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Physics Graduation Program Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Evaluation Workshop 2007/2008 Physics and Astronomy April, 2008.

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1 Physics Graduation Program Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Evaluation Workshop 2007/2008 Physics and Astronomy April, 2008

2 Program Proposal Research Lines IF-UFRGS Theoretical Experimental Physics Astrophysics Physics Teaching Moving to an independent Program

3 Program Proposal Admittance Exam for MSc. MSc-24 Credits PhD-36 Credits Basic Disciplines (04 crédits) mandatory FIP00001 Classical Mechanics FIP00002 Statistics Mechanics FIP00003 Quantum Mechanic FIP00004 Eletromagnetism

4 Program Proposal Identical Disciplines with research areas and their applications (04 credits): FIP10100 Astronomia e Astrofísica :... FIP10200 Física Matemática e Geral :... FIP10300 Física Atômica e Molecular e Óptica :... FIP10400 Física de Partículas e Campos :... FIP10500 Física Hadrônica e Nuclear :... FIP10600 Física da Matéria Condensada :... FIP10700 Física Estatística :... FIP10800 Física Não Linear, Plasmas e Fluidos :... FIP10900 Física Interdisciplinar :... FIP11000 Física Computacional :... FIP11100 Ensino de Física :...

5 Program Proposal Seminars (02 credits): Estages (04 credits): FIP40001 Professional Stages Estages (02 credits): FIP50001 Teacher Stages I FIP50002 Teacher Stages II

6 Astrophysics Extragalactic Astrophysics. Estelar Astrophysics. Solar Physics and Solar System.

7 Physics Teaching Mental Representation/Learning/Physics Teaching. Problems Resolution in Physics. Instructional Materials in Physics.

8 Theoretical Physics Complex Fluids Fenomenology of High Energy Particles Computational Physics Statistical Physics Plasma Physics Computational Theoretical Models Hadrons Physics Quantum Field Theory

9 Experimental Physics Mössbauer Spectroscopy Fisico-Chemistry of Surfaces and Solid Interfaces Ion Implantation Electron Spectroscopy Resistivity and Supercondutivity Magnetism Optics and Laser High Pressure and Special Materials Microelectronics Nanoestructures Fabrication Nanometric Conformation

10 1.3-Infra-Structure Teachig The Institute has two amphitheatres equipped with a complete set of audio visual systems. Teaching rooms also equipped with audio visual systems. Two specific rooms for computational physics for 30 students. Laboratories on basic and modern physics. Library comprises a vast collection of books and journals. Is equipped with a computer net work allowing access to the web. Research Electron Microscopy Center with two TEM microscopes one of 120 kV and another of 200 kV. One diffractometer for materials diffraction, two scanning microscopes. Two ion implanters of 0.5 e 3 MeV. Two diffractometers for powder diffraction. SQUID, PPMS, VSM, 2 AGM´s, XPS, AUGER, 4 EVAPORATORS, SAXS facility, AFM, Elipsometer, microelectronic laboratory, Analogical electronic lab. In near future a Focused ion Beam FIB. Two cluster for parallel computation.

11 1.3-Infra-Estructure Extension Open House Program of UFRGS. The IF-UFRGS participates actively in this program with the students that explain and expose their scientific works for the community. Many demonstration in physics are also exhibit. Workshop of Graduate Students. In its fourth edition. It was created and is organized by the students to show their scientific works to the community of the Institute of Physics. Winter School of IF. In its third edition it is offer to students of other universities and students of UFRGS that want participate. It is held in parallel with the workshop of students.

12 1.3-Infra-Estructure Extension There are three extetion programs a) Astronomy itinerant laboratory, to spread out the astronomy to the community inside and outside of our State. It opens the opportunity to make observations, watch videos, movies about astronomy and astrophysics. b) Itinerant Laboratory for Science and Technology to spread out science and technology to the community inside and outside of our State, giving seminars and showing and videos movies about science and technology. c) Seminars at the Livraria Cultura. The IF-UFRGS promotes seminars on physics and astronomy given by the researchers about themes of interest in science. It is open to the people that are interested in sciences.

13 NameP, C ou VTitleYearLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Feelow 20072008 Alba Theumann Ângela l Foerster BasílioSantiago CesarVasconcellos Charles Bonatto Cristiano Krug Daniel Stariolo Eduardo Bica Felipe Rizzato Fernanda Stedile Fernando Zawislak Flávio Horowitz PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Dr. 66 93 92 03 93 87 88 94 67 83 (2) PG, (3) PG, (2)G (2)PG, (2)G (2) PG, (3) G PG, (2)G (2) G PG, (1)G (3) PG, PG, (2) (3)PG, PG, (3)G (3) G G (3)PG, (3)G PG, (2)G (2)G PG, (3) G (2)PG, (2)G PG, (2)G 2 1D 2 1D 1A 1C 1A Advisors

14 NameP, C ou VTitleYearLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Fellow 20072008 Gerardo Martinez Pino Henri Boudinov Horacio Dottori Jason Gallas Jeferson Arenzon João da Jornada João B. da Cunha João Schmidt Johnny Ferraz Dias Jonder Morais Jose Iglesias PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Dr. 89 91 83 95 79 83 81 94 95 77 (2) G G (2) PG, (3)G PG, (2)G (2) G PG, G (2) G G PG, G (2)G PG, (2)G G PG, (3)G (2) PG, (3)G G PG, (2)G (2) PG, G 1D 1A 1B 2 1D 1C 2 1D 1A

15 NameP, C ou VTitleYearLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Fellow 20072008 Julian Geshev K. de Oliveira Filho Livio Amaral L.G. PereiraPereira L. F. Ziebell Marcia Barbosa Marco A Moreira Marco A. IdiartMarco A. Idiart. M...Z.Vasconcellos Maria Beatriz Gay Mario Baibich Miguel A. Gusmão PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Dr. 94 84 82 94 83 88 77 92 91 85 82 G, (2) PG, (2)G (3) PG, (2) G (2)G (1) PG, (4) PG, (2) G G (4) PG, G G (3) PG, G G (3) PG,(2) G (3)G (2)PG, (3)G (4) PG, (2)G PG,(4)G PG,(2)G (4) PG, G (2)PG, (3)G 2 1A 1B 2 1C 1B 1A 2 1D 1B 2 1D

16 NameP, C ou VTitleYearDLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Fellow 20072008 Miriani G Pastoriza Moni Behar Naira Balzaretti Paulo Fichtner Paulo Pureur Neto Pedro Luis Grande Renato Pakter Ricardo Correia Rita de Almeida Rogério Maltez Rubem Erichsen Sandra Prado S. Gonçalves PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Dr. 73 70 95 87 84 89 95 93 88 97 92 95 92 (2)G, PG, (2)G (2)G PG, (2)G (2)G PG, G (2)G PG, (2)G (2)G PG, (2)G (3)PG, G PG, G (2)G (2) PG, G PG, (2)G (3)G PG, (3)G (2)G PG,(4)G PG,G 1A 2 1C 1B 1D 1C

17 NameP, C ou VTitleYearLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Fellow 20072008 Sérgio R Teixeira Thaisa Bergman Walter theumann Yan Levin PPPPPPPP PPPPPPPP Dr. 89 87 67 92 (2)G (3) PG, (5) G PG, (2)G (3)G (2)PG, (4)G PG, (3)G 1C 1B 2 1C

18 NameP, C ou VTitleYearLectures 2007 (G ou PG) Lectures 2008 (G ou PG) CNPq Fellow 20072008 Altair Soria Pereira Cláudio Perottoni Dimiter Hadjimichef Eliane Angela Veit Gilberto Thomas Horacio Girotti Israel Baumvol José H. dos Santos Leonardo Brunnet Luiz C.. Nagamine Marcia R. Gallas Maria C. M. Alves Silvio R.Dahmen Thomas Braun CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Dr. Dr 98 00 81 00 82 77 97 91 94 91 93 96 PG, G PG, (3)G (2)G PG, (2)G 2 1A 2

19 Students Theses and Disserttations Total Students-112 Total Advisors-66, 52-P and 14-C MsC-34 and PhD-78 1.7 Students/Adivisor Year20072008 Theses1618 %20.523 Dissertations18 %53

20 Dissertations and Thesis Total Dissertations 364 Total Thesis 238 Around 12 Graduated per Year

21 STUDENTS,THESES E DISSERTATIONS 3.2-Mean Time in Months 20072008 PhD3947 MsC2426

22 STUDENTS,THESES E DISSERTATIONS 3.2-Mean Time in Months including 3 students with long duration 20072008 PhD5347 MsC2426

23 STUDENTS, THESES E DISSERTATIONS 2007Exp.Teor.Astro.Ens. Thesis6 (9%) 4 (6%)- Dissert5 (7.5%)8 (12%)4 (6%)1 (1.5%) 2008---- Thesis5 (7.5%)10 (15%)3 (4.5%)- Dissert4 (6%)11 (16%)2 (3%)1 (1.5%) 2009---- Thesis1 Dissert1 3.2- Advisors Distribution (#Thesis or Dissertations/#Advisors)

24 STUDENTS,THESIS E DISSERTATIONS 3.3- Articles Associated with Thesis ou Dissertations 20072008 PhD+MSc.9380 %4644

25 4.1 - Total publications Year 2007-201 Articles Year 2008-180 Articles 4.2 –Distribution Astronomy- 16 Astronomy- 44 Theoretical Physics-86 Theoretical Physics-57 Experimental Physics-76 Experimental Physics-68 Teaching Physics-13 Teaching Physics-6 4.3 - Patents -PI0800559-1 (Definitive Number)Equipment and Methode to Deternine Food Toxins" -PI0802879-6 (Definitive Number) Device and Methode to Measure Angles. -PI 0800207-0 (Definitive Number) Metallic Catalist and Methode to Produce a Metallic Catalist(International) INTELLECTUAL PRODUCTION

26 Articles 20072008 A1711 A22943 B15238 B22722 B35029 B454 B541 Total174148

27 Qualis Distribution

28 Highlights 2007 1-Nature Physics 3-PRL´s 2008 2-PRL´s 1-Angewandte Chemie-Intern. Edition

29 SOCIAL INSERTION 1 3 2 Nucleation of New Programs

30 NATIONAL INSERTION Production of equipments Evaporators Evaporation sources, Electron Guns, Quartz balances Ion Plating deposition system Electronic devices These equipments have been produced to Chemical Institute of Unicamp and University of Caxias do Sul.

31 NATIONAL INSERTION Projetos 1-FINEP/MIMAM 1-CTINFRA-2007 9-Universal-CNPq 2-CAPES-Paep 1-INCT-Engenharia de Superfícies - MCT-CNPq 1-RHAE/CNPqEMBRACO 1-MCT/SEBRAE/FINEP 14 Members of IF-UFRGS Participate in 36 National Comitees

32 NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL INSERTION Projects 4-CNPq-Cesyt (Argentina) 1-CNPq-Conicyt 3-CAPES-COFECUB 1-CAPES-University of Texas 1-CNPq-Mes 1-CNPq-Mecd

33 INTERNATIONAL INSERTION AND VISIBILITY More information can be obtained at: 3 - Air force of scientific Research - Estados Unidos 1 - Texas Instruments Corporation - Estados Unidos 1- IBM-Research - Estados Unidos 1 - Qualcomm Co. - Estados Unidos 1 - Motorola Corporation - Estados Unidos 2 – Associated Members of ICTP 1-NSF-University Wisconsin 1-NSF-Los Alamos Several Members of IF-UFRGS are Referees and/or Editor of International Journals.

34 New Actions Physics & Physics Teaching (Diurnal and Nocturnal) Physical Engineering Physics Emphases Physics Teaching (Diurnal and Noturnal) Computational Physics Astrophysics Materials and Nanotechnology Creation of Hestia Incubator, Nanometric Conformation Laboratory and Nanostructure Fabrication Laboratory New Under graduation Courses

35 Relevant Informations 47 (71%) CNPq Fellows 20 (30%) Researchers with h fator 15 27 (41%) Researchers with citations 500 11(17%)-1A 5(7.5%)-1B 9(14%)-1C 9 (14%)-1D 14(21%)-Level 2. 4 members of the Brasilan Academy of Science and 1 Associated Member

36 Thank You!

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