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So you’re the ATA School Representative… Now what?!

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1 So you’re the ATA School Representative… Now what?!

2 First things first: THANK YOU for taking on this role! You---the School Representative---are a valuable link between the Alberta Teachers’ Association and its members.

3 Ensure that the full complement of reps is elected at the beginning of the school year (1 ATA local school rep for every 10 teachers ---or fraction thereof---on staff) Attend all local Council of School Reps (CSR) meetings (usually the 3 rd Tuesday of each month) Report to teaching staff at staff meetings (on CSR activities, issues discussed, decisions taken) Role of the School Representative

4 School Rep’s roles- continued Receive reaction and proposals from teachers and communicate these to local executive or Council  Display ATA information in staff room  Conduct Local elections in the proper manner and ensure that ballots be returned to local office on time  Inform the Local of concerns in interpretation, application or violation of the collective agreement

5 Good communication is the key  Encourage teachers to visit the local website for information, important dates, contests, and more!  Set up an ATA space in your staffroom and post the important contact information as well as any ATA posters, mail-outs, “Local News,” announcements  If one of your teaching colleagues needs professional advice, have them call the local office (780) 451-1196 or the provincial Association (780) 447-9400.

6 Edmonton Catholic Teachers Local 54 of the Alberta Teachers’ Association Suite 402 Barnett House 11010-142 Street Edmonton 780 451-1196 Greg Carabine, President Kathy MacIsaac, Executive Director Victoria Matheson, Admin Coordinator “ WHO’S WHO in 402? ”

7 When to Contact your President Talk to Greg Carabine about such things as: Government Initiatives School Board Initiatives School Board Policies You can call Greg at the office in the afternoons or follow him Gregory Carabine on Facebook or on Twitter @ GCarabine

8 Kathy MacIsaac 780 451-1196 Member concerns Collective Agreement concerns - Instructional time/assignable time - Pay and Benefits - Working Conditions - Leaves of absence: sick leave, maternity leave, personal leaves of absence For info on committee work or how to get involved in the activities of Local 54! When to Contact your Executive Director

9 When to contact the Office Manager Victoria Matheson 780 451 1196  To submit your form for PD grants  To access your teaching certificate number  For information about local events, including meeting dates and times  To register for sessions like New Teacher Mentorship, Maternity Leave Info, Retirement Planning, etc.

10 Your ect Executive 2014-15  Greg Carabine: President  Suzanne Rosko: Past President  Darrin Bauer: Vice President-Communications  Jonathan Sharek: Vice President-Finance  Natalie Burns: Governance  Janet Davies-Davis: GETCA  Chris Ferguson: Communications  Cathy Mrowka: Social Justice  Sandra Haltiner: Member Services  Mary D’Andrea: Substitute Teachers  Pina Hackman: Professional Development  Wayne Prokopiw: Teacher Welfare

11 Program areas: Government – Communications, Operations Member Services (collegial relationship concerns, teacher evaluation) Teacher Welfare (collective agreement, bargaining) Professional Development – includes Teacher Qualifications Service “The Big A” Alberta Teachers’ Association Barnett House, Edmonton 780 447 9400 President: Carol Henderson

12 Who Should Apply to Teacher Qualification Services? Beginning teachers and teachers new to Alberta. Teachers who have upgraded their university/college education. Teachers who want advice on what additional courses or programs they might take to improve their placement on the salary grid. NOTE: Teachers who are not clear about how their educational qualifications were assessed or who disagree with an assessment they have received can ask for a reassessment or appeal their TQS evaluation to the Teacher Qualification Committee. Teacher Qualification Services (TQS)

13 Markiana Cyncar-Hryschuk Christine Harris Quintin Yardley YOUR DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES (DRs)

14 Set up the ATA space. (if you haven’t already) Talk to your admin to request to be put on the agenda at staff meetings. Remind teachers to create or update their TNET accounts. Collect the personal email addresses of those teachers who have not yet provided them to the local. Remind teachers to sign up for their annual automatic Specialist Council membership. (It’s free!) What do I do first?

15 School Rep Key Contact presentation 2011 Remind teachers that the collective agreement and the most current salary grid are available on the local website

16 Sign in when you arrive. We use this information to verify your attendance for PD grant eligibility. If you attend 5 or more meetings, you will receive $200 for PD purposes. Make sure you bring your information package (the agenda and reports sent to you the Friday before the meeting) and/or laptop, iPad, etc Take notes that are relevant to your staff and all members of the Local. Minimize table conversation. Do’s & Don’ts at Council Meetings

17 Do’s and don’ts (continued)  During Question Period, please make sure that your question is phrased as a question, rather than a comment. If you want to make sure that your question can be answered at that Council meeting, email it to Kathy or Greg the day before the meeting.  Remember – you must still be in attendance at the end of the meeting to win one of our fabulous door prizes!

18 Have a great year!!

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