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Talentcentrum NIDM Prague, Czech Republic Vojtěch Tutr Stanislav Zelenda.

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1 Talentcentrum NIDM Prague, Czech Republic Vojtěch Tutr Stanislav Zelenda

2 Národní institut dětí a mládeže Ministerstva školství mládeže a tělovýchovy, zařízení pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků a školské zařízení pro zájmové vzdělávání Talnet – experimental program of online education of talented PERUN – system establishing programme

3 Principles of the activities Support of talented in mathematics, natural and technical sciences (engineering) Broader understanding of talent No previous selection (tests, recommandation, etc.)

4 Talnet Since 2003 Mainly online courses on mathematics, natural sciences, technical and applied disciplines Cca 200 children yearly in online courses only 13 – 19 years Instructor – facilitator – child – psychologist

5 Talnet Activities courses, excursions with online preparation and conclusion, gatherings, international activities and others..

6 Talnet partners groups Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Searching for others…

7 PERUN Aim: to establish base of system for identification, support and use of talents Elements of system – Informational – Supportive – Inovative – Quality increasing

8 Outcomes of PERUN Informational and cooperative system Regional centres (SPONA) System for evaluation of activities, children, activity organizers Expert forum Inovative activities for children and teachers Networking – Bringing acteurs in talent support together – Establishing a network of Talentcentres

9 Network of talent support (Síť podpory nadání) Inspired by Hungarian Talentpoint network Schools, NGOs, psychological advisers, SVČ Benefits: – Exchange of good practice – Cooperation – Education and quality enhancement – Platform for interrest representation – Cooperation with employers

10 Contacts

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