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Ten things I need to know to travel in France French Web Quest - Culture Grades 7-8.

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1 Ten things I need to know to travel in France French Web Quest - Culture Grades 7-8

2 Introduction  What should you pack in your suitcase when you see that the temperature is 20 degrees in Paris? What kind of money will you need? And how do you know if your suitcase is not over the weight limit? Knowing the answers to these questions may save you some time and embarrassment as you travel.

3 Task  Students will use a variety of websites to discover useful information relating to travel and living in France. Students will:  Consult the information that is familiar to them  Search the website or given information for the equivalent in France  Explain cultural differences or what accounts for the difference

4 La date et le poids 1. Quelle est la date? It is 7/29/11 in the United States. a. How would you see the date written in France? b. Why do you have a birthday and a "fête" in France? le calendrier et les fêtes Comment écrire la date - soutien scolaire 2. Zut! Ma valise, elle est lourde! Your suitcase should not weigh more than 50 lbs. a. What are the weight restrictions on Air France? b. Your suitcase is 27kg! Will it get be accepted or will you have to pay for extra luggage?

5 La météo et le collège 3. It is 85F when you are leaving; but you read the temperature is 22 degrees in Paris! a. Help – how is that so? b. What will you put into your suitcase? meteo-france/previsions-meteo 4. Comment est ta journée au collège? You go to school from 8:00 to 3:30. a. Et tes amis français? b. What is the equivalent of 7th Grade? La vie scolaire en France

6 L’heure et les transports 5. Info: You are getting the TGV at 2:30 p.m. and it arrives at your destination at 6:30 p.m. Those are not the times indicated on your ticket! a. What times will use to book your ticket on the SNCF website? 6. Les transports? a. Tu viens à l’école en voiture? b. Et les élèves français What is the best way to get around Paris? c. What do you need to purchase to get around on the metro?paris- metroparis- metro Paris metro tourist map

7 Greeting friends at a café 7. Bonjour? Salut? a. How do the French greet one another? b. Aaagh! Do I have to kiss people? How many times? c. Why do they have two forms of address for people? how-to/kiss_hello_in_france 8. On va au café? Cafes vary greatly in the U.S.A. a. What is generally on the menu in a French cafe? b. What are the names of some famous cafés? francetravelplanner.cafes

8 L’argent et les courses 9. C'est combien? We use dollars to purchase items in the States. a. What is the currency in France/ Europe? b. How much do I get for a Euro? Money exchangel 10. Je fais les courses. a. Where will I buy bread - du pain; and cheese - du fromage? b. Where will I buy fruit and vegetables? courses a la boulangerie

9 Ecrivez les réponses sur ce document: Culture search HW.doc Give explanations. Finally: pick one holiday from the list and explain how it compares to the same holiday or experience in the U.S. If you need help, contact me.

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