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Cardax FT Version 5. System Overview Cardax FT Command Centre - central management tool (software), server / workstations Multiple connectivity options.

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1 Cardax FT Version 5

2 System Overview Cardax FT Command Centre - central management tool (software), server / workstations Multiple connectivity options using Cardax FT Controller 3000 and Cardax FT Controller 5000GL architecture (hardware) Cardax Readers

3 Distributed Solution Command Centre + RMS Operator Dials up a Controller with Command Centre for configuration changes Controller can automatically dial up Remote Monitoring Station to report alarms/events as they occur using Contact ID Monitor (PPP) Configure (PPP) Monitor (Contact ID) Cardax FT Command Centre Remote Monitoring Service Configure (PPP)

4 Cardax FT Technology Platform

5 Communications Network Capable Resides directly on existing TCP/IP Networks –TCP - Transmission Control Protocol –IP - Internet Protocol Remote Dial-up Capable Modem over PSTN –PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Designed for scalability Supports from one more workstation upward, only limited by your server and network capability Modem

6 Communications Designed for modern networks Onboard native Ethernet No need for terminal servers Modem

7 Communications Innovation in security All Cardax FT Controllers can directly communicate with each other (Peer- to-Peer) Communicates over Ethernet No interaction with Command Centre required System Design Flexibility One Controller can control and monitor devices other separate Controllers Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal & Dialler 3000 heavily exploit Peer-to- Peer capability

8 Designed to use minimal bandwidth - 1 Access Event = 100 bytes TCP/IP communicates allow: –Web Browsing to the Controller –Device Software Download, no EPROM Extending the boundaries

9 System Overview From 1 cardholder and up to 100,000 cardholders* (system wide) From 1 Controller and up to 500 Controllers * From no field devices and up to 5000 field devices * * Indicative number only. Subject to configurations, network capacities and activity

10 System Overview Controlled Outputs20,000 * Alarm Inputs 30,000 * IDTs with Intercom 800 * Cameras 250 * * Indicative number only. Subject to configurations, network capacities and activity Operators: –unlimited configured operators –unlimited operators logged on at the same time

11 Operating Platforms Support for the following Operating Systems/Service Packs is included in v5: –Sequal Server 2000 MSDE Service Pack 4 –Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 –Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

12 Database Management Cardax FT can use has selected the Microsoft® SQL Desktop Engine Database, for Cardax FT Command Centre Microsoft® SQL 2000 Server is available as an option, where required -With Windows 2003 Server (no XP Server Version)

13 Cardax FT Integration Platform

14 Integration Platform Integration – Import/Export Cardholders Automatically Import people records from 3rd party Databases using Cardax FT XML Interface. (Extensible Markup Language) Create people records as Cardax FT Cardholders and assign them access. Can define how often to Import Cardholders. XML Import External Database of People (Employee, Student, Customer, Contractor) Cardax FT Command Centre

15 External Interfacing Resource Management Importing timed resource bookings from 3rd Party Applications (e.g. Syllabus Plus) provides the ability to: Lock & Unlock a specific zones for the duration of scheduled booking Automatically activate lighting at a pre-configured time Automatically activate air conditioning at a pre-configured time Automatically activate projector units at a pre-configured time period Automatically de-activate lighting, air conditioning and projectors at conclusion of booking.

16 Integration Platform Integration - Export Events using: COM/DCOM, the latest generation of Microsoft® Windows development tools OPC (OLE for Process Control) for Alarms & Events (Object Linking & Embedding) Automatically Export Cardax FT events as they occur to any 3rd party (OPC compliant) system. These systems receive OPC events and alarms just like an OPC viewer, the application manages processes thereafter –Building Management and Process Control –Remote Alarms Management (Contact ID) –Time and Attendance package interfaces –CCTV interface –DVR interface 3rd Party System (BMS, CCTV, Payroll, T&A) OPC Events Cardax FT Command Centre

17 Integration Platform Integration - DVR Seamlessly integrate with Digital Video recording systems View DVR Live View recorded DVR sequences Record DVR sequences DVR System Must provide Microsoft ActiveX format software interface. Must be able to communicate over network (LAN/WAN) Cardax FT Command Centre DVR Low Level trigger record Low Level indication of record View / Record DVR Camera Low Level Monitoring & Control

18 High Level Alarms and Events API Events from third party systems can be received through the Cardax FT Controller 5000GL using the Cardax FT events and alarms API. It is ideal for high level interfaces to third party systems such as DVR and duress system.

19 Integration with DVR A unique, solution for integrated electronic access control and live/recorded digital imaging One User Interface Access live and recorded video through the Cardax FT Single click to view live video from a Cardax FT site plan

20 Jacques Intercom HLI TCP/IP based Intercom Master/Slave units controlled by Jacques Server CCFT controls connectivity, logs alarms and events First install at Brisbane Magistrates Court

21 High Level Elevator Interface Elevator HLI item –Advanced tab Controller properties –Serial devices tab Elevator Car HLI item Kone and Otis supported at present time; Schinder system is a future candidate The LiftPro system is also available to support integration of lift systems

22 Integration & Interfacing Integration with Biometrics Integration with SAGEM MorphoAccess biometric finger print readers for a full biometric access control solution

23 Cardax FT Online Manager Cardax FT Online Manager is a browser based tool for the management and monitoring of Cardholders, Alarms and Events from anywhere that Operators have access to a web browser. Unlike a Cardax FT Command Centre Workstation the Online Manager Workstation does not require installation of software; access is achieved via a web browser. Cardax FT Online Manager can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

24 Cardax FT Online Manager

25 PowerFence Trophy FT Integration Full high level integration of PowerFence Trophy system into Cardax FT Command Centre Full configure, control and monitor capability We believe this will be the first in the world –Fully integrated – Single manufacturer

26 Security System integrity Secure databases (username passwords) Command Centre to Controller 40 bit standard or 168 bit Proprietary Cardax encryption on RS485 communications Cardax reader to Controller is encrypted. Cardax readers are monitored Card data is encrypted RAT is 40 bit standard or 168 bit End-to-end security Card

27 Cardax FT Command Centre

28 Cardax FT Solutions Ease of install Site configuration wizards Configuration templates Microsoft Windows style application

29 Wizards for Creating Doors Creating Hardware Creating Cardholders Enrolment Effective User Interface

30 Cardholder Management Command Centre FT manages cardholders by name, not by a card number

31 Access Groups A centralisation tools Access Groups control -Who -Where -When -PDFs -Privileges -Alarms Zones

32 Cardholders 64 Personal Data Fields Store cardholder images, signatures etc Can import and export cardholder data (including images) Suitable for interfacing with HR systems PhotoID feature

33 Temporary Access Cardholders can now be given temporary membership of Access Groups Membership can be scheduled for future times and dates Status of cardholder membership is recorded as pending, active or expired

34 System Division System division enables a site to be divided amongst operators for system management and monitoring An operator can only see / manage their division

35 Operator Groups Assign Operator Privileges to Operator Groups Control which PDFs Operators in a Group can see/edit

36 PhotoID and PDFs PhotoID using links to PDFs and Images PDFs are linked to Access Groups not Cardholders

37 Challenge The Cardax FT Command Centre Challenge feature allows an operator to contest Cardholders as they attempt to gain access through a Door.

38 Action Plan & Alarm Instructions Action Plans and Escalation can be assigned to events in the Cardax FT system.

39 Action Plans & Alarm Instructions Alarm Instructions can be assigned to alarm events in the Cardax FT system

40 Escalated Alarm Viewer Alarm property page enhancements –Dynamic update of fields/buttons –More room for Description text –15% larger window –Escalation state –Site plan button always accessible History enhanced –Time stamped arrival time of the escalated alarm

41 Intruder Detection zones can be set up with entry / exit delays Alarms set / unset by authorised cardholders using readers and Remote Arming Terminals Remote Arming Terminals eliminate need for separate intruder alarm system Full Intruder Alarm Functionality

42 Site Plans

43 Bulk Changes – Cardholders & Divisions Changes can be made in one operation to multiple cardholder attributes, or Cardax FT item Divisions Can be scheduled and/or run via macros Routine changes can be saved for future use Bulk Change Master List Window records active, scheduled, saved, created, edited and failed bulk changes.

44 Icon Set Enhancements Users can now view, create, modify and delete Icon Sets Ability to import.ICO files to customise relevant Cardax FT items New default icon sets for –Barrier Arms –PIRs –Windows –Sirens

45 Variable End-of-Line Resistors Existing end-of-line resistors can now be configured to work with Cardax FT V5.0 Labour saving for sites migrating to Command Centre FT Choice of nine common resistor combinations Works with all Controllers, and all GBUS devices

46 Pre-Programmed Macro Overrides Overrides can now be run or scheduled via pre- programmed macros Macros can contain up to 20 distinct Cardax FT items with associated actions Can support overrides to Outputs, Access and Alarm Zones, run bulk changes, automatically generate evacuation reports and initiate database resynchronisation

47 Cardax FT Command Centre Action Plans Action Plans can now be triggered from Event Groups within Cardax FT Command Centre Can initiate macros, change alarm priorities, or run an evacuation report

48 Notes/Memo Fields All FT Items and cardholders now have a notes field Supports word wrap, insert, delete, cut copy and paste functions Access to the notes field is subject to Operator privileges

49 Configurable Alarm Sounds Alarm sounds can now be assigned to each alarm priority Operators with the relevant privileges can assign any file in the.wav format to an alarm sound

50 Alarm Flooding Alarm Flood Capability

51 CSN Cardholder Identification – Mifare Readers Cardax Mifare Readers can now use the CSN number on Mifare cards as Cardholder identification Selectable option enables the Reader to check for the CSN number after checking for valid Cardax data Only available on Cardax Mifare Readers produced from the release of Command Centre Version 5.0

52 Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal Innovation in security A single Remote Arming Terminal can perform Alarms Management on any Controller on the system Leveraging Peer-to-Peer communications No interaction with Command Centre required Enables full redundancy with multiple RATs Modem

53 Remote Alarms Management Ademco Contact ID format Modem connected directly to Controller(s) 3000 & 5000GL No other 3rd Party modem will successfully transmit Contact ID from Cardax FT Configurable Transmit Rules for Events/Alarms Local/Remote alarms via escalation Escalations

54 Remote Alarms Management Innovation in security A single Dialler 3000 / 5000GL can transmit Contact ID to a Remote Monitoring Station for any number of Controllers on your system Leveraging Peer-to-Peer communications No interaction with Command Centre required Fail Over Dialling 1. Alarm on Controller 1, attempts to dial using primary Dialler. 2. Primary Dialler fails, re-directs Alarm to first backup Dialler 3. First backup Dialler fails, re-directs Alarm to second backup Dialler 4. Alarm successfully transmitted Modem

55 Find Window Used to find items that match a search criteria Central, powerful tool for maintaining a site Works efficiently over large databases

56 –Evacuation Report: last known location of cardholders –Activity Report: a subset of system activity –Cardholder Report: detailed and summary reports –Access Group Report: properties of access groups –Access Report: cardholder access rights –Time & Attendance Report: tracking hours on site –Configuration Report: system configuration –Exception Report: exceptional conditions. Can be saved to.csv file Report Generation A range of report templates are available, including:

57 Database Queries Additional Reporting

58 Backup/Archive/Template Backup –Operators can trigger a backup at any time –Uses the SQL engine to perform the backup of the database Backup and Restore across multiple media Archive –Archive the Event database Templates –Allows Cardax FT configurations to be used by a number of sites, or specific sites, –Configuration pre-built off site, which is then able to be installed on site).

59 Software Maintenance Agreements Available to Cardax customers to entitle them to receive Cardax FT system software releases for a period of one year, renewable annually Keep pace with operating platform releases Keep pace with Cardax FT features and benefits Enhance system performance and functionality Please refer to Cardax Product List or for agreement and details

60 In-Application Help

61 Cardax FT Controllers 3000 and 5000GL

62 Cardax FT Controller R and 8R Intelligent Field Controller, stores 30,000 cardholder (default) or 46,000* records max. and 10,000 access events (default) or 22,000* max. Integrates I/O functionality and door control for up to 8 doors Does not require the use of other field devices * Number of cardholders and events is determined by the cardholder / event ratio.

63 Cardax FT Controller 3000 Card The Cardax FT Controller R has on-board connections for the following (with variations for the Cardax FT Controller R shown in brackets): 8 (4) Cardax readers or 4 (2) Wiegand format readers 16 (8) balanced inputs and 8 (4) relay outputs One GBUS port to support: –8 GBUS I/O devices (including GBUS Universal Reader Interfaces, & –4 Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminals, & –16 PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers

64 Cardax FT Dialler 3000 Remote Alarms Monitoring Ability to transmit alarms to remote monitoring stations using industry-standard Contact ID data format. Enables the Command Centre to dial-up Cardax FT Controllers, to perform configuration and alarm monitoring remotely

65 Cardax FT Controller 5000GL Low cost replacement for Controller 5000 Zero door controller Built in Alarm Dialler capability Double the on-board memory Still supports all Controller 5000 LOCAL BUS devices Support for LOCAL BUS and GBUS (or two full GBUS runs) Support for all Cardax FT Alarms Devices Configurable with single door expansion unit (GBUS URI)

66 Cardax FT Controller 5000GL One GBUS Port to support: 8 GBUS I/O devices (including GBUS URI interfaces for reader connections), and 4 Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminals,and 16 PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers Once LOCAL BUS port (with 2 separate channels): To support 16 LOCAL BUS devices, or To convert to a second GBUS port 4 balanced inputs 1 relay output The Cardax FT Dialler 5000GL to support dial-up communications with the Cardax FT Command Centre directly or via the Internet.

67 Cardax Cabinet & Power Supply

68 Cardax FT GBUS I/O Devices Cardax FT GBUS I/O Devices: Cardax FT 8-Input Expansion Board Cardax FT I/O Expansion Board Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal - 8 inputs, 4 outputs - 8 Input Expansion Two PCBs + Tamper Board per Cardax FT Cabinet Tamper Board provides tamper protection

69 Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal User-friendly keypad interface for intruder alarms management Secure logon, through user codes Users are assigned privileges Monitor, arm, and disarm alarm zones Controls up to 30 alarm zones, and up to 100 inputs on any Controller

70 Cardax FT GBUS URI

71 GBUS Universal Reader Interface New GBUS Universal Reader Interface (URI) device Low cost replacement of the LOCAL BUS URI 8 inputs, 2 outputs, 2 Cardax Readers or 1 Wiegand Reader Small design size and plastic enclosure allow cavity wall mounting Able to be mounted within a standard Cardax FT cabinet Optional facility code based off-line mode

72 Slashes re-wiring costs when replacing RS-485 daisy chained systems 5000 GL + GBUS URI - Retrofits

73 Cardax FT LOCAL BUS I/O Devices Cardax FT LOCAL BUS I/O Devices: Cardax FT Reader I/O Interface Cardax FT Universal Reader Interface Cardax FT I/O Interface Cardax FT Relay Interface Cardax FT Strike Controller Cardax FT Intelligent Door Terminal

74 Proximity technology Illuminated key pad enables: PIN option Intruder alarm arm/disarm Intercom microphone Aesthetically pleasing design Tamper protected Sounds from speaker complement visual feedback IP54 Vandal resistant cover available Supports downloadable code Intercom call button Dot matrix display supports: prompts, time & date, feedback, and cardholder names Available in Cardax Cool Grey or charcoal

75 The Cardax FT Intelligent Door Terminal includes an Intercom option enabling a person to communicate with the operator F3 on the Plus readers is the “Call” button User Prompts appear on reader LCD Use of the Intercom is recorded as an event Intercom

76 Cardax Reader Technologies Mifare Contactless Smartcard 125 kHz Proximity Magstripe

77 Cardax Swipe Readers Cardax Readers Cardax Proximity Readers

78 Mifare SmartCard MIFARE  has already been applied worldwide to: –Public transport sector –Airline ticketing –Access control –Identity cards –Road toll collection schemes –Military - Multi-function (identity card, access control card, meal card and for purchases; computer access may be added in future) –Stored value applications –Banking cards

79 Gallagher Security Management Systems Leverages off Gallagher Group resources - Training - Technical Support - R & D - Marketing Gallagher Group Head Office - NZ

80 Cardax On-Line Training

81 Technical Support Six Support Team Members (based in NZ) Support Manager Knowledge Base Technical Account Managers (TAMs)

82 Research & Development Extensive software development skills Over 60 skilled people in R&D Software Engineering – COM DCOM – 32 bit embedded development – 8 bit embedded development – Object oriented design – Project management – TCP/IP - Internet protocol development – Custom protocol development Development arm in India

83 Marketing Dedicated marketing team – provide a range of resources Public website: Secure partner support site: Cardax FT datasheets and brochures available

84 Field Representatives Business Development Managers (BDMs) Technical Account Managers (TAMs)

85 Thank you! Disclaimer Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, neither Gallagher Group Ltd nor any employee of the company, shall be liable on any ground whatsoever to any party in respect of decisions or actions they may make as a result of using this information. In accordance with the Gallagher policy of continuing development, design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Cardax access control systems and products are developed and manufactured by Gallagher Group Ltd, an ISO 9001 certificated supplier. Cardax is a registered trademark of Gallagher Group Ltd.

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