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Alberta’s FASD Cross-Ministry Committee An Initiative of the Government of Alberta.

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1 Alberta’s FASD Cross-Ministry Committee An Initiative of the Government of Alberta

2 Alberta FASD Cross-Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC) Evolved from FAS Partnership Cross ministry strategic planning Operational collaboration between provincial ministries

3 Leadership Co-chairs: Alberta Children’s Services AADAC Leadership will be reviewed every two years commencing March 2005. Report to Deputy Ministers.

4 Membership Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development AADAC Children’s Services Community Development Gaming Health and Wellness Human Resources and Employment Justice and Attorney General Learning Solicitor General

5 Purpose of the FASD-CMC To develop a comprehensive cross-ministry approach to plan and deliver provincial government programs and services. To develop a strategic plan to advise and make recommendations to government and community. To share expertise, best practices and resource materials. To facilitate opportunities for community stakeholders to network.

6 Principles Government focus on FASD is across the lifespan and is cross-ministerial. Commitment to engaging Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal community stakeholders Networking amongst stakeholders is important.

7 Roles and Responsibilities of the FASD-CMC Ensure consistency and synergy in government goals and priorities for FASD. Identify gaps in services and develop strategies to respond to those gaps. Facilitate linkages and cross-ministerial support with related initiatives. Provide support to Health Sustainability Initiative and the Alberta Children and Youth Initiative targets and strategies.

8 Activities FASD Provincial Activity Inventory - (completed March 2004) Review of Diagnostic and Assessment Escan (completed) Gap analysis (completed)

9 Activites FASD Provincial Strategic Plan – (ACYI strategy for 2004-2005) Engage community through annual conference, consultation, etc. Consultation with clinicians re: National Diagnosis Guidelines

10 Next Steps Stakeholder consultation Finalize Plan Spring Conference – March 4, 2005

11 Contacts Alberta Children’s Services Darren Joslin: Phone: 415-0523 Email: AADAC Laura Heal: Phone: 422-2651 Email: Community Development Bonnie Stonehouse: Phone: 427-9134 Alberta Health and Wellness Annette Lemire Phone: 415-2751 Solicitor General Bob Sinclair: Phone: 422-5019 Email: Alberta Learning Catherine Walker: Phone: 422-0988 Email:

12 Contacts Justice and Attorney General Neil Wiberg: Phone: 427-5050 Email: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Louise Hayes:Phone: 427-9439 Email: Alberta Human Resources and Employment : Joan Duhig Phone: 422-8737 Email: Alberta Gaming Paul Arnold-Schutta: Phone: 447-7472 Email:

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