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Barbizon School Les Paysagistes et le retour à Nature.

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1 Barbizon School Les Paysagistes et le retour à Nature.

2 Les peintres “anti-académie”: Les peintres de BARBIZON. The French Academy had insisted painters be trained in the “Neo Classical” tradition. Painters like Nicolas POUSSIN, and Claude LORRAINE had set the “standard” of academic painting in the 17 th century. They were influenced by the Italian Renaissance painters. Landscapes were not considered a noble subject matter. They were seen only as a backdrop to historical paintings.

3 POUSSIN : “The Companions of Renaldo.” 1630

4 LORRAINE: “Landscape with a draftsman sketching ruins” 1630

5 John Constable, peintre anglais. Romantic painter, painted the landscapes of his English country side. While being one of England’s top painters at this time, he was not financially successful at the time More popular in France, than in England, his exhibit greatly inspired the Barbizon painters, who wanted a return to nature.

6 Deadham Vale, 1802

7 The Hay Wain, 1821.

8 Théodore Rousseau: Barbizon Landscape, 1850. Rousseau loved to work in the forest.

9 ROUSSEAU: Sunset.

10 Jean-Baptiste-Camille COROT *Monet greatly admired his work. *He worked with blacks, grays, beiges-colors “forbidden” by the impressionists later on.

11 COROT: Trees at Fontainebleau.

12 Jean-François MILLET He was a “Realist/Naturalist” painter. Loved to paint the humble peasant farmer. The Gleaners, 1857

13 MILLET, L’ Angelus, 1857

14 Auberg de Ganne

15 Le puit et la bicyclette à Ganne

16 L’horloge artistique

17 Les tableaux des paysages.

18 Tous les artistes ont signé leur nom dans ce livre.

19 Une peinture au mur…

20 L’homme au mur…


22 Atelier original des artistes.


24 La forêt de Fontainebleau…

25 Souvenez-vous….? Match them up! Ganne?POUSSIN Painter of ForestsCOROT Painter of PeasantsAUBERG Painter of History LANDSCAPE Painter of nature- usedROUSSEAU grays, beiges…MILLET Paysage

26 Répondez… Why did the Académie Française refuse to take the landscape painters seriously? Why did the Barbizon painters paint landscapes? What was it a reaction against? What did they glorify? Why? How did the Barbizon painters influence the Impressionists?

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