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Module 1: Unité 1: Mon autoportrait

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1 Module 1: Unité 1: Mon autoportrait

2 By the end of today’s lesson:
You will be able to…  Say I like/I don’t like + noun   Understand the difference between the French articles le/la/les/l’    Be able to ask someone if they like something: Tu aimes…? Extension:     Use connectives like ‘mais’ (but)

3 Activites Starter: Match the pairs.
Correction of starter: Oral individual work with use of j’aime/je n’aime pas Further work on articles in French-Translation sentences Listening exercise- p. 8 ex 1 (Qui est-ce?) Introducing question Tu aimes? Pair work question and answer Extension activity: Connectives: Learning based activity followed by written work to assess learning

4 Useful words for today’s lesson
Positif (+) Négatif (-) J’aime ……………. Je n’aime pas

5 Starter: Fais les paires
1) le foot a) animals 2) les livres b) racism 3) les animaux c) rollerblading 4) le racisme d) trips 5) le roller e) football 6) les voyages f) books Exemple: E

6 Before vowel or silent h L’ Plural Les
Before you say you like or dislike something in French you always need to use an article. In French they use le/la/l’/les The Masculine Le Feminine La Before vowel or silent h L’ Plural Les Exemples: J’aime les jonquilles- I like daffodils (plural) Je n’aime pas le rap- I don’t like rap (masculine) 3) J’aime la musique- 4) Je n’aime pas l’injustice- I like music (feminine) I don’t like injustice (vowel)

7 Translate the following:
Classe jeudi,le 4 novembre J’aime= I like Je n’aime pas= I don’t like Translate the following: I like insects J’aime les insectes I don’t like football Je n’aime pas le foot I like dance J’aime la danse 4) I don’t like injustice Je n’aime pas l’injustice Do not forget to use your vocabulary sheets we did last lesson for support if you need to.

8 Exercice 1: écouter 1) Olivia 2) Alex 3) Samira 4) Marielle 5) Samuel 6) Hugo

9 Tu aimes...? To ask someone whether they like something you need you say: Tu aimes + article + noun Exemple: Tu aimes les chats? To answer you simply say either: A) Yes I like it Oui j’aime ça B) No I don’t like it Non, je n’aime pas ça

10 Parlez! (Speak!) Exercice: En tandem. Pose 2 questions à ton/ta partenaire (In pairs ask 2 questions and give an answer) Exemple: Personne A: Tu aimes le rap? Personne B: Non, je n’aime pas ça Personne B: Tu aimes le français? Personne A: Oui, j’aime ça

11 Using a connective to say that you like something and dislike something
The one connective that we need here to join the two statements together is mais (but) Exemple: J’aime la danse mais je n’aime pas le tennis

12 Exercice: écrire Bonjour, je m’appelle Chloé. J’ai
douze ans et mon anniversaire c’est le vingt mai. J’aime la poésie parce que c’est cool mais je n’aime pas le rap c’est nul et je n’aime pas le rugby parce que c’est ennuyeux.

13 Plenary Write in your books the answers to the following questions to assess how much you have learnt this lesson. Can you ask someone whether they like something? Ex: Do you like rap? Can you tell the difference between le/la/l’/les? Which one is which? How do you say I like it? I don’t like it? KEY SKILLS?

14 Next lesson we are going to…
Do further work on connectives with j’aime and je n’aime pas and you are going to carry out a pupil survey Learn opinions in order to extend our answers to the question Tu aimes? Extend answers with j’aime/je n’aime pas and use other words such as je déteste and je préfère Use connectives like and/also/but in your sentences Complete a reading exercise which covers all of the above

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