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2013 Functional Interoperability in Alberta John Conrad AEMA.

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1 2013 Functional Interoperability in Alberta John Conrad AEMA

2 Objectives To provide an update on functional interoperability in Alberta Yes functional interoperability.

3 Communications Interoperability Strategy (CISC) and Action Plan for Canada The Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada (CISC) was developed following a recommendation from the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence in 2005. The Strategy and Action Plan are intended to guide the development of Interoperability-related policies, programs and investments at all levels of government. In January 2011, the CISC and Action Plan were approved by Federal, Provincial and Territorial (F/P/T) Ministers Responsible for Emergency Management.


5 Public Safety Broadband—700 MHz Move to digital television made available some very valuable spectrum for broad band data transmission Alberta has had a strong voice in making a case for 20 MHz to be protected for the public safety community in Canada Identical frequency in all provinces and territories and the USA First 10 MHz awarded by Industry Canada. Governance work and framework policy still underway

6 The Western Borders Interoperability Working Group Blue Channel/Northern Tier Grant Rejuvenation of the WBIWG (Montana, Washington, North Dakota, Idaho, Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C.) Working towards an overarching strategy –Stakeholders want to learn from others but may be unable/hesitant to share AFRRCS Impacts along the 49 th Parallel

7 AFFRC—Alberta First Responders Radio Communication System An interoperable UHF voice system for Alberta. Infrastructure build and acquisition of sites. Build Season 1 nearly complete Procurement Cycles and awareness for enrollment at Municipalities

8 Conclusion Just as the Communication Interoperability Strategy for Canada and its Action Plan provides a roadmap, we are moving towards developing an Alberta Strategy for enhanced interoperability. Much has been done - more needs to be accomplished To enhance Alberta interoperability, all of us need to be involved.

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