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Building a Portal for Seniors’ Falls Prevention : The Alberta Experience Lynda McPhee Education Coordinator, ACICR 780-492-9768.

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1 Building a Portal for Seniors’ Falls Prevention : The Alberta Experience Lynda McPhee Education Coordinator, ACICR 780-492-9768

2 Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research Vision: an injury-free Alberta in which to live, work, and play Mission: to reduce the societal and economic burden of injuries in Alberta by building partnerships, promoting effective strategies and sharing knowledge

3 3

4 The Beginning…. On Solid Ground Falls Prevention Conference 2006 Establishment of the Alberta Seniors’ Falls Prevention Network 2007

5 Alberta Seniors’ Falls Prevention Network = Information Sharing Falls resources Alberta update Upcoming events/educational opportunities From the literature Members’ corner Teleconferences


7 Prevention (Community) Prevention (Acute) Prevention (Residential Care) Prevention (Home Care) Prevention (General) Staff Capacity Building Exercises Medication Health Management Risk Assessment Tools Risk Factors Miscellaneous What’s in the Literature?

8 Falls Data and Resources

9 Promotion of the Network Word of Mouth Education sessions CFPC Finding Balance

10 Membership Work Setting November 2007 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Acute Care Continuing Care Rehabilitation Injury Prevention Health Promotion Other

11 Membership Work Setting September 2009

12 Membership Survey September 2009



15 Overall, how would you rate the usefulness of the Alberta Seniors' Falls Prevention Network? 0.0% 5.4% 51.8% 42.9% PoorFairGoodExcellent Membership Survey September 2009

16 ‘Ideal’ Alberta Network Overarching framework /Clearinghouse/ Information Bank for communication, resources, standardized tools, educational materials, consistent messaging, best practice Public Awareness / Social Marketing campaign Central website for public and professionals Advocacy / Lobby for project dollars

17 Lessons Learned/Future Direction Continue to grow the membership Develop closer relationships with champions/professional associations Enhance two way exchange of information Face to face meeting/planning sessions Explore establishment of communities of practice Support the development of a provincial falls prevention strategy


19 Partnership Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research Alberta Medical Association Alberta Health and Wellness Additional sponsors Alberta Physiotherapy Association Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association Alberta Blue Cross Canadian Patient Safety College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Albertan CARNA Global TV McCallum Printing Group

20 Advisory Committee Representatives from 9 former Health Regions AB Pharmacists’ Association AB College of Physiotherapists College & Association of RN of Alberta AB Centre for Active Living AB College of Occupational Therapists AB Therapeutic Recreation Association 20 AB Chapter Dietitians of Canada Osteoporosis Centres and AB Chapter Seniors/ Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton Health Link Alberta Primary Care Networks AB Seniors and Community Supports AB Fitness Leaders

21 Campaign values Multiyear campaign Evidence-based consistent messaging Connect seniors to local supports/programs Stakeholder support and participation Evaluation

22 Campaign elements Strategic provincial communications plan Proclamation of Seniors ’ Falls Prevention Month Purchased and earned media Information posters and flyers Campaign website Local Communications Support Spokespeople Presentations Displays

23 Key messages

24 New message

25 Website

26 InformAlberta

27 Practitioner page Finding Balance Falls Prevention Network Finding Balance Tool Kit Resources – campaign and falls Sample proclamations Falls prevention articles Media relations Local activities/Setting up a display Presentations Practitioner Algorithms Algorithm for Primary Care Physicians Multidisciplinary Algorithm

28 Algorithm




32 Campaign Results 2010 An increase in: proportion of seniors recalling the campaign was about the prevention of falls (39% in 2010 vs.16% 2009) proportion of seniors who are concerned (55% in 2010 vs. 45% in 2008) or very concerned (27% in 2010 vs. 17% in 2008) about having a fall Seniors still more concerned about friend or family member having a bad fall instead of themselves having a bad fall (74% vs. 55%)

33 Campaign Results 2010 An increase in: those reported the leading cause of injury hospitalizations was due to falls (59% in 2010 vs. 44% in 2008) those that reported they are currently taking measures to prevent falls (72% in 2010 vs. 54% in 2008) those reporting ‘keep active’ as a key way to reduce the risk of falls (29% in 2010 vs.17% in 2008) those reporting they review their medications annually (72% in 2010 vs. 59% in 2008)

34 Campaign results 2010 Municipal proclamations 156 communities (138 communities in 2009) Earned media stories 31 stories (75 stories in 2009) Bought media $2.54 for every dollar spent ($2.05 in 2009) Website 982 visits, 2:46 average time (1104 visits, 2:52 time)

35 Lessons Learned /Future Directions Partnership with AMA strengthened profile and credibility Timing was right Can’t control the media and uptake Ongoing relationship building and new partnerships Sponsorship Telephone vs. Online survey Expand outside Alberta

36 Community Injury Control Fund Projects Coordinated by ACICR Grants from $4000 - $15,000 Funded 34 falls prevention programs Preventing Falls Through Physical Activity: A Guide for People Working with Older Adults A Million Messages Pre-Hospital Management of the Senior Falls Patient

37 37

38 38

39 39

40 40 A Million Messages

41 41 A Million Messages

42 EMS Falls Prevention Project Goal = increase seniors’ access and utilization of existing fall prevention programs/resources Establish a referral network that would accept referrals from paramedics Identify ‘at-risk’ fallers using a standardized process Refer seniors who are at risk of a fall or who had fallen 42

43 “It takes a village of stakeholders working together to prevent falls and fall risk, tasks that no one stakeholder can accomplish alone.” Ganz, Alkema & Wu, 2008 43

44 44 Questions??

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