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Focus 3 Leadership Development Emerging Phase Leaders Training Logistics and Curriculum Overview.

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1 Focus 3 Leadership Development Emerging Phase Leaders Training Logistics and Curriculum Overview

2 Where Are We Going?… Purpose… –To discuss curriculum and logistical considerations relevant to the emerging phase of the Focus 3 Leadership Development Alberta Objectives… –To consider leadership developmental issues for the emerging phase. –To provide an overview of the emerging phase curriculum. –To discuss logistics related to local church implementation.

3 Agenda Introductions & expectations Considerations for developing EM leaders Learning from those who have finished well General processes for EM curriculum EM phase curricular overview Logistical considerations

4 A Christian leader… …is a person with a God-given capacity and responsibility who is influencing a specific group of people toward God’s purposes for the group. J. Robert Clinton

5 Christian leadership development… …invites us to pay attention to that which God desires to do uniquely in and through persons in the service of leadership… Eph 2:10.

6 A Leadership Center… Seeks to foster a life-long approach to the identification and development of Christian leaders, through networking local churches with leadership educational resources, in order to empower men and women committed to God’s redemptive purposes through the service of leadership…Hebrews 13:7-8.

7 Focus 3 Leadership Development …was established by the Alberta Association, in order to provide intentional and purposive leadership development for the churches of the Alberta Association.

8 Shepherds or Strangers… –John 10:1-5 Particularization of Persons… –Will slow down the RPM Unleashing of Movements… –Ephesians 2:10 Experience a paradigm shift… –Move from leading to developing leaders Utilizing a relational methodology… –Invitation to mentor and be mentored.

9 Clearing or appreciating the land… –What we need is already here. Igniting a fuse… –Things may change in unexpected places.

10 Learning From Those Who Finished Well…

11 7 Lessons… They maintained a learning posture throughout life. They valued spiritual authority as a primary power base of leadership. They recognized leadership selection and development as priority functions They developed a dynamic and focused way of exercising their leadership.

12 They grew in awareness of a personal sense of destiny. They perceived ministry in terms of a life- time perspective. They prioritized mentoring relationships for themselves and others.

13 6 Barriers… Financial impropriety… Inordinate pride… Abuse of power… Sexual issues… Family issues… Plateaued development…

14 General Processes for Emerging Phase Curriculum…

15 Instructional Sessions… Focuses on character formation Dual purposes of teaching and processing Cognitive, affective and behavioral domains Prep time of up two hours Allows for contextual adaptation Leader version, student wrkbk, power-point Weekly, formal, eight to ten weeks

16 Mentoring Relationships… Allows space for processing and integration Focuses on themes of particular stage Coordinated by Mentor coordinator Bottom-up recruitment of mentors Initial and in-service mentoring training Frequency of every other week Stay tuned for T3

17 Ministry Experiences… Dual purposes of motivation and education Cementing through community learning Synchronized with themes of stage Participate in God’s mission, motivation… Value clarification, discovery of calling… Development of skills, clarify direction… Two together…two apart…

18 Team Building Events… Integration of uniqueness and community Discovery of team effectiveness Discovery of Body parts Provide epic markers Expose strengths and weaknesses Cannot do it alone…I need another Two together…two apart

19 Working Together & Apart… Affirm and recognize a work of God Fosters synergy among Alberta churches A means to swap stories Development of people resources Seize unique “aha” moments Via experience & team building events Via Kick-Off & Graduation

20 Emerging Phase Curricular Overview…

21 Focus 3 Emerging Phase Framework ‘Party Time” High Adventure Graduation* June 28 th Team Work Project Spiritual Formation Retreat* Team Building Leadership Assessment Workshop* Spiritual Mentoring Seminar* Leadership Tour Mission Plunge Experiences Contemporary Model Mentoring Spiritual Mentoring Spiritual Mentoring Disciple Mentoring Stage 4 Functional Foundations of Leadership May – June Stage 3 Relational Foundations of Leadership Feb – April Stage 2 Personal Foundations of Leadership Dec – Feb Stage 1 Biblical Foundations of Leadership Sept – Nov Instruction

22 Stage 1: Biblical Foundations of Leadership Mid Sept – Mid Nov …(up to 10 weeks)‏ Instructional Sessions… Mentoring…disciple mentoring Experience…mission plunge Team Building…spiritual formation retreat* Resources… –Leadership Bible, Journal, Workbook

23 Stage 2: Personal Foundations of Leadership Late Nov – Feb …(10 weeks)‏ Instructional Sessions… Mentoring…spiritual mentoring Experience…leadership tour Team Building…’Party Time’ Resources… –Starting Well, Journal, Workbook –The Making of a Leader

24 Stage 3: Relational Foundations of Leadership… Feb – April …(10 weeks)‏ Instructional Sessions… Mentoring…spiritual mentoring Experience…spiritual mentoring seminar* Team Building…team work project Resources… –Connecting, Journal, Workbook –Spiritual Mentoring

25 Stage 4: Functional Foundations of Leadership… May – June…(8 weeks)‏ Instructional Sessions… Mentoring…contemporary model Experience…leadership assessment wksp* Team Building…High Adventure Camp* Resources… –Leadership Challenge, Journal, Workbook

26 Logistical Considerations…

27 Clarification of Roles… Emerging Phase Time-Line… Creating Ownership… Anticipating Change… Recruit a Local Church Team…(14-16)‏ Recruit Emerging Leaders…(17-21)‏ Type, Size, and Time…

28 More Logistical Considerations… Training Considerations… Material Considerations… Promotion and Communication… Funding Considerations… Instructional Session Format… Kick-Off and Graduation… Feedback and Evaluation…

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