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ACAMP is the result of a collaborative effort between industry, government and academia, providing a path to commercialization for established firms,

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2 ACAMP is the result of a collaborative effort between industry, government and academia, providing a path to commercialization for established firms, small start-up companies and researchers on a fee basis. ACAMP provides support in three critical areas of commercialization – marketing business development, product development, packaging and assembly. The ACAMP team works with clients to coordinate product commercialization including fabrication, packaging and assembly using resources throughout Alberta as well as partnerships with NanoFab at the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary’s Advanced Micro/Nanosystems Integration Facility, the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), and the Microsystems Technology Research Initiative (MSTRI). ACAMP’s present funding of $11.5M comes from The Alberta Advanced Education & Technology Provincial Government ($8.0M ) & Western Economic Diversification (Federal Government) ($3.5M ) ACAMP OVERVIEW


4 4500 sqft Office & Lab Space

5 Opening Day Aug 27 th 2008

6 Many of the key building blocks needed to compete in the global MNT industry are already in place in Alberta. Alberta is investing and moving up the value chain from R&D to product realization and commercialization. The region currently possesses: Considerable brainpower engaged in Research and Development at three Major Universities (Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge) Major Institutions including the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) Over 30 MNT companies, often university spinouts, which are commercializing the output from the research institutions and selling into commercial markets internationally Significant manufacturing capability to produce the active MNT die that are at the heart of MNT-enabled devices Why Alberta for MNT?

7 The Alberta Nanotechnology Strategy Three major elements towards commercialization and productization: 1: Create Industry Capacity Encourage Entrepreneurship Establish a Venture Prize Encourage Industrial Research Partnerships 2: Attract, retain and develop people Graduate Scholarship Program Training for new industries – Universities, Colleges Attract top-flight researchers 3: Establish and Support Necessary Infrastructure Packaging Facility Support Operations of Existing Infrastructure NanoAlberta $130M Investment Announced by the Premier of Alberta in May 2007

8 Imaging Electronics Materials Materials, Imaging Electronics, photonics Agriculture/Food Environment Energy Health & Medical Agriculture/Forestry Environment Materials Health & Medical Forestry Nanotechnology related Research by market in Canada

9 Over 30 Nano-Micro Companies in Alberta ACAMP Advanced Integrated Microsystems Alberta Nanometals Applied Nanotools Aqua Screen Artsinteg Aurora NanoDevices Black Cat Blades Electronic Dietary Foods Exciton Technologies Golder Associates Hemisphere GPS HydroQual Laboratories Hyperion Technologies i-LOC Indexable Cutting Tools Intelligent Nano IPL Micralyne NeuroSilicon Norcada NOVA Chemicals NovaPure NovAtel NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals PBR Laboratories Quantiam Technologies Resin Systems Scanimetrics SciMed Technologies Shaw Pipe Protection Sulzer Metco VisibleDust


11 Applications of MEMS/NANO Technology Today Diagonostics – Lab on a Chip SciMed Technologies Advanced Integrated Micro. I-LOC NeuroSilicon PBR Laboratories Aqua Screen Drug Dispensing & Targeting Intelligent Nano Electronic Dietary Foods Navigation Systems NovAtel Hemisphere GPS Design & Manufacturing Micralyne Norcada Artsinteg$ Materials Noble Metal NanoParticles Exciton Technologies Nucryst Pharmaceuticals Alberta NanoMetals Calibration & Test/Measurement Applied Nanotools Visible Dust Aurora NanoDevices Nano Composites replacing wood & steel IPL Nova Chemicals Resin Systems NanoCoatings for Durability & Hardness Hyperion Technology Black Cat Blades Sulzer Metco Indexable Cutting Tools Shaw Pipe Protection Quantiam Technologies

12 How does ACAMP work? U of AU of CNINTU of L Research Micralyne Suppliers Norcada Customers U of L Spinout Entrepreneurs U of C Spinout U of A Spinout TEC ACAMP builds collaborative bridges providing a path to commercialization for established firms, small start-up companies and researchers Scanimetrics30 more Customers

13 ACAMP establishing a marketing and business development group, to engage with customers bridging suppliers, entrepreneurs and research activities throughout Alberta. Providing customers with a professional business interface into the various MEMS and NANO technology activities throughout Alberta. While providing professional services to suppliers, entrepreneurs and researchers enabling business feedback and growth. Marketing & Business Development Group: Product Sales IdeaIntroductionGrowthMaturityDecline Market Opportunity

14 Opportunity & Idea Business Case Customer Presentations Market Strategy Manufacturing Strategy IP Protection Marketing & Business Development Market Segmentation Research Application Specification Application Specification Product Specifications Product Specifications Product Development Business Development Does product meet requirements? N Y

15 ACAMP is establishing a commercial product development group, that will be able to pull technologies from the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge, and NINT, through to the marketplace. Working along with TEC (Technology Entrepreneur Company Development ) Edmonton and UTI (University Technologies International ) in this activity. Product Development Group:

16 ACAMP is setting up a state-of-the art, commercial-grade facilities for packaging and assembly of MNT Devices and will be able to compete with the best MNT commercialization regions in the world. Packaging and Assembly Centre:

17 ACAMP provides the glue to strengthen the ability of the, suppliers in Alberta as well as NanoFab within UofA, the Advanced Micro/nanosystems Integration Facility (AMIF) within UofC, and other facilities throughout Alberta to supply prototype and low volumes of die to commercial customers and to supply substrate processing services to ACAMP for customer applications. Collaborative Alberta Relationships: AMIF Calgary NanoFab 11,000 sqft Clean Room Edmonton

18 ACAMP established a clear niche in the highly competitive, MNT device technology arena by leveraging product/market space key technology linkages within Alberta though leading regional technology research and development players (NINT, ARC, TRLabs, etc.) and universities. Strategic industrial sectors such as energy, environmental, health and medical sciences, agri-food and forestry will help to define the product/market space. World Wide Partners and Customers:


20 Inline Test & Characterisation Design / Simulation / Verification / DFM Product Test Assembly & Packaging Fabrication Concept / Specification Design for manufacturing Product Development

21 Equipment already in place today

22 Equipment on order

23 Expansion into other MarketsLTCC Ceramic Assemblies Equipment planning for 2009

24 Summary ACAMP provides the following capabilities for MEMS & NANO Technology Packaging and Assembly Centre Product Development Group Marketing & Business Development Group Collaborative Alberta Relationships World Wide Partners and Customers ACAMP adds value to the region by translating investment into product creation activities and in turn creating economic wealth and a better society. Thank-you for your time today and we look forward to working with you





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