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FR / ARC-Nucléart CEA/Ministry of culture/Rhône-Alpes/Grenoble Atelier Regional de Conservation Conservation of waterlogged archaeological wood Gilles.

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1 FR / ARC-Nucléart CEA/Ministry of culture/Rhône-Alpes/Grenoble Atelier Regional de Conservation Conservation of waterlogged archaeological wood Gilles Chaumat – Wet wood consolidation by PEG Lionel Blanc – Drying techniques Christophe Albino – Wet and dry wood consolidation by radiation-curing of styrene polyester resin Disinfection/insect eradication of ancient wood Laurent Cortella – gamma irradiation Loïc Caillat – anoxic treatment with nitrogen Conservation of polychrome sculpture Khôi Tran – analysis of polychromy by micro-FTIR and formulation of resins for sculpture consolidation Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï Consolidation of dry and wet wood by resin impregnation ; treatment of composite materials (metal/wood or salts concretion/wood) ïAnalysis of polychromy on sculptures ïDrying of wet wood ïAgeing of the conservation/restoration treatments ïNew treatment for disinfection and insect eradication of wooden artefacts Equipment and expertise Permeation vessels Vacuum-pressure autoclaves Gamma irradiation facility FTIR-microscope SEM Gas and liquid chromatography Analysis of minerals by X-ray diffraction Access to X-ray radiography and tomography Liquid and solid NMR analysis Large size freeze-driers (3 to 5 meter long, and 1 to 3 meter diameter) Dr. Contact : Dr. Khôi TRAN tél. +33 4 3878 3936 email: web:

2 FR / Ecofog – ENGREF, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, UAG Ecology of guyanese rain forest Materials & Molecules in Amazonian Context Didier STIEN – Chemistry of natural substances Jacques BEAUCHENE – Wood diversity and uses Christophe ROOS – Metals corrosion Bernard THIBAUT – Wood behaviour Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï Use of wood in cultural heritage ï Role of secondary metabolites in wood durability ï Wood/metal interactions Equipment and expertise mechanical testing, including DMA testing machine Raman microspectrometry Wood workshop, anatomy, durability (termites, fungi), physico-mechanical characterization, wood collection and data base GC/MS, HPLC and RMN in chemical lab Corrosion lab Field test for materials durability Contact Dr. Dr. Bernard THIBAUT tél. +594 594 32 92 73 web:

3 FR / IJLRDA – University Paris 6 Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert Simulation, propagation and acoustical imaging Sylvie Le Moyne – vibroacoustics François Ollivier – acoustics imaging String Instrument trade Musics and Acoustics Charles Besnainou – String instrument trade Mechanics of Solids and Structures Joël Frelat – Numerical simulations of true instruments, static response, dynamic analysis Research interesting the COST IE0601  development of acoustical non-invasive techniques (in collaboration with Cité de la Musique)  Archicorps vibroacoustics behaviour (in collaboration with Cité de la Musique) Equipment and expertise Non intrusive acoustics and vibration measurement techniques : Near field Acoustical Holography Beam forming Laser vibrometer Modal analysis Elaboration of new elements of string instruments, use of new materials Modelisation of true/model instruments for the dynamic analysis linked with experiments. Nonlinear mechanics of soundboards Contacts Dr. Joël Frelat tél. +33 1 4427 8720 Email: Dr. Sylvie Le Moyne tél. +33 1 3085 4854 Email: web:

4 FR / C2RMF – CNRS / Ministry of Culture - PARIS Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France Research Department Michel MENU –physicist, Head of research Dpt AGLAE network - Datation Group Pascale RICHARDIN – Radiocarbon analyses Catherine LAVIER - Dendrochronology Painting network Elisabeth RAVAUD – X ray on wood Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï dendrochronology (wood dating) ï archaeo-dendrometry (cutting, wood work, morphology, tools traces, know-how, anthropic intentionality) ï dendroprovenancing (origin of wood, trade, networks) ïnon destructive access to the rings for dendrochronology and archaeo-dendrometry Equipment and expertise Fluorescnce X analyse faisceaux d’ions spectrométrie d’émission atomique ICP MEB AGLAE - IBA examens Lumière directe et rasante, UV, IR, radio et émissiographie X, reflectographie IR chromatographie PG Diffractrométrie X microspectrométrie Raman Datation, Contact Catherine LAVIER tél. +33 1 40 20 24 19 email: web:

5 FR / IGFL – CNRS/ University Lyon I/ ENS Lyon/ INRA Institute of Fonctional Genomics Paleogenetics Catherine H ä nni - Expertise in ancient DNA Sandrine Hughes - Molecular Phylogeny Ludovic Orlando- Analysis and authentication of ancient DNA Marilyne Duffraisse - DNA extraction and amplification from ancient remains Mohamad Merheb - DNA extraction and amplification from processed biological material Research interesting the COST IE0601 ïGenetic determination of species in biological material (coll. with Cité de la Musique) ïExtraction and analysis of ancient DNA in wood ïDetermination of wood species by genetic analyses Equipment and expertise Complete molecular biology laboratory Dedicated Ancient DNA laboratory Access to sequençing service Phylogeny softwares Anti-contaminations procedures PCR techniques Extraction and analysis of ancient biological remains Extraction and analysis of biological processed material Authentication of ancient DNA sequences Genetic determination and identification of species Contact Dr. Dr. Catherine H ä nni tél. +33 4 7272 8463 email:

6 FR / LMGC – University Montpellier 2, CNRS Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering Mechanics of Tree and Wood Joseph Gril – data analysis and modelling Delphine Jullien – modelling of wooden structures Sandrine Bardet – wood rheology Olivier Arnould – micromechanics Multi-contact systems David Dureisseix – numerical modelling Bertrand Marcon (PhD) – panel paintings Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï hygro-thermo-mechanical modelling (in collaboration with LERMAB) ï wood ageing (in collaboration with Cité de la Musique) ï monitoring of panel painting (in collaboration with DISTAF, IT) ï mechanical behaviour of wet wood Equipment and expertise mechanical testing, including creep and relaxation and DMA testing machine (450N, 200Hz), multi-axial rigidity by ultrasonic goniometry testing of green wood, cold storage room Numerical simulation especially multi-body interactions, finite elements for solid bodies, contact and friction, crack propagation, multi-physical couplings access through University: ESEM, Atomic force microscopy, X-ray… access through CIRAD / tropical woods: wood workshop, durability (termites, fungi), physico-mechanical characterization Contact Dr. Dr. Joseph Gril tél. +33 4 6714 3433 email: web:

7 FR / L2M – Cité de la Musique - Paris Museum of Music Laboratory Physical and Wood Departement Sandie Le Conte – monitoring and data analysis J.- Claude Battault – wood identification Chimical Departement J.- Philippe Echard – organic and inorganic chemical analysis Conservation restoration Anne Houssay –history of techniques Marie-Anne Loeper Attia - restoration Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï wood ageing (in collaboration with LMGC, Institut Jean LeRond d’Alambert, LMT) ï monitoring of wood musical instruments ï development of non-invasive techniques (in collaboration with IJLRDA) ï wood identification ï history of restoration techniques Equipment and expertise Viscoelasticity measurement (20 Hz - 20 kHz) Modal analysis in real time Numerical simulation for musical instruments Anechoic equipment X-ray fluorescence X radiography  Access to classical chemical analysis  Access to micro mechanical test Contact Stéphane Vaiedelich tél. +33 1 44 84 46 70 email: web: http://www.cite-

8 FR / LMT – ENS Cachan, CNRS, University Paris 6- Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie Mechanics and Materials Marc François – Behaviour and damage under complex loadings Research interesting the COST IE0601  wood mechanical properties: destructive and non-destructive measurement devices  variation of mechanical properties (elastic and viscoelastic anisotropic moduli) in respect to moisture content, aging Equipment and expertise local uni- and tri-axial hydraulic testing machines metrology: gages, laser vibration measurement, optical field measurement ultrasonic devices numerical FEM facilities optical/ electronic microscopy devices climatic room (0.3x0.6x0.3 m) though local network Viscoelasticity measurement (20 Hz - 20 kHz) Contact Dr. Dr. Marc François tél. +33 1 4740 2337 email: web:

9 FR / LRMH – Ministry of Culture Laboratory of Research on Historical Monuments Wood Department Emmanuel MAURIN Microbiological Department Geneviève ORIAL Faisl BOUSTA Alexandre FRANCOIS Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï Non destructive control of timbers (in collaboration with US2B) ï Durability of timber consolidation using epoxy resins (in collaboration with US2B) ï Signals emitted by larvae of insects in dry wood and acoustic detection (in collaboration with LAM) ï freezing wood behaviour ï Decontamination by a cold plasma Equipment Chemical tests X-rays fluorescence Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS) Infrared spectrometry (FTIR) Microbiology laboratory Petro-physical testing laboratory Climatic aging room Light aging room (xenotest) On site diagnosis tools (colorimeter, ultrasonic measurements, rebars location, potential and Rp measurements…) Contact Dr. Emmanuel MAURIN tél. +33 email: web:

10 FR / LaMCoS – INSA-Lyon/CNRS Contact and Structural Mechanics Laboratory Damage and Solids Mechanics Group Hubert Maigre – Fracture mechanics analysis Fabrice Morestin – Image correlation analysis Dominique Eyheramandy – Numerical tools development Emmanuelle Vidal-Sallé – Numerical simulations Jean-Francois Jullien – Expertise of wood in engineering Research interesting the COST IE0601 ïWood mechanical characterisation  Fracture mechanisms  Damage evolution  Hygro-thermo effects on ageing ï Full field observations, from microscale (µm) to macroscale (cm) Equipment and expertise Mechanical testing machines –Small climatic chamber (RH% and T°) for mechanical testing Image correlation devices –2D cameras –3D cameras –Correlation software Numerical tool simulation to model –Anisotropic material –Multi-physic couplings (mechanics, thermic, humidity) –Crack propagation using Extended Finite Element Method Access to testing machine under Environmental Electronic Microscope Contact Dr. Dr. Hubert MAIGRE tél. +33 4 7243 6425 email: web:

11 FR / Initials or short name – belonging institution Lab name Team/project 1 XX – main scientific activity YY – main scientific activity Team/project 2 ZZ – main scientific activity Research interesting the COST IE0601 ï xxx ï yyy ï Equipment and expertise local though local network Contact Dr. Dr. XX tél. +xx x xxxx xxxx email: xx@xxx web:

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