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APEGA Sidney Manning Chief Administrator/Inspector Plumbing & Gas.

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1 APEGA Sidney Manning Chief Administrator/Inspector Plumbing & Gas

2 Topics Legislation/ SCA Standata & Variances CSA-B149’s 2010 Concerns

3 Acts & Regulations  Safety Codes Act (Chapter S-1) Gas Code Regulation (AR111/2010) Adopts CSA gas codes with Alberta amendments  Permit Regulation (AR204/2007)  Administrative Items Regulation (AR16/2011)  Exemption Regulation (AR351/2003)

4 New Gas Codes –2010  CAN/CSA-B149.1-2010  CAN/CSA-B149.2-2010  CAN/CSA-B149.3-2010 (by reference)  CAN/CSA-B149.5-2010 CSA publications available January 4, 2010 Adopted September 1, 2010

5 Authority Having Jurisdiction  360 Number of Municipalities in Alberta Accredited Municipalities by discipline Building Electrical Fire Plumbing/Gas 273252 263 252  Unaccredited Municipalities fall under the jurisdiction of Municipal Affairs,  permit services are provided by contracted to “Accredited Agencies”.

6 Tank Heater

7 CSA-B149.1-10 1. Scope 1.2 This Code does not apply to (b) gas where used as a feedstock in petroleum refineries or chemical plants; (c) utility pipeline distribution and transmission pipelines;

8 CSA B149.1-10 4.2 Approval of appliances, accessories, components, equipment, and material 4.2.3 The approval of the assembly of construction of an appliance is subject to the authority having jurisdiction. ( CSA B149.3 contains provisions for the assembly and construction of appliances.)

9 Applicable Legislation  Current legislation does not contain exemptions from the requirements for any structure based on its occupancy, industrial application or specific industry where “gas” is to be used for fuel purposes  All Pressures  All volumes

10 Gas Code Regulation Gas Systems Equipment 3(1) No person may manufacture, install, sell or offer for sale any equipment related to gas systems for use in Alberta unless it has been:

11 Gas Code Regulation Gas Systems Equipment 3(1) (a) tested and certified by a Certification Body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, or

12 Gas Code Gas Code Regulation Gas Systems Equipment 3(1) (b ) inspected and accepted by a certification/Inspection body accredited by the Standards C ouncil of Canada, and the equipment bears evidence of having been accepted in the manner authorized by the certification body (See Standata #G-02-01a-IB)

13 Third Option – Variance VAR-GAS-01-13 This variance applies to uncertified gas-fired equipment used for process applications in petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants and upstream oil and gas sites only.

14 CAN/CSA-B149.3  Gas Installation work is to be performed by a licensed gasfitter or under the supervision of a licensed gas fitter.  New installations and replacements are to be installed to current codes.  Engineering or third party approvals are required at; battery treater sites steam generator sites and all other sites where gas is utilized (burned as a fuel), including propane, natural and wellhead (casing) gas Petroleum refineries or Chemical plants

15 Standards Council of Canada  New inspection body program for certification of testing Agencies that may complete: third party inspections, field approvals and labeling of B149,3 applications. procedures/ib-accreditation procedures/ib-accreditation  Alberta currently recognizes one - IB

16 Local authority Gas SCOs monitor for compliance. Permits addressing the B149.1 and B149.2 Authority ends at the shutoff valve of the appliance where; – Evidence of certification is provided – Evidence of approval is provided by Independent third-party CB’s/IB’s Engineers utilizing the province wide variance for the oil and gas industry

17 Jurisdiction Federal – Field approval/special inspection/inspection and acceptance Inspectors engineers Provincial – Safety codes officer’s Permits Compliance monitoring enforcement

18 CAN/CSA-B149.3 Regulatory Implications  Existing equipment and installations prior to January 1, 2015 require an upgrade to current codes through a self initiated audit.  An exception ! Installations considered hazardous in their current form. These would have to be brought up to current code.

19 Well-head Gas Utility gas

20 Tank Heater

21 Identification, pressure?

22 Wins

23 Losses

24 Report Unsafe Installations

25 Next steps QMP proposals 2015-2020 – Draft Standata May 2014 2015 codes Standard development – Tank heater, line Heater, treaters – Engines – Regulators

26 Certified products

27 27 - 4/26/2015

28 Even when everything goes right

29 Questions / Conclusion THANK YOU Sidney Manning Chief Administrator/Inspector Plumbing & Gas

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