviews Personal Interviews Possibilities for joint investment: Corporate farms, Investors, and Pharmaceuticals Time Scale and Resources

28 Discussion

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